does powdered milk contain oxidized cholesterol

does powdered milk contain oxidized cholesterol

:o), Lindsey, When it comes right down to it, you have to balance your needs and there is no need to kill yourself (literally) over powdered milk. This is an ingredient you’re most likely to encounter in packaged foods such as pancake or muffin mix and commercial baked goods like cookies. However, it is not clear if oxysterols and cholesterol share the same pathways for bile acid synthesis. Now, most of us don’t have a box of powdered eggs sitting on the kitchen shelf.

The cytotoxic, mutagenic and probably carcinogenic effects described for some oxysterols have been observed in in vitro models. Interesting take on the homogenization issue. How can you tell if your powdered milk is bad? Powdered milk is, of course, less expensive than fresh milk. A newly-discovered transcription factor, identified as LXR (Björkhen & Diczfalusy, 2002), regulates the catabolic degradation of cholesterol by activation of the gene controlling cholesterol 7 a-hydroxylase, the rate-limiting enzyme in the formation of bile acids (Ishibashi et al., 1996). You can easily get healthy powdered milk that is not made from whole milk. Eggs, of course, contain a whole lot of cholesterol—and that means that powdered eggs are going to contain a whole lot of oxidized cholesterol. I know, I know—that’s my answer to everything. Another possibility is the reaction of molecular oxygen free radicals directly with the double bond, forming a 5, 6-epoxycholesterol by addition, which by further dehydration can be transformed into a triol (cholestane- 3ß, 5a, 6ß-triol). While eating foods as close to their natural state as possible is generally a good thing, I’m still in favor of pasteurization. I’ve even seen it listed as one of the top three causes of heart disease, along with trans fats and chlorinated water. When cholesterol is in a crystalline state and in the presence of air, the oxidation reaction is governed by the arrangement of molecules in the crystal. Nut Biochem 7: 495-506         [ Links ], NIETO S, GARRIDO A, SANHUEZA J, LOYOLA L, MORALES G, LEIGHTON F, VALENZUELA A (1993) Flavonoids as stabilizers of fish oil: An alternative to the use of synthetic antioxidants. FYI — powdered milk actually has very low levels of oxidized cholesterol. Just thought you might like all the information available! Shame on them for making the choice for us all! Rosemary extract is a food grade natural antioxidant oleoresin obtained from the leaves of the evergreen shrub rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis. Crazy, I know.

You are right…a point I forgot to consider!

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