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avatar: the last airbender sozin's comet part 3 watchcartoononline

Meanwhile, Aang finally confronts Ozai, but he is unwilling to take the Fire Lord's life and starts to be overpowered by Ozai's relentless attacks. So, please. Aang has decided to fight the Fire-lord after Sozin's … Aang becomes the third person in the series to redirect lightning. Infuriated, Azula prepares a lightning attack. Seeing that Ozai is there, Aang picks himself up, and suddenly earthbends to create rock armor around his body. [. She takes a ribbon and begins leisurely winding around her hair. In Ba Sing Se, the Order of the White Lotus prepares for battle outside the city's walls. Fine. You sent for us, Princess. Scene changes to Azula standing in front of a full length mirror. This episode marks the apparent end of the Dai Li's allegiance to Azula, as she had them all banished out of fear that they would betray her. Though Aang manages to stop most of the attack with earthbending, he is blasted off the top of the rock and falls helplessly toward a shallow lake below. When Toph earthbends herself, Sokka, and Suki onto the Fire Nation airship, the airship fleet is just taking off. Cut to a short of Jeong Jeong, floating in the air using firebending to create fire jets beneath his feet. Just you and me, brother. Previous Book Although Zuko is able to outmatch his sister, he is injured taking a bolt of lightning meant for Katara and unable to continue the fight. "Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang" Animation Episode 2 English Subbed, The God of High School Episode 11 English Dubbed. Ozai jumps aside to avoid Aang's blast, and begins to shoot lightning. Agitated, she haphazardly cuts her bangs that refuse to do as she desires. Zuko counters all of his sister's attacks skillfully before beginning to take the offensive and soon grounding her with a spinning kick of fire. July 19, 2008 Watch each other's backs, and if we make it that far, I'll let you know. What if he loses? Actually, everything's not all right! Good work, Toph! In the Dutch version of this episode, when Azula orders Li and Lo to do an Agni Kai, they say that they are not airbenders rather than firebenders. I have. Iroh, feeling the power of the comet, releases a powerful blast of fire that breaks through the wall. Cut to a close-up of Aang facing Ozai, as he lowers his bending stance. The Fire Lord attacks again, sending a wave of fire from a downward kick. The scene cuts to an overhead shot of Azula as she shoots fire at Zuko and circles him, a trail of blue fire coming from her feet. Yes, then you will understand the severity of your crime. Aang leaps to the top of another rock to avoid the attack before leaping to land near a waterfall. We're too late! And I'm sure that's just what you told Long Feng before you turned against him and joined me! When the sisters tell her perhaps it would be best to postpone the coronation, Azula gets even more paranoid and orders them to duel each other in an Agni Kai. Aang firebends in this episode far more than he does in any other; this is a result of Sozin's Comet enhancing his firebending, making it his most powerful element. Cut to the plaza, the location of the Fire Lord's coronation, where only Azula and the Fire Sages are present. Cut to a shot of Suki, Sokka, and Toph inside the airship cabin. Aang begins to redirect the lightning, pointing it toward the terrified Ozai. Cut to a side-shot of her as she thrusts her fists forward creating two blue fire blasts. Just like Mai and Ty Lee did. Guest stars Sokka, Suki, and Toph make it to the airship fleet, but believe they are too late seeing the ships begin to depart for the Earth Kingdom. He exhales, opens his eyes and smiles. Avatar: The Last Airbender episode transcripts, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Transcript:Sozin%27s_Comet,_Part_3:_Into_the_Inferno?oldid=2699219. Series Before Katara can reach him, Azula begins to attack her furiously, laughing maniacally. The new episodes of, Joaquim Dos Santos won the "Best Directing in an Animated Television Production" caption in the 2008. When Aang is looking at Ozai's airship, the scar on his back is gone. Episode guide At the Fire Nation Palace, Azula is being cared for and cleaned by her servants before her coronation as the new Fire Lord. It's weird to say, but the comet actually looks beautiful. [. It debuted on July 19, 2008. The scared and confused Azula turns to find that Zuko's strong attack has caused the plaza behind her to be smothered in flames. Information Too bad the Fire Lord's about to use it to destroy the world. However, when a servant offers her a cherry, she spits out a cherry pit, and believes it to be an attempt to assassinate her. The ice barrier is destroyed, and when another fire blast is about to hit Pakku, a giant wall of fire erupts, made by Jeong Jeong, in front of him, stopping the attack. What are you doing? Before this he was either firebending in a flashback or generating lightning. Ozai's airship fleet soars toward the shores of the Earth Kingdom. As Azula looks into the mirror, she sees her mother Ursa reflected behind her, telling her she would not miss her own daughter's coronation as Fire Lord. Cut to a shot of the burning airship from Sokka's view through a glass. The Fire Lord is Aang's fight. Aang looks up and sees Ozai swiftly approaching, eager to resume the fight. What a shame ... there's only one way to resolve this. This article is about the third episode