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You can change your statement date by calling, but you cannot change your statement date if you’re already more than 30 days past due. Update: Apparently if you call in to Chase they will also report your balance off cycle to credit bureaus within 48 hours. The specific cards here are Jet Blue Plus and Jet Blue Business. As others have said, both can be done online. The closing date will also likely be the month before the due date because there is an approximate three-week grace period before payment is due. Maybe to make it more exciting include banks that report mid cycle and when they report after statement closing I’ll start with my experience. Chase, Citi, Barclays and Wells Fargo all allow changing the due date (which is tied to the statement date) via a Secure Message as well. Discover lets you change your payment due date online (note: this is not your statement closing date that is used for reporting credit utilization to the credit bureaus). Tap below to get started. Do you know the answer to the question you asked now? Thanks. I just had them change the Due date on my newly opened Freedom Unlimited card and I dont want them reporting anything negative to the credit beareus. Remember that US Bank reports your credit utilization on the last/1st of each month, unlike using the statement balance like other card issuers. Because I am in the same situation and would like to know for Barclay Arrival Plus. Anyone know the answer to this? After that, each time you download your Discover Card statement summary, your online financial services center will be updated, from the last time you downloaded information until the present. E-mail us securely or call Help with my Discover issue. Allows you to change your statement closing date simply by calling or via chat. Some people also like to have their due date sync up with when they are paid so they can pay off their credit card debt immediately. Barclaycard -although they won’t report when requesting, they will report at random when PIF. There are a couple of rules for both changes: US Bank also lets you change your payment due date by calling in. You can help support this site by using our links to Amazon & eBay. Citi can be changed online as well. Cannot change it more than once every 90 days, Cannot change it in your first or anniversary months, You account must be in good standing for this option to be available. Regarding late payments, the law says that if the due date falls on a weekend or holiday and the issuer does not process payments that day, a payment received the following business day is still considered on time. It’s possible to change your statement date with Citi by calling in and asking. Get tips from pros & other customers, and get it handled faster: GetHuman5096244 started working on this issue. read this post to see when a credit card issuer will update your credit usage, lets you change your payment due date online, statement closing date that is used for reporting credit utilization to the credit bureaus, US Bank also lets you change your payment due date by calling in, US Bank reports your credit utilization on the last/1st of each month, [Targeted] Fidelity 2% Card: Get Extra 2x Points For Purchases, HSBC Announces Changes To HSBC World Elite Premier Card (Travel Credit, Unlimited Lounge Visits & More), Best Current Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses & Offers For October, 2020, [Update] PayPal Launches Virtual Card Numbers For Use Anywhere (‘PayPal Key’), BBVA To Add Postmates & Norton Life Lock Benefit, Barclays Matching To The New 100,000 Point JetBlue Offers. The charge posted to my Discover statement as 1/3 and no bonus rewards were earned. Set Discover Statement Opening Date as Month Start Date I am trying to set my Discover CC Statement Opening date as 1st of the month instead of whatever I have. If you need additional assistance setting up QuickBooks, please call QuickBooks at 1-888-320-7276 or visit their technical support site. While it said it was approved, it did not close on the requested day which came and went. If you have any ideas for similar posts where I look at different rules for each card issuer, just let me know what they are in the comments or by contacting me. For some reason there is sometimes a delay in when this actually takes effect and they can only extend the statement date rather than reduce it. Citi is a little off sometimes and shifts the due date and the statement date by a day or two (meaning a 20th due date would become 19th later on) but almost all others usually sticks to the same date. I could not login to my discover online savings account mobile app over *days ago now.. Strength in numbers! — For Discover, the due date and the statement date are 5 days apart (20 due date would mean 25 statement date) — For Amex and Wells Fargo, the two dates are 6 dates apart (I have only had WF Propel World in years, not sure if other WF cards are different). 16 digit card number, Name on the account, Last 4 of SSN, Billing Address, and Your birthday. They seem to want to hide these! — For Discover, the due date and the statement date are 5 days apart (20 due date would mean 25 statement date). Confirmed that changing the due date online does indeed adjust the statement date as well. You call them when you want them to report your balance off cycle, not vice versa. 