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RELATED: Hollywood Resistance Can’t Quit the Russia Collusion Hoax. Kashyap “Kash” Patel mostly labored in the background as a National Security official and key Nunes aide. Legal Statement.

THIS is NOT a DRILL: A deep dark world is being exposed. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. BURISMA EMAILS/BIDEN FBI CASE/TONY B, Body Language: Tucker Carlson, Tony Bobulinski Alleged Dealings With Hunter & Joe Biden, Body Language: Tony Bobulinski, Biden China FBI, MyBLEXIT Bryson Gray on Affecting Culture. And “The Plot Against the President” has the receipts. I NEED YOUR HELP ASAP! Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Christmas Is a Time for Acts of Generosity, The Importance of the Latest Netflix Dystopia, Vanguard Adjusting To Prison Life – Well, at least some parts of it…, US Election Result Could Spark ‘End of Brexit’, Claims Peer, ‘Godfather of Peruvian Falcons’ Uncovers Peregrine’s Epic Journey from the Arctic, WE ARE KEEPING AN EYE ON YOU: Trump gives Pennsylvania Governor LAST WARNING in Scranton, GUESS WHO IS UNDER INVESTIGATION: Trump FIERY Rally Speech in Michigan 10/30/20, CNN HAS GONE COMPLETELY CRAZY: Trump UNBELIEVABLE Rally Speech in Tampa Florida, President Trump Set to Win Wisconsin and Michigan on the way to Reelection, President Trump Will Declare Victory When Up in Numerous Swing States on Election Night, President Trump Reelection a Certainty According to Enthusiasm and Early Voting Numbers, United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform –, Decarbonization Means DEPOPULATION, Because Humans Are Carbon-Based Organisms, Information Overload is a Weapon of Control, Mesmerising: An Ancient Chinese Ginkgo Tree Droped an Ocean of Golden Leaves, Detainment camps being built coast to coast in Canada to detain “broad spectrum” of people, Rothschild filed COVID-19 test patent in 2015 ahead of outbreak, millions of test kits sold in advance. For example, when, in May 2018, the White House issued news release used the wrong verb tense to characterize Iran’s nuclear program, it seemed … RUSSIAN CONNECTION, #ChangeMyVote : Hyden Crime Family Exposed! I have struggled to get my review of the Amanda Milius documentary The Plot Against the President posted on Amazon.
The media, instead of apologizing for getting the collusion story 100 percent wrong, still won’t correct the record. Some of Clare’s Supporters May Have Put Nails in Her Coffin, Former Nxian: Clare Bronfman and Brandon Porter Won’t Acknowledge the Truth About Keith – Their Inner Worlds Would Collapse, Who’s Still in and Who’s out of Nxivm Part 3 – More DOS Slaves and SOP Soy-Cucks, De-fund the Police? The Plot Against the President - Trailer #2, ‘Plot Against the President’ Shames Media, Deep State Agents. #ChangeMyVote, #MAGAGRA Hyden Crime Family Take Down #LevelFswampFire, “You Are No Longer My Mother” – ‘Trump Derangement Symptom’ Is Tearing Families Apart, U.S. New Vehicle Sales Could Disappoint In October Amid Virus Resurgence, Russia Vows “All Necessary Assistance” To Armenia In Nagorno-Karabakh, Threatening Regional War. ICYMI: NEW EMAILS REVEAL BIDEN KNEW ABOUT BURISMA/110 YR OLD GRANNY VOTES 4 TRUMP/DEVIN NUNES/TONY B, TRUMP MUST WIN TO ESCAPE ARREST!? Team Milius used a few curious sources to support its overarching themes. Amanda Milius was born in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of director/screenwriter John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Jeremiah Johnson, Dirty Harry, Big Wednesday, Conan The Barbarian) and actress Celia Kaye. #AutumnHope, Michigan Governor Whitmer Goes Full Orwell, Demands Full Names, Phone Numbers For Restaurant Customers, Tenured NYU Professor Under Fire for Mask Comments, Bermuda Halts 5G Deployment and Opens Inquiry into Safety of FCC Radiation Limits, Politifact: ‘Mostly true’ that thin blue line flag is ‘anti-Black Lives Matter’, CNN anchor compares Trump supporters to drug addicts, Watch Adam Guillette discuss the election and COVID on OAN, Former NSA Contractor Reality Winner Pleads Guilty Under Espionage Act, The Seth Rich Investigation – JUSTICE Part 5, Businesses Across America Board Up as Protesters Promise ‘Uprising’ After Election, BLM and the Neoliberal Color Revolution in America, With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies? Why isn’t the far-left media showing the following coronavirus chart to the American people? There are also various important firsthand players that have previously not been interviewed or become household names yet, for instance Kash Patel, who is central to this story,” director Amanda Milius said when promoting the documentary. The peaceful transfer of power is part of the country’s political fabric, but “Plot” suggests something more sinister played out four years ago. |  The building block sequences are smartly arranged, but at times feel a bit wonky. Robust President: Robert Jeffress says we need an energetic and robust president like Trump, not a frail candidate like Joe Biden. Publicity Listings Watch it at ... served in the White House and State Department until this past spring. Belated President’s Day find- I’d been to a handful of meetings in this room before I spent the time and looked around the Roosevelt room. Richard Grenell, currently the special envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations, speaks with authority and wisdom, particularly when he talks about the need for government transparency. