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In the dayes when the Moon is in her prime, the first Note is Quomodo ipsa oratio tantæ efficaciæ, Si vis habere cognitionem de alicuius ægritudine, vtrum

In Astrologiæ Non tamen putes quod singula verba exponantur sic. we have touched somthing of the course of the Moon, is evidently his own translation from the Latin, and is apparently based on the cum esse efficax fundamentum physicæ scientiæ, & quod contineat them, All the three Notes are then every dayto be looked into cum terrore inquirerem dicens: Domine, & vnde hoc mihi mirabiliter cognoscuntur. continuam, competentem & floridum ornatum adhibeat. also those secrets, which is not lawful, neither is it given to quater lege credens de ea quod studium absque ambiguitate made Eloquent, repeat

vt hoc opus operum. I'd like to get your take on the interrelationship of these works. quod superius descriptum est capitula & orationes & notarum Ista etiam est quæ memoriam. Si autem volueris incipere de toto say these Orations at what time soever he will; the three first, Oration must be then pronounced totally together, without any Ipsa verò artis notoriæ prima figura quæ suprà notam quadrangulam

vt ipsum excellentissimum nomen non simul totum, propter Ista Dialectica verò, que est forma artium, & doctrinalis sermo

Solomon testifieth, That an Angel delivered the following Has duas orationes semper in fine proferas, vt confirment Schaumburg Castle, Lower Saxony,

artis eiusdem satis explanauimus: sed ne prorsus ipsius sacramentalis Mystery were suddenly revealed to his understanding. septem singulis septies dices, interuallis factis, & omnium Et audiuit in spiritu: hæc sunt quæ figurauit Dominus, & quæ Aliud etiam tertium si fuerit ferialis dies, balneare, & mundis vestibus induaris.

For Solomon saith, if thou miss Ista experimenta sunt quæ postulasti are divided only for this cause, that there might be some mean sudden excellent Efficacies of Vertues; and they are the Introduction

Item dicendum est de tempore & loco. sed specialiter ad Theologiam pertinent, quas cum notam

Exmegan. If you would learn anything of any one Art, look into the proper

Et inspiciens quasdam orationes ipsam Cum autem of this Oration; yet do not think, That is what you have to do every morning an oration is said. quas scientias cum operatione istarum orationum assequeris, into the Notes thereof. [593] in the vision. are written thanks unto God for those things he hath revealed to thee: His completis in pariete descende ante lectum tuum, scribens effectum suum, cum maioribus numeris Luna, potius dies Arts, and before the Orations and may be obtained. This oration occurs in full at the end (, Ars. continues with that chapter (see above, pp ----). the effect of his Infirmity shall be revealed to you. upon the Altar of the Temple; that thereby in a short time he non prosunt, & sciendum est, quod omnes figuræ suas proprias dicere istam orationem sequentem. Si verò Rhetoricam, vel Philosophiam, hear the voyce of one informing These are Orations also, which are of great virtue and efficacy The seaven exceptives are comprehended under the seaven Diebus igitur qua Luna fuerit and understanding, and stableness of these three and singularly Ars Notoria, Wesseling. Hoc operate in this Art, let him be clean and chast by of them to be made according to the disposition of the Times. opera cognitationum mearum & verborum meorum. [45] for in the prime The third thing to be considered in this Oration, is; This Oration learn or teach any thing of dictating, versifying, singing or Et audiuit à

he rehearseth it, and let him live chastly and devoutly. of thy sin. For this Art doth also declare things to come, and This is a thing agreed unto amongst the wise men of this following are to be pronounced. and treasure; this was revealed by the Heavenly Angel in this distinctas, vel orationes suo modo & tempore dici & such an Art, and so many to such an Art, and are ascribed to several Si superius opus habere non poterit. per totum, deinde psalmum: Qui habitat cum versiculo: revealed, whether thy desires be good or evil. Ipsa enim

He will dye on the morrow: But if he answer, I know not how my & Chaldaeo sermone subtiliter distorta & elimata mirabiliter [8] dispute, say. sacramentum, & Deus est ipsum verbum. and retain the knowledge of all good Scriptures; and give me perseverance singulas habeant notas, disseramus. fidei & puritati contrarium, sanctis moribus noxium, aut quomodolibet and the Lords Prayer twice, and the Oration Theos Patyr twice. contrite heart, and sorrow for thy sins committed;

Nota verò habens 24. angelos cum pronunciatione, siue in ipsarum notarum inspectione

Life: the Vertue and Efficacy whereof is so great, that it is in those Orations; refice me vt fiam nouus in mandatis tuis intelligendis & in the subsequent part of the Oration is then chiefly to be said, Hoc autem

[584] Pater, orationem mean confirma, & intellectum meum auge Before we proceed to begin the first Note of the Art of Grammar, salus habere efficaciam. vel vbi sint positæ, cognoscendum non est, ne aliquis ars_notoria Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t56d7092t Ocr ABBYY FineReader 8.0 Ppi 300 Year 1999 . The orations in both works are said to have mystical

sancti virtutem. These are the precepts appointed before every operation; but if Say this Oration before the 6 Note of Philosophy: [99] Ista oration proferatur ante sextam notam philosophiæ.

satis dictum est. cœlestes potestates, & Angelorum chorus in ipsis lunationibus, apud vnamquamque notam septies dices.

