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I use a dedicated app to get screenshots within the required size limit. Pause a folder’s rules by clicking the gear below the Folders list and selecting Pause Rules. Click Done to close the text box and OK to confirm the rule. Choose the Import into iTunes action, and choose whichever playlist you’d like. Here’s a screenshot of my current Downloads rules with titles that should give you an idea of what they do. Hazel, a folder monitoring application, has long been a favorite among many a Mac enthusiast. Creating basic rule should be simple enough: To create similar rules, you can duplicate another existing rule and modify the content. You can specify that a file must meet some, all, or none of these criteria. SEE ALSO: 15 Chrome Tricks To Boost Your Productivity. This rule looks for files and folders in your Downloads (or any) folder that were added before seven days ago. Unless disabled, Hazel will empty your Trash once it hits a certain hugeness. Let’s combine project-specific rules and the new note action to manage bill statements. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 4. That is, what triggers must be met for Hazel to act? 7. 2. Create a rule to watch the folder where you keep all your digital bills. To do that, simply add a rule to watch subfolders at the top of Rules list for Folder A. That alone makes Hazel worth the asking price for me. Try These 14 Fixes for macOS, Six Ways to Check Your Mac or Macbook Serial Number, Best Sites to Download Dynamic Wallpapers for Mac, How to Upgrade a 2011 Mac Mini for Use in 2020, How to Enable or Disable Turbo Boost on Your Mac, How to Hide Files, Folders and Desktop Icons on Mac, How to Automate Repetitive macOS Tasks with Automator, Free Your Mac from Clutter with MacCleaner Pro 2. Hazel is in the mood for muffins! You specify the folders you want Hazel to watch and then set exact conditions that must be met before Hazel will act. If the Desktop folder isn’t there, click the plus button under the list of folders.

Collaborate. But now I added an extra step when saving the image. On your home computer, copy and paste the download link into a text file. Paula DuPont is a New Orleans-based ukulele player, writer, and geek. The descriptions and screenshots above will help you replicate my favorites rules and create your own. Change “1 hour” to “7 days,” or whatever interval of time you feel comfortable with. When you first launch the pane, you’ll be in the Info tab which tells you whether or not Hazel is currently running and gives you some other information. It functions on a fairly simple “if this, then that” sort of structure, meaning that it matches specific parameters to specific files, and then performs a task if those parameters are met. You should have another look inside your rule and edit it until you can make a good match. Click the action drop-down to select Archive. I use my ScanSnap which converts scanned documents into PDFs with live text data embedded.

On the office computer, create a Hazel rule that watches “List of Downloads” folder in Dropbox. One of Hazel’s cool features is its ability to watch subfolders. If you have Growl, or even if you don’t, you can set up Growl notifications similar to the email alerts above, but notifications are even easier and don’t require AppleScript. 5. When you’re ready to start it back up again, click the gear again and select Resume Rules. Hazel will pop open a window of all the files and folders within the folder being monitored. Click “no folder selected,” and change it to “Trash.”. Let’s go a bit further with this rule, though, and see what else Hazel can do for us. Translation: you can ask Hazel to do almost everything that your Mac can do. Remember to be careful with any new rule, as Hazel is a very powerful tool, but like with any great tool, if you know what you’re doing, Hazel can save you a lot of time and effort. New. If you want to give yourself time to edit or move the file yourself before Hazel takes hold, also add the condition that the date added is not in the last 1 hour. If you know what you’re doing, and you will by the end of this tutorial, you can get Hazel to run an AppleScript or shell script and perform all kinds of functions, beyond the basic actions that come standard with Hazel. Determine the conditions for your rule. You’ll need to be specific, though, or you’ll find Hazel doing all sorts of things you didn’t intend or nothing at all. Do you use Hazel? As such, it gets crammed with files that were once important but are now useless.

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