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The peak fire season—from June to mid-July—coincides with high temperatures, intense lightning activity, low humidity, and sparse precipitation. Of the ten species of Alnus native to the United States, red alder is the only one that reaches commercial size and abundance. In the Fairbanks region, human-caused fires begin in March and continue through October, 2 months before and after the lightning-fire season [32]. Alders are members of the birch family (Betulaceae). Black spruce became dominant during the Little Ice Age, and fire-return intervals lengthened to an average of 130 years (Table 2) [6]. Common names are used throughout this synthesis. In tundra ecosystems of Alaska, >95% of the variability in annual area burned over 60 years was explained by interannual variations in growing-season temperature and precipitation [59,64]. These conditions led to 15 out of 17 of the biggest fire years between 1940 and 1998 [56]. It found thickest or single along the lakeshores, streams, coasts and muskeg margins or bogs and on sandy or gravelly slopes at sea level. In interior Alaska, more shrubland area burned during warm and dry weather [78]. They are likely less flammable during the growing season than prior to green-up, and flammability increases during warm, dry weather. From 1957 to 1979, average fire size ranged from as little as 9 acres (4 ha) in the Pacific Border Ranges province of southeastern Alaska to as much as 25,831 acres (10,453 ha) in the Alaska-Aleutian province of south-central Alaska, which encompasses the Alaska and Aleutian ranges (Table 4) [47].

Over the last decade, fire size and the frequency of large fire years have increased in Alaskan boreal forest due to climate warming. Fire size These seral stages are not discussed in this review. *We will never share or use your email for any other purpose. Fire regimes and climate change Results indicated that nearly all ecotypes (56 of 60) are likely to undergo some change in area. Mls 18-2349, 15 Acres With A View! Facts About the Alder Tree Native to the United Kingdom, the alder tree's official Latin name is alnus glutinosa. Ponds and wetlands absorb more radiation and thus are likely to accelerate rates of thaw and landscape change [25]. Firebreaks: Alder and willow shrublands (e.g., [80,83,84,85,86,89,90,91]) are frequently associated with open water, where fires do not spread [4,14,23,117,143]. Human-caused fires lengthen the fire season [32,33,79]. Red alder are mature at 60 to … The typical fire season in Alaska starts in May after snowmelt and lasts until late July or August at the start of mid- to late-summer precipitation [44,118].

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