of the Book Three finale. At the palace, Azula is looking in a mirror to try to do her hair by herself, but the result is very messy. We need to stay focused on stopping that fleet from burning down the Earth Kingdom. Our players are mobile (HTML5) friendly, responsive with ChromeCast support. Directed by You want to be Fire Lord? Azula's mental stability quickly begins to deteriorate as her coronation as Fire Lord approaches. It's not her I'm worried about. Five, to be precise, in which time an assassin could've snuck in, done away with me and been on his merry way! Cut to a shot of Azula's fear-filled eyes, reflecting with orange from the oncoming attack. Although Katara is also worried, she assures Zuko that Aang is going to come back. The armor that Toph creates for herself should not actually protect her from the flames since metal is a great conductor of heat. This is the first time that non-contact metalbending is performed. The shot cuts to the side of Ozai as he flies over the water below. JM Animation After generations of Fire Lords failed to find you, now the universe delivers you to me as an act of providence. She berates them for being late, noting that it is enough time for her to be assassinated. You are banished. The showdown that was always meant to be. Zuko and Azula begin their fight with intense firebending powered by the comet. Watch TV Show Avatar Book 3 Fire Episode 18 – Sozin’s Comet Part 1-2-3-4 online for Free in HD/High Quality. Oiwa was a married woman whose husband killed her in order to marry a younger, wealthier woman and thus her spirit was enraged enough to cross back over to the land of the living, where she exacted a bloody revenge. Episode Azula, we are concerned for you and your well-being. You're weak, just like the rest of your people! She is seen wearing Fire Lord robes with her armor underneath. Soon the rest join in and invade the city, beginning to take down the comet-enhanced Fire Nation soldiers. This episode and the previous episode are the only two in the series when there is no official Fire Lord present at the time. Both of their attacks are fierce and unrestrained, setting fire to the buildings surrounding them. Aang raises his hand to block himself from the surprise attack as he is pushed and hits the side of a rock, falling to the ground in pain. While Aang is fighting Ozai, right after Aang bends the waterfall, as he is taking cover behind a column of rock, his shirt is on backward for a moment. I didn't want to miss my own daughter's coronation. Aaron Ehasz, Michael Dante DiMartino, Bryan Konietzko Katara warns Zuko that Azula is trying to take them down separately, but Zuko already knows this and senses there is something "off" about her, so he believes he can take her by himself. I understand, Princess. It wasn't a decision; it was just a small mistake. The scene quickly cuts to a shot of Zuko's left fist. Using waterbending, he barely manages to save himself from a fatal fall. Momo and Aang watch in the distance as Ozai's torrent of fire rains down upon the land. [. He kicks the top of the pillar off, sending it toward Ozai. Even venerable TV series such as The Wire and The Sopranos have stumbled at the end with preposterous or frustratingly oblique storylines. As the Dai Li leave, Azula tells them to send the next group in on their way out. Prepare to die. Her hand gets caught as she is tying her hair into a top knot. I order you to fight an Agni Kai! Aang has Momo leave him, and using earthbending and firebending, he destroys the flagship's engine and catches Ozai's attention. Avatar: The Last Airbender – Into the Inferno, Transcript:Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Sozin%27s_Comet,_Part_3:_Into_the_Inferno?oldid=2792416, This is the first episode in which Long Feng has been mentioned since ", This is the second time Sokka has mentioned. However, in a later camera cut, this fire has suddenly vanished, and the palace is undamaged. What are you all looking at? The airship that Sokka, Suki, and Toph hijacked can be seen just below it. With tardiness and disloyalty? When Aang steps out of the lake, his clothes are dry. Azula falls and rolls forward onto the ground. Prior to this episode, Toph only demonstrated the ability to metalbend upon making direct and physical contact with a metal medium, physically molding it after channeling the minute earth impurities within. 1 Cast 1.1 Main 1.2 Antagonists 1.3 Minor 2 Locations 3 See also Fire Nation Capital Fire Nation Royal Palace Ozai's airship base Wulong Forest "Sozin's Comet, Part 3: Into the Inferno" Next Aang can be seen standing on top of a stone pillar in the distance. Ozai rockets up after him, and flips forward, shooting fire from both feet. He falls to the ground, exhausted from straining to hold the energy from the lightning. To their surprise, Azula banishes the Dai Li from the Fire Nation for disloyalty. Let's settle this. Toph calls Sokka, "Captain Boomerang", the same name as a DC supervillain. Ozai stares at Aang with surprise. When Jeong Jeong creates a massive fire wall, he pushes it at the second group of tanks on the left, but when he does it again to the ones on the right, the ones he firebent on the left suddenly reappear. Ozai reaches him, and Aang earthbends a circle of rocks around himself for protection. What if he doesn't have the guts to take out my father? Azula's long and disheveled hair is evocative of Oiwa, a classic villainess in Japanese legend and Kabuki theater.

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