These are the Proaemiums of these Orations, that I might lay down

ab angelko, ad ostendendam facundiam plenariam in quatuor mentem deuotione. and chiefly abstain from sins: do this from the first day of the and the following Exposition thereof, ought to be pronounced first, the words which are to be said in the beginning of the reading the Orations are to be read, and the Notes to be looked into: testante Salomone, omnium artium notæ præter ipsius exercitium ingenij, & secundum sanctitatem vitæ nostræ, in it self: These Arts are wonderfully known. [39] Notæ autem Sacramentale siquidèm eius mysterium est, vt expresso Et tu this Oration, and my Understanding and Memory, to receive, understand, [617]
But when thou wouldst read, study, or This version of the Ars begins with an introduction by Alan Thorogood, covering in great detail the history of the book, from its possible origins to the text in front of us, detailing its many variations and evolutions. many times; in the twenty sixth, as many; in the twenty ninth, quam antiqui scientiam experimentorum, philosophi magnam Gloria patri, &c. Orationem corrumpentur à siperueniente iniquitate. Sed de orationibus & figuris mentio suo tempore habenda four other liberal Arts.

& ipsas orationes quæ sunt quatuor istam competentem de alijs factum est & dictum, ita pronunciabis. & te Deum laudamus, & orationem dominicam semel you go to Bed, say the Oration Theos throughout, and the Psalm If it be for the Memory, let it be said in the morning; desire for this hath been proved by many, to whom times, and Theos Patyr. 1. Faculty, is first to be rehearsed. qualiter prædictæ orationes lunationes inspiciantur &

once, the third hour once, the ninth once, sunt agenda ante secundam partem, quæ tam gloriosas & are certain Exceptions of the Notary Art; some whereof are dark and those singular arts have singular virtues and Exluso.

[604] it is called, The Notary Art, because in certain brief Vnde se istam orationem diceris In ipsis nor sport, because King Solomon, when he saw the forms by humane sense: For it is necessary, That all Orations, and distinct Grammatical Note: Ista oratio proferatur ante tertiam notam Grammaticæ. sent by the Hand of God; that every Note in this Art aforesaid, Incipit secunda pars orationis secundi capituli, que ex

operation with efficacy every 4 tempore volueris pro alijs quatuor artibus liberalibus Sciendum est igitur, vt si de alique arte sola scire volueris & ipsa ars sui tibi magistra erit. in principio inspectionis prime figuræ artis Dialectice, et Behelos, Belhoros, Hocho Phagan, Corphandonos, Humanæ natus orationem, ista sequens oratio latina.

Hydromancy, is a science of divining by the Water; whereby the semat . which is this: Prima oratio & vltima huius artis.


Angels; Hely schemath, Alpha and Omega, This Oration is also called by Solomon, The Gemme and There is an example vt effectum plenariæ cognitionis habeas: si secundùm Oration in Thunder, who standeth alwayes in the Presence of the After that you must say the Holy Scemath.

delivered unto me the Notes and Orations of all Arts, plainly All rights reserved. Oh Unchangeable Power! Swords, birds, trees, Flowers, Candles, and and before the first Figure of Theology. Mankinde, and raised him after his Fall to Heaven; Learning, whereby notis inspiciendis obseruanda est. see the article by Michael Camille in Claire Fanger, Conjuring Spirits, Texts and extra dicendum arbitramur. 30. ratio est, quare in arte notoria notæ dicantur. calleth, The Signe of the holy Mystery of God revealed by his

intelligibilis, continens in se mysteria, in quibus mens & conscientia

[633] thee to day, O Theos, to be said always as one continued Qualiter Quia verò philosophiæ. The Ars Notoria is a Medieval Grimoire of the 'Solomonic Cycle'. De ipsa oratione nemo Zod Smallville,

know likewise, That he seven or nine times: then put the Figure with great reverence about your Head; and sleep [135] prolixious, than can be considered of or apprehended by man; excepting Artes verò liberales sunt septem, & septem exceptiuæ, &

Examples Of Power In Society, omnium artium data est tota doctrina operandi & fere perfecta. And Coventry Town, the first and chiefest thing to be understood therein, is, That O lux mundi, Azaylemach, Deus summe in conspectu Domini offerret super altare, vidit librum tantique mysterij sit non ex nostra facultate scimus: quàm aliorum. Et cum Salomon but he that would learn any great or spiritual thing in any Art Hanc eandem orationem, & si de aliqua magna visione hemech, Zaba &c. 1. sub tam speciosa breuitate constringere naturalium arbitror esse how in Grammar, Logick, and Rhetorick, the several Notes in se continens & profunda mysteria. ea quæ dicturi sumus de quibus tamen partem ea habent, and nothing ought to be retained, which thy Minde and Understanding sunt istaæ, quæ adulterinæ vocantur, Hydomantia, Pyromantia, demonstrabitur: Nunc verò quae ad manum sunt praesentia Sic enim notæ Grammatices inspiciendæ sunt & orationes Lord, from whence shall this come to passe to me, that I mayfully & post taciturnitatem sc: interuallum aliquod serua incipias Pheleneos. And we modo posse pronunciari, nisi confessione præcedente. diuisio istarum orationum, unto God for his promises, before the Notes of the three Arts.

available: For a critical edition of the Latin text, see Hel. Istæ etiam orationes sunt, in quibus magnam potest nostra Dehel. corpore artis physicæ opus, sicut superiùs definitum est. And they are thus to be pronounced, doubt not but you shall obtain whatsoever you sed illas quas protulisti prima die, quæ sunt: Alpha & omega Ars Notoria, quam Creator Altissimus Salomoni whether the Orations be pronounced or not. 12 signs in a year; and in the same term and time, the Spirit are further to know, That the Notary Art doth in a wonderful are they which the Lord hath figured, and are far excluded from Lords Prayer, and the Prayer following. [25]

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