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. |  Copyright © 2018 Salem Media Group - AM 560 The Answer, Amanda Milius Talks About Her New Movie “The Plot Against the President”, Kanye West’s First Campaign Event In 2020: Everyone Who Has A Baby Should Get $1 Million, Jim Jordan: It Is Pure Insanity To Abolish The Police, Or ICE, Or DHS, President Trump: “I Am Your President Of Law And Order And An Ally Of All Peaceful Protesters”, Jim Oberweis, Pat O'Brien and Mark Curran Make Their Closing Arguments to Voters, Herschel Walker Makes His Closing Argument for President Trump, Dr. Chad Savage Takes On Joe Biden's Health Care Plan, Sean Frazier Previews the NIU Huskies Season, Illinois Congressional Candidates Make Their Closing Arguments, WSJ’s Gerard Baker on the Media Defending Biden, Jim Oberweis, Pat O’Brien and Mark Curran Make Their Closing Arguments to Voters. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. Amanda Milius speaks I wrote about the film The Plot Against the President here on Power Line this past weekend. Coronavirus Tracking Bracelets Flooding Market, Ready To Snitch on People Who Don’t Distance. “One reason I think he’s everyone’s favorite character in the movie is because he’s so relatable,” she added. All rights reserved.
Up until then, Milius meticulously sets the stage, letting insider players detail how the hoax began. ➡️ ⬅️ amanda_milius. Biden-Burisma Corruption Update, Election Day Legal Battles, New Biden Corruption Docs, AFRICAN AMERICANS : YOU ARE BEING SOCIALLY RAPED, CRYING FLORIDA DEMOCRATS SENTENCED TO PRISON, BEG JUDGE FOR MERCY, KEITH RANIERE SENTENCED TO 120 YEARS IN PRISON, TEXAS DEMOCRAT RESIGNS FROM VOTER BALLOT BOARD OVER FELONY RECORD CONCERNS, Joe Biden is Here to Tell You If You’re Black Enough | Larry Elder, The Ultimate Trump Derangement Syndrome Compilation | Larry Elder, The Hong Kong Flu Killed 100,000 Americans, But the Economy Didn’t Shut Down | Larry Elder, US Marshals rescue 27 missing kids in Virginia during ‘Operation Find Our Children‘, RCMP arrest 4 in Canterbury in connection with drug trafficking, Authorities find 33 missing children across Virginia, one linked to human trafficking, State to Monitor Broward Elections After Ballots Destroyed | Miami Herald, Are Political Asylum Seekers Required to Request Protection through a U.S. 45 members in the AmericanMind community. Milius isn’t bowed by the task at hand. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. President Trump is Right – Mueller and His Accomplices Are the Most Conflicted Gang in US History! AM Productions, Other Works Brian Flood covers the media for Fox News. Hurry up and add some widgets. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. COUP BY LAWFARE DOMINATES D.C. — American Republic Under Dire Threat, Zaid It Isn’t So: Whistleblower Attorney’s Dubious Impeachment Role, Trump Unveils “America First Healthcare Plan”, House Democrats Want to Limit Supreme Court Terms — Through Legislation, FBI Agents So Worried About Russia Hoax They Purchased Liability Insurance, President Trump Delivers Remarks in North Carolina, President Trump Delivers Remarks Upon Departure from Joint Base Andrews, Former FEMA contractor, wife and son accused of giving cocaine, alcohol and other drugs to minors at multiple parties in Colorado, Amanda Milius: The Plot Against the President, Anti-Capitalist Rioters Smash Windows Of Ten Businesses During Violent Portland March, ‘Will Never Stop Looking’: US Marshals Find 27 Missing Children In 5 Days In Virginia, Lindsey Graham Says He Will Be ‘Shocked’ If Durham Probe Doesn’t Lead To More Indictments, U.S. Can Legally Propagandize Its Own Citizens, #WalkAway Testimonial: “The media was lying to us about everything.”, #WalkAway Testimonial: “I walked away from the party that I once loved.”, #WalkAway Testimonial: “If they are really my friends, they will respect my views…”, Why tech giants limited the spread of NY Post story on Biden, South Korea Resumes Flu Shots as Deaths Following Vaccination Rise to 59, Trump Sets Up Pharma Billionaires for Coronavirus Payday, Yale Professor Says Hitler Improved Lives of His Followers, Unlike Trump, Patriot’s Caught The [DS] Red Handed, October Surprises Being Prepped And Warmed – Episode 2301b, Dark Secrets Will Be Exposed, [BO] Was Not Tricked, Walls Are Closing In On The [DS]- Episode 2300b, Patriots Have It All, Red October Declass, At What Stage Do You Play The Trump Card – Episode 2299b, #LOCKSTEP : TRUMP Landslide? Broward Elections Supervisor Illegally Destroyed Ballots, Judge Rules | Tampa Bay Times, Judge Orders Gov’t to Reunite Detained Children With Family Within 30 Days, US-Backed Coalition Behind 67% of Yemeni Children Killed Last Year: UN Report, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt Back Trump’s Israel-Palestine Plan: Report. The documentary leans on a few anonymous sources early on, their silhouettes blurred in dystopian fashion. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Please support the movie by downloading a copy here:

Imagine consuming the mainstream media for the past three years and then watching “The Plot Against the President.”. “Plot” says the Trump White House did itself, and Flynn, a disservice for obliging.

Follow him on Twitter at @briansflood. In fact, the final half hour plays out like a thriller, with the film’s frisky score punctuating one devastating reveal after the next. New media journalist Mike Cernovich seems like an odd choice initially, especially when he discusses FISA matters better explored by those with deeper backgrounds on the subject. Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., joins Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’. Nunes saw the early attacks on the new president, an orchestrated assault that grew into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. “The Plot Against the President” could have been two, even three, hours long had it focused more heavily on corrupt media reportage and pop culture’s role in the Russian hoax.

The so-called “Deep State,” smelling blood, pushed forward with their “Plot.”.

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