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Dad wants to go to the salon for a haircut, because his hair is so long that his eyes are covered. Follow our adventures on YouTube. Posted by 5 hours ago. Looks a bit like Little Fox. I also tried using the wikia letter guide, but I’ve found that there are a lot of possible combinations to get the letters. What are you doing criticizing your own food? Letters (Animal Restaurant) Edit. During grazing season, they're all over the mountains and plains. Old Joe's wife sets up a stall outside the school gate everyday, while Old Joe pulls customers in the streets. Doll Figure Customers can appear after collecting their figures from the Gachapon. The Ingredient (Flower/Gardening Tool), Flower Level, and Mailbox Type may all impact Letters Received. Everyone feels kinda awkward looking at him. When Messenger Hedwig returns, she will bring back either cod or items. Pink Piggy is always happy. Inelegantly collects ten dollars for each portrait. Add crisp fritter. The favorite kindergarten teacher of the children. She is peace-loving and takes good care of her health. **Seasonal character: only available during the season. If the letter combo/mailbox doesn't work, if you've gotten a letter before a prerequisite was fulfilled, or if you notice anything else, we'd love to hear in the comments/table section below! We've been working all through the night recently to fix it. Wishes to paint a new wall. They're saving the money they earn to build an even bigger dam. The rabbit picknicking alone is enjoying a pile of food with just a tinge of loneliness. It's summer vacation! A dog who loves going to shrines in the springtime to pray for himself and his friends. They've got bright eyes and look like they're ready to pounce at any moment. Likes shiny things, such as money. A novice skier who injured her arm while skiing. This little turtle is learning to find food at restaurants alone and wants to make more friends. You can obtain the required flower to attract them from the Gachapon Machine, the Mysterious Merchant, or the Wishing Well. Has a workout plan to complete. This is a listing of what users have reported they've had luck getting letters with. While this might seem like a daily chore to others, she enjoys it very much. Although he is wearing a paper bag over his head, he looks really familiar! 1 comment. Professional hairdresser. He doesn't seem like a bad guy. Hides candies in its pocket. They're highly sociable and always go out in groups, so different from cats! A bald programmer. Thanks so much though! A student learning ecological engineering with excellent results. Some mementos can be worn by staff members that you hire. I’m sorry if this gets asked a lot, but the fandom wiki just doesn’t seem to do the trick. It's not clear if slot of briefcase & level of flower matter. Animal Restaurantis a business simulation (somewhat) idle game that has great artwork and is strangely soothing to play. These slots are probably more active than others, as they haven't got any mushrooms growing on them. Pup is a boy but Mom insists that he not cut his hair, so he looks very cute. The bear is a regular, and also our fish supplier! Loves staying at home. Seasonal Customers will appear during a specific season. I wonder when they'll get those spots on their brown fur? 83 comments. These easy-going kings of destruction are always liked by female dogs, but nobody cares for their wisdom. His droopy eyes make him look a bit down, but he's actually a very gentle cat. Can build dams, help to fight drought, improve water quality, and even combat climate change. Posted by. He only comes out on the hottest days. +170 Bring your own stool! Very shy and afraid of bring chased out, but still perseveres at work! A famous magician in Las Vegas who excels at reading minds. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The mechanics are simple (if sometimes indecipherable): you buy recipes and facilities to expand your restaurant, serve customers, hire staff, and increase your star rating to discover new customers. Edit source History Talk (0) Comments Share. How cute 1. A bowl of handmade iced jelly full of ingredients on a hot summer day is one of the best indulgences in life! Even though he's male, he's taken to wearing a silk scarf that he found somewhere and learned to tie from watching humans. There's an unheard story behind the knife wound. Giving Messenger Hedwig a raise will lower the amount of time that it will take for Messenger Hedwig to return (along with increasing your star rating). When will it end? 1. After years of sewing and mending clothes, his technique is top-notch. Mom is a high class VIP member of the hair salon. (Taken from the App Store description). Don't believe anything he says! He collects various stories and sings of them. We've been working all through the night recently to fix it. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Some mementos can … A student who is self-disciplined, the role model for everyone. He needs to be ready to fix bugs at any time, so he's always holding a computer. Don't miss out! Even though he's fully grown, he still tries to act cute to get what he wants. 1 comment. Note: The Mysterious Merchant changes his prices & stock often - it may not be a good deal if you can grow it for cheaper. The colors have been washed from his clothes. 129. If you got something they like (Facilities, Flowers, Food...) they will stop by! Two dollars to spin the left wheel and five to spin the right, which is said to be easier to get the dragon, but ends up giving the quail every time... A cool doggo turned gentle thanks to a kitty's company. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Can you guess who this is? In order to receive letters in the game, you will have had to unlock the Garden area and Purchase your first mailbox (Garden Facility). The best of the peddlers in the village, Top3, has extraordinary peddling skills and is planning to publish a book called 'Peddling'. 14. He's. Click the Wear / Remove button to take clothes on / off. He'll be very grateful., Blue Folding Curtain, Dreams of Tattered Leaves, Mushroom Pasta Permission to Raise Prices, Steamed Clams - Permission to Raise Prices, Obtained by: Growing in Garden / Purchasing from Mysterious Merchant (crow) / Receive from Wishing Well, Obtained by: Purchasing from Mysterious Merchant (crow) / Receive from Wishing Well or Gachapon - ONLY. Chef, the heavy rain broke the dam and flooded the area downstream, so I won't be able to come to the shop often these days. Can you guess who this is? A common childhood snack, but hardly seen any more. There are currently 193 customers in the game. Mementos provide you automatic bonuses. Made from natural ice straight from Antarctica. A stingy pup who likes fighting with others. That is his nose, not his eyes. A memento will indicate if it can be worn. Contents. They're always gossiping. He charges COD or PLATES, so be careful if you're saving up! Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Everyone always thinks of this kind of spotted deer, but they're pretty rare around here. Got separated from his mother and is going around everywhere asking about her. Graduated from Hogwarts, but unable to find a job. Chef, the heavy rain broke the dam and flooded the area downstream, so I won't be able to come to the shop often these days. Random Game Guides Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. animal will be temporarily closed until further notice. The egg waffle of childhood smells really appetizing. 1 Unlocking 2 Staff 3 Fishing & Leasing 4 List of Vendors The Fishing Pond can be unlocked for free when the Restaurant rating has reached 1500 stars. A rabbit with a story. Got hooked onto hip-hop recently. Everyone is so tired. Little children hide in fright when they see the clown (not exactly). Thanks to the Mysterious Merchant you can obtain the right items to attract them. Toad's Pineapple Shop. Will grow muscles and fangs when the moon is full. Fur as red as fire. You usually won't see them on rainy days. (Just make an account and edit). They can get it back with a single sniff and never ask for compensation. Shiba Liang is very gentle, even to flowers. Has a youthful appearance, and is always up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

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