alpine lake wilderness backpacking alpine lakes wilderness area august 13

alpine lake wilderness backpacking alpine lakes wilderness area august 13

Granite Mountain - Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA - 10/13/12 The Seattle area had just gone through 61 days with no significant precipitation. Take a dip in the cool water and pitch your tent lakeside. Road had very little snow! Two trail runners were the only other people we met. As you break from the forest, you begin your switchback through open meadows. Recently I landed a permit to the Eightmile/Caroline zone, the only zone I had yet to set foot in. I did not happen to see any meteors from the tent, but I did enjoy looking up at the sparkling night sky throughout the night. Micros spikes are helpful! Check our. Take a dip if you dare. 4 wheel drive will be necessary, Hiked this morning on 10/24 - parking lot was nearly empty at 8am, likely due to the snow the night before - road is extremely rough getting out there, definitely would not suggest bringing a car, snow accumulation was a few inches, enough to need micro spikes - many around us did not have them hiking and definitely were struggling and easily added an hour likely to their hike time, #3 - PCT: WA Section J - Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass, #5 - Thunder Mountain via Tunnel Creek Trail and PCT, #6 - Trout Lake, Copper Lake, Lake Malachite, #7 - Big Heart Lake via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, #8 - Spade Lake and Venus Lake via Waptus River Trail, #9 - Trout Lake, Middle and Upper Copper Falls and Malachite Falls, #12 - Chetwoot Lake Trail via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, #13 - Trout Lake and Copper Lake via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, #14 - Cathedral Pass and Deception Pass Loop, #16 - Marmot, Tuck, and Robin Lakes via Deception Pass, #17 - Marmot Lake Trail via Tucquala Meadows, #24 - Lake Margaret via Icicle Creek and Wildhorse Trail, Thunder Mountain via Tunnel Creek Trail and PCT, Big Heart Lake via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, Trout Lake, Middle and Upper Copper Falls and Malachite Falls, Trout Lake, Lake Malachite and Copper Lake, Trout Lake and Copper Lake via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, PCT: WA Section J - Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass, Spade Lake and Venus Lake via Waptus River Trail, Chetwoot Lake Trail via West Fork Foss Lakes Trail, Marmot, Tuck, and Robin Lakes via Deception Pass, Lake Margaret via Icicle Creek and Wildhorse Trail. Load up the family wagon and spend the day picnicking at Denny Creek. Plan on taking enough food for a five day journey, give or take. If the water is safe for crossing, ford the creek and continue to the Spectacle Lake spur. Long hike but so soo wrote it! Not a problem with AWD. Links may be used in the case that appropriate credit is given (The National Parks Girl) and it drives back to the original content. Download free U.S. Forest Service Topo maps. Also, keep in mind that Section J is remote. Suddenly the miles began to fly by as we made our way up and over Deception Pass and then down, down, down the switchbacks to Hyas Lake and finally the trailhead! This spot is a family favorite thanks to its easy-breezy trail grade and refreshing swimming hole. As is tradition, I doled out the party-limit of eight slots to friends and family, and we set off to see what lakes Eightmile and Caroline might hold in store for us. Why you should go: An exhilarating trek up the south side of a mountain to a panoramic view and a lookout tower at 3,800 feet. Plus, we wanted to be able to watch the Perseids through our mesh tent wall. The Alpine Lakes Wilderness encompasses 390,000 acres of some of the most enthralling wilderness Washington has to offer. 428 W. Woodin Avenue What remains offers plenty of watercourses to explore, and when we’re lucky, waterfalls. “Jade Lake is so called because of its turquoise waters, colored by glacial silt,” says Matthew Leib on Backpacker Magazine. It’s a nice area, but it’s also a touristy area with a lot of people. Beautiful . After breakfast we decided to day-hike through the alpine meadows an additional several miles to Windy Pass, elevation 6,507. Native to the Cascades, relocation efforts have been underway to remove invasive Olympic mountain goats to the Cascade region, increasing their population size. Don’t be fooled by the mileage — hiking Cathedral Pass and Deception Pass comes with a challenge. Why you should go: The holy grail of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. You really can’t beat fresh caught mountain trout. We luckily had hiking poles otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone through with the hike! Located in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness just a couple hours east of Seattle a small couple of lakes exists, rumored to have incredible sunset scenery sprinkled in with a colony of very mellow mountain goats. The Enchantment Lakes area contains the Cashmere Crags, which rate among the best rock-climbing sites in the western United States. From towering sand dunes, to high-elevation juniper forests, to psychedelic badlands, Death Valley is a must-hike National Park for desert lovers. Dates hiked: 8/14/20-8/16/20. The sparkling Spectacle Lake presents quite the scene resting among the snow capped peaks of Chikamin Peak and Lemah Mountain. I recommend getting there early because people started showing up in flocks on my way down, This trail was like walking through a winter wonderland during our hike! At just over 4 miles up, we felt each step but it was all worth it once we reached the top. Hike here in the Summer. Would definitely recommend spikes as it was icy the last 0.75 of the hike. Located in the Central Cascades, the Alpine Lakes Wilderness features over 700 lakes, 615 miles of trail, and a 67 mile stretch of the legendary Pacific Crest Trail. Distance: 9.7 miles Elevation: 1,643 feet Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult Red Tape and Local Tips: If you plan on visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, you’ll need to pay the $25 entrance fee. Read our, Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from The 15 Best Hikes in the Mount Baker Wilderness. We slept without the rain fly on. There were no water sources at Dip Top Gap so we filled up our bladders and bottles from a stream at the base of the snowfield that lead to the gap. However, the snowfield would have been much easier and saved us 45 minutes. It would be utter blasphemy not to mention The Enchantments in any conversation about the Alpine Lakes Wilderness trails. Trail was snow covered in a lot of places. Mt. But I’m sure we’ll be back again. We thanked them for their recommendation and rushed to get our tent set up amid the swarm of mosquitoes that descended on us. June 23 - 27, 2021 ... Also day hikes to other nearby alpine lakes with great fishing, swimming & photo opportunities are possible, depending on your interest. (509) 548-2550, Tonasket Ranger District Just be prepared to tackle the 2,000+ foot ascent from Cathedral Rock Trail to the PCT Junction. “Midweek permits are easier to come by than weekend ones,” says Mike Lanza on Backpacker Magazine. If you happen to strike it rich in the lottery, grab your backpacking gear and prepare for an epic journey. With that, we’ve reached the end of my western US road trip! Number one on this bucket list, The Enchantments are what legends are made of. Jade Lake is one of several lakes tucked away in Necklace Valley. trail meet. The area is accessed by 47 trailheads and 615 miles of trails. The pristine beauty of this hike is as majestic as it is daunting. The final hike of my trip, we wanted something that wasn’t too hard, but also allowed us a chance to backpack. Road to trailhead was in decent shape with snow after eight mile lake trail head. Along the way you’ll pass by Gem Lake tucked below Wright’s Mountain. The day dawned clear again, and the sunrise was beautiful. We slept with the rain fly off again. If you happen to strike out on The Enchantments lottery, don’t worry — you’re still in luck. Finally, we took the final few steps to Dip Top Gap and the view we had been anticipating for so long came into view. In order to preserve the integrity of the Wilderness it has become necessary to impose additional restrictions in many areas . There are sleeping spots built out right under the summit, allowing us to spend a night under the stars.

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