california state agencies by number of employees

california state agencies by number of employees

Fully implement and continue to follow recommendations from prior investigative reports involving similar inappropriate inmate supervision pay at other CDCR facilities, including the recommendation to train all employees who receive, approve, or issue the inmate supervision pay. This chapter describes some of the economically wasteful activities that we identified and investigated during the past year. Specifically, two witnesses stated that they observed Employee A driving his mower an unnecessary longer distance across campus to add time to its meter to make it appear that he spent more time performing his duties than he actually did. The assistant chief who is the subject of this investigation has rented one of the single‑family homes since 2014. For example, in August 2015, we reported that California Correctional Health Care Services (Correctional Health Care) wasted state funds totaling at least $3.2 million that it paid to a contractor for electrical goods and services because the contractor used a subcontractor to perform all the work. Figure 6 shows a timeline of the State Auditor's three previous investigations of CDCR's inmate supervision pay program from 2008 through 2017, in each of which we reported that CDCR had improperly paid one or more employees. However, he stated that he does not allow his staff to leave KVSP before their shifts end. After February 2016, the LVN remained in the scheduling office by herself until the nursing director hired a second replacement office technician in June 2016. In particular, this agreement acknowledges that the landlord does not maintain the insurance to cover personal property damage or loss caused by fire, rain, theft, and other such acts, and the agreement further specifies that the landlord is not responsible for any such occurrences. During this phase, supervisors give verbal instruction when assigning tasks and increase their monitoring of employee activity. Government Code section 19572, subdivisions (p) and (t), specify that misuse of state property and other failure of good behavior either during or outside of duty hours that is of such a nature that it causes discredit to the State constitute causes for discipline of an employee. Employees of the CSU and UC systems are not part of the State of California civil service system. ASA and its state affiliates advance the interests of the industry across all sectors through advocacy, research, education, and the promotion of high standards of legal, ethical, and professional practices. The associate warden was also not aware that CDCR is required to conduct annual audits of its inmate supervision pay program. Determine the amount of time Employees A and B can be charged to account for their missed work hours, reduce their leave balances accordingly, and, if applicable, seek to recover from them any wages paid to them for time they did not work. Mentor Match is an online tool that connects mentors and mentees to share experiences and provide guidance to industry peers for career development. The employee's supervisors failed to take disciplinary action, also known as adverse action, against the employee when they saw that the preventive and corrective phases had not remedied the problem. Moreover, if the supervisors still believed that the employee had a medical condition that caused her to fall asleep, they could have required the employee to submit to a medical examination by a physician selected by the DMV, as state law allows. The assistant chief also had the employee fill the holes with concrete to serve as part of the structure's foundation. The supervisor's manager stated that in June 2017, he changed the work schedules for the employee and his colleagues to coincide with the supervisor's shift to ensure that the employees were supervised until the end of their shifts. As part of its rehabilitation process, CDCR employs inmates in a variety of positions inside its prisons. According to Correctional Health Care's advanced guide for nursing schedulers, such incidents include emergency response, hunger strikes, medical transports, and suicide prevention. That same day, the manager directed a member of his staff to purchase the quick charger without first determining whether its installation was feasible and compatible with the campus's energy resource and master plan.

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