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albanian slang swear words

T‰ qift‰ Kina mamin!Meaning:May all the Chinese fuck your mama! (with a crankshaft). Besides greeting phrases, these are some that you should memorize. Albanian Swear Words - Learn how to curse in Albanian. Copyright 2012 - 2020 Swedish Nomad - Travel Blog | All Rights Reserved, Useful phrases and Albanian words to memorize, How to Say “Thank You” in Different Languages, How to say I love you in different languages, There are about 7.6 million who can speak the Albanian language in the world, There are 4 different dialects: Gheg, Tosk, Arbëresh and Arvanitika, The Albanian language is considered to be a category II in difficulty to learn, It’s the official language in Albania and Kosovo. T‰ raft‰ rrufejaMeaning:May the thunder fall on you, T‰ raft‰ rrufeja mu n‰ hale!Meaning:May the thunder fall in your toilet!). Trimi Mire me pidha shumeMeaning:The brave man with lots of pussies, Tu qifte nana me shkijeMeaning:May the Serbs fuck your mum. If you are exploring on your own or if you are going somewhere, it can be helpful to know a few Albanian phrases to ask for directions and to understand the answer. Avoid the hassle of asking for an English menu by learning the following food-related Albanian phrases. Jot eme ka diarre!Meaning:Your mother has diarrhea, KollodokMeaning:Big dick (engine crankshaft), Koqe kandariMeaning:Dickhead (means: a pair of balls). Hajt ma rruaj!Meaning:Come and suck (shave) my dick! And also a big thank you to which helped to correct some mistakes! - The Internet’s cussing dictionary Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. When you are at a restaurant, it might be nice to be able to say a few Albanian phrases and words. I made a new routine to help my mentality in serene. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Kujt po I rruhetMeaning:Who gives a fuck!! Bland dig udenom: Mind your own business, Keep out of this: Det kommer ikke dig ved T‰ vraft‰ e miraMeaning:May the good/plenty kill you, T‰ vraft‰ qielliMeaning:May heavens kill you, U mbytsh n‰ gjakun t‰ndMeaning:May you drown in your own blood, U zvarritsh si gjarpniMeaning:May you crawl like a snake, Un‰ t‰ qij me kollodok!Meaning:I’ll fuck you hard! (lit. I'm running twice per week, giving private lessons, and hired a private tutor to help converse in Albanian for improvement. – What the hell is going on? T‰ kafshoft‰ gjarp‰riMeaning:May the snake bite you, T‰ marrt‰ detiMeaning:May the sea wash you away, T‰ marrt‰ dreqiMeaning:May the Devil take you, T‰ marrt‰ lumiMeaning:May the river wash you away, T‰ mbajtshin kat‰r vet‰!Meaning:May four people carry you (like a dead body), T‰ qifsha n‰ byth‰Meaning:I’ll fuck you in your ass. Lesh!Meaning:“Shit! T‰ qift‰ lugati!Meaning:May a zombie fuck you! T‰ qift‰ harapi i zi me dajre e napolon!Meaning:“May a black man fuck you with music, dances and drums!”. Learn the most important words in Albanian Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Albanian.

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