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betsy mccredie mum

Woolly tells her there is nothing wrong with not liking something. Betsy Mccreedie stars as Woolly.

This video is currently unavailable. March 4, 2013. When Tig's Aunt Shonagh gets married, Tig is a flower girl. When Tig goes to a town festival she is very excited. Created by Brian Jameson. Then Dobbin dies.

Luckily, Tig’s furry toy spider Woolly is on hand to help her see how new experiences can be fun! Conditions d'utilisation et Politique de confidentialité, © 1996-2020,, Inc. ou ses filiales. D'autres sites Amazon peuvent utiliser des cookies à des fins supplémentaires. Maisie McCredie Narrator. Pour en savoir plus sur la façon dont Amazon utilise les cookies, consultez la politique relative aux cookies d'Amazon. Tig is very grown up when crossing the road at nursery school and holds hands. Dad has his car cleaned and then the rain makes it dirty again. Cast and crew. One of the directors is Andrew Agnew, who played PC Plum in the children's series Balamory. This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location. Category Drama / Children Original air date 2012-03-29. Tig builds a sandcastle at the beach and wants to take it home with her. Family, Woolly And Tig is a series of 5 minute episodes for pre-school children made by the BBC. Woolly shows Tig how playing subway trains on a real subway is not a good idea. Alex Norton with Tig and her mum. 3. When Tig has chicken pox she finds getting better difficult. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. Woolly shows Tig how to cheer her dad up and have fun in the rain. 5min. When Tig goes on her first aeroplane trip it is her Mum who suddenly gets worried. Tig's dad takes her on a day out on a steam train. When a boy pushes Tig by accident at nursery school Tig doesn't want to go back and gets a pain in her tummy.

Woolly and Tig is produced by Tattie Moon. Jenny Ryan. Woolly shows Tig how to help make the trip fun for Mum.

Woolly helps her with the waiting game. Woolly calms Tig down and she and Angel enjoy themselves on an exciting day. Her Dad is the dad. Tig climbs a mountain with her dad, but wants to go home before reaching the top. Woolly helps to make Tig's recovery easier. Woolly helps Tig overcome her loss and remember Dobbin for all the happy and good things he brought to her.

Add to ... Woolly persuades Tig that she might have more fun if her mum shows her how to ride a bike. Woolly talks Tig through how she is feeling and possible solutions. The character of Tig is played by three year old Betsy McCredie; Dad is played by Colin McCredie (Betsy’s actual father); [1] Mum is played by Jenny Ryan (Betsy’s Aunt) and the series is narrated by Maisie McCredie (Betsy’s older sister).

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