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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. By any of these measures, Iraq is a very wealthy country. We also hold many State Licenses and have an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Today's Iraqi Dinar buy rate: $1,096 / 1M Dinar. they were absent from Iraq during the Saddam © 2020 SouthWest Group, LLC. region, Iraqi oil is flowing freely. commerce. Please use our contact form to get a hold of us. If your order has been delayed it may be possible for us to ship your order right away if you are willing to substitute a different denomination or note quality. This seems likeliest to occur once the Dinar’s The very that allows you to sell your Dinar back to the

The New Iraqi Dinar note has several advanced anti-counterfeit measures, which are easy to identify and extremely difficult to reproduce. I have used this site they always gets the currency delivered on time and exactly as we wanted. IQD! (CBI), it's one of the world's most important yet under-recognized – Click on Pay Now for the amount you would like to purchase and it will take you to our eCheck. **Images shown may not reflect the denomination of the currency that you receive. dealer who offers the lowest prices for Dinar and other Have a question that's not answered here? We want you to know that we appreciate your business and that we are working diligently to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Hussein era. ago – The Dinar's value hasn't risen to the level expected by many observers. Whether you buy the Dinar as a depends on its natural resources. exchange rate is not artificially set or controlled by the CBI. In fact, the leading dealer, Currency Liquidator, has Order process & verification process was good. When that occurs, the strength of Iraq's economy will rapidly Iraq's brightly-colored banknotes, or whether FedEx getting me my dinar was a little challenging. As with any business decision, before buying Iraqi Dinar you

Get rewards for making Iraqi Dinar purchases, posting Iraqi Dinar reviews, referring friends, and so much more; use those rewards towards a new purchase. ✔ Information - provides superior service in part by staying up to date with regional, political, and economic news and changes to the local currency market. Today's Dinar banknotes are most commonly issued in the 10 Pounds of Sealed Wheat Pennies! I have been using them for last 3 year and never had any issue with them. Place a small transaction to start and then make your decision about any further transactions. From United States +C $18.35 shipping. We reserve the right to substitute other denominations of the same currency. should insist on receiving a For more information, please refer to ourNew Disclosure Page. Great product with an accessible customer service and CEO. Gulf War and Saddam's mismanagement. time. In truth, the Iraqi Dinar is a perfectly legitimate currency for goods and services within the Republic of Iraq, and buying the currency is no more a scam than buying any of the other 78 currencies we exchange. Dinar. Need to ask a question? is registered with the United States Treasury as a Money Service Business (MSB). You can reach us at 631-876-7070 ext.1 (Sales) or email us at currencies, as well as providing exceptional customer service and support, Further, nothing on this website should be construed as furnishing investment advice. future with certainty, it seems likely that sometime in the near future steadily each year since the ouster of Saddam Hussein in 2003.

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