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autoharp played on lap

Do you love the old school days? The trouble with the autoharp, for most people, was: too many strings.

But then the sax, and the clarinet of the Big Band era took the fickle popular fancy and the lowly autoharp went into the attic once more. Price: $40.75 . An autoharp is an instrument that has more than eleven strings that are stretched across a soundboard. But, to a significant group of men and women, all over North America, the string band tradition lives on, kept alive by proactive people who want to keep alive a heritage tradition of music. The Carter Family – and the hands of Carter matriarch Mother Maybelle, in particular – made the autoharp a symbol of American country music in the 20s. After some setbacks that saw a tune down in its popularity, autoharps bounced back with relatively solid. It allows you to start thinking about Christmas. Where do they come from?

If you did it by ear you would be way out by the time you got to the strings on the other side. While the back features spruce design, the Ovangkol wood tones also feature in the design. The Oscar Schmidt OS21CQTBL Autoharp is among the greatest in the market. The autoharp features a solid construction that beats expectations.

The OS21 comes with 21 chords, a great way to enjoy an excellent flow of quality sound and playability. And with a satin finish of blend, the entire instrument vibrates handsomely while producing a brighter quality sound. Each of the holes in the metal bar stands for a chord, meaning you can quickly change from one chord to another by moving your flatpick from one hole to another. It has 4 band equalizer systems alongside a reliable volume control which comes handy when using the instrument electrically. Well, known as the RB1552, the instrument features top quality functionality with the fantastic versatility to blend. It weighs 15 pounds, which is a pretty little weight for a beginner. The instrument was widely used in schools to teach music, and in poorer areas even replaced the piano. It comes with 21 chord bars, which enable you to play more than two hundred songs. The autoharp comes with a select maple body design that appears glorious with a gloss sunburst finish. The oldest known zither was a Chinese guqin, found in a royal tomb in 1977, but which was entombed in 403 BC. Like for many quality guitars, a solid piece of spruce is preferred for autoharp tops. Oscar Schmidt incorporated 15 chords into this design. The OS45CE from Scar Schmidt is another great quality instrument. It is the type of the instrument that doesn’t require much investment. The resulting noise would be awful. Unlike any other instrument - fiddle, guitar, banjo, uke, mandolin, bouzouki, etc. It can play in eleven different keys. All of these add to give it a glamorous sound and bright ton when playing.

First published on Wed 18 May 2011 14.07 BST.
Meaning, the same strings are featured in some of the chords. But, as if that isn’t enough, the autoharp comes with new chords: F# minor, B minor and E major, which are specific to play Blue Grass Music. The record player, the TV, the CD, the DVD, and the iPod, and the lap dancer, has put an end to the long tradition of home made music in community life. If you don’t have one immediately close by, don’t worry. So Karl hit on the idea of dampening sets of strings with a muffling system of pads on bars mounted on a bridge, so that only strings related to a chord could sound. And when it comes to quality Autoharps, Oscar Schmidt is the name to know. As usual there are broken strings, the very highest one and several in the middle. However, other producers also wanted a name for their product, and they called them “Chromaharp,” even though it is the same instrument with the autoharp. This includes a lot of instruments with which you may not be familiar, such as the koto, hammered dulcimer, Appalachian dulcimer, psaltery, cimbalom, guqin, guzheng and santur, as well as the piano or harpsichord.

It might not be the best autoharp from such a reliable manufacturer of the product, but it’s one you can boldly rely on to deliver a decent quality play. It is one of the greatest American autoharps ever developed. During the late 19th century the autoharp was played on a table, or on the lap, with the player depressing the keys with the left hand and stroking the strings along a narrow expanse of exposed strings, along the bottom right. In the early 1960s, as the folk boom took off, so did a resurgent interest in the autoharp, certainly in Canada, thanks to Sylvia Fricker Tyson of Ian and Sylvia. You pressed a damper bar to get a chord and by alternately pushing three buttons you had three chords, enough to play many songs. A fabulous Oscar Schmidt for the high end player that came out in the early 70s featuring improved chord buttons, a spruce top, rock maple pin block, and maple back.
With 5 years warranty for the frame and another 3 years warranty for the chord bar, you can trust this ChromaHarp to last for ages. With the rock maple pin block providing excellent tuning position, you can expect a great sound and strength of play from this autoharp. CMUSE is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products. Another significant difference you have to consider when buying your autoharp is the tuning system. The autoharp lays flat across the lap. The top of the instrument features a solid spruce wood design known for its sleek feel and comfort.

CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Measuring 13.8 x 4.8 x 25.1 inches in dimensions, the OS15B is a bit large and heavy autoharp.

The name evolved from the creativity of Oscar Schmidt who created and gave them the name they have now.

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