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). I was hoping this would take effect immediately (or for the next statement), so the signup bonus would post sooner. Since months vary from 28 to 31 days, your statement closing date will vary by a few days on shorter months. Keep in mind that if you do use our links, you won’t be able to earn cash back/miles/points from shopping portals. 20th due date would mean 23rd statement date. I requested the change 2 days before the day I wanted the statement but it has not happened this month. Automatically: Chase -within 48-96 hours of PIF posting, and statement closing. It’s possible to change your statement closing date by calling. Presumably this also changes the statement date. I was told to call about suspicious activity, GetHuman5096244 used the GetHuman Phone to get a rep from Discover on the line without waiting on hold. Had a few questions regarding my Discover Card: 1) I activated my new Discover It card in Early to Mid August, and although I have already made a $93 payment about a week ago, I still have no payment due date (just says N/A) 2) I thought after you make a payment, I am supposed to receive Cashback Bonus, something like 2% for gas and restaurants and 1% on all other purchases. Sorry this post isn’t more exciting, I was expecting there to be some differences between each card issuer but it looks like you can do it with any card issuer just by asking. It’s possible to change your statement closing date, just call the number on the back of your card. It’s easy to use QuickBooks with your Discover Card account. September 17, 2018, 12:36 12:36 pm. Wells Fargo’s setting option can be accessed by going to the “Credit Card Service Center” (it’s on the right side menu when you are viewing a credit card balance etc), click “Change Payment Due Date.”. Thx! Chase generally requires your account to be in good standing (e.g not past due) to be able to change your statement date, but in some cases they’ll make exceptions with those who are struggling. Barclays, Citi and Wells Fargo provide an online setting option to change the due date: Barclay has a setting option (Services menu -> Change payment due date) where you can select your due date or statement date yourself, no need to even SM them. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You cannot change your statement date if you’re already more than 30 days past due. Thank you for your efforts here. For Barclays, does anyone know how soon the change would take effect? In the interests of our readers you can find out what shopping portal is offering the best rates on eBay here & Amazon here. I dont understand, can someone explain why we have to call the credit beareus when Chase reports an “off cycle” to them? Follow other customers in the midst of the same issue or find a prior solution. Then, just enter important information like your Customer ID and PIN and you’ll be ready to retrieve your transactions. Statement date is different to Payment due date. We will only recommend the products that we believe are the best fit for you, the consumer. Great information. Vote Up 4 Vote Down Reply. You can also request that your statement closing date is changed, but you’ll need to call in directly to do so. I called the number on the back of the card last week, and was told it could take 1-2 statements for this to change. You need to call the credit bureau department (or call the number on the back of your card and ask to be transferred over). How do I download my account information into QuickBooks®. (More data points below.) IME Chase always reports an updated balance within 48 hours or so from when PIF. Shows on Amex statement as 1/21. We have financial relationships with some of the products and services found on this website, we may be compensated if you choose to utilize any of these links when applying. Barclay AA Business card only allows you to choose from a few dates for the due date, unlike the Barclay personal cards, which allow you to choose any date. Discover: 5 p.m. Eastern ... so open and act on your annual credit card privacy statement. Never: Amex, Citi. Bank Accounts That Can Be Funded With A Credit Card, List Of Methods Banks Count As Direct Deposits. Thanks. GetHuman5096244 did not yet indicate what Discover should do to make this right. If you know of a better deal, or disagree with our reasoning please contact us and if appropriate changes will be made. The statement date is the day your credit card company issues your statement showing your charges for the billing cycle. DP 1: it has not yet changed. The payment date is the day by which you must pay your bill to avoid interest charges on your transactions. Citi – I think it’s on the contact us page and if you choose the reason “Change due date” it takes you to the page where you can choose the date. There are two main reasons why somebody might want to change their statement closing date: they want their credit utilization to be updated sooner/later than normal (read this post to see when a credit card issuer will update your credit usage) or they want points/miles earned to post sooner or later. Chase allows change of payment due date online, once every 180 days. Receive gift card on 1/21. Update 09/16/18: Apparently if you call in to Chase they will also report your balance off cycle to credit bureaus within 48 hours.

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