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2012, 2013; Garandeau et al. Crossref Ali Semerci , Examining middle school students’ views on text bullying , Education and Information Technologies , 21 , 6 , (1807) , (2016) . Recent research has highlighted the various forms that bullying can take, not only amongst school children and adolescents but also between adults too, particularly within the workplace environment (Kowalski et al. was the most effective anti-bullying program, followed by the Bully Proofing Your School Program. Evaluations conducted in North America (i.e., the USA and Canada) significantly reduced bullying perpetration by around 21% and bullying victimization by around 11%. As Table 1 shows, the KiVA, NoTrap!, OBPP, and ViSC programs incorporated quite similar intervention components. In relation to bullying victimization outcomes, before-after/experimental-control designs provide similar effects (OR = 1.225) to randomized controlled trials (OR = 1.21). Journal Sentinel outdoors editor Paul A. Smith offers news, notes and perspective on the great outdoors. We searched several online databases, including, but not limited to, Web of Science, PsychINFO, EMBASE, ERIC, DARE, Google Scholar, and Scopus. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 41, 441–455. Therefore, this study was not included in either the UK or German evaluations but was included in regional analysis as a European study. 2012, 2016). NoTrap! School bullying as a predictor of violence later in life: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective longitudinal studies. That online forums, moderated by trained students, may be an efficient and cost-effective way to tackle bullying victimization. Bullying today: bullet points and best practices. Bullying and suicidal ideation and behavior: a meta-analysis. The lack of a clear pattern in relation to the regional effectiveness of anti-bullying programs may be explained by several factors. The second recommendation we would make is that more replication of scientific evaluations of anti-bullying programs is needed. Therefore, the aim of the present report is to explore variations in the effectiveness of intervention programs between countries and regions and specific anti-bullying programs. Firstly, there are a large number of potential confounding factors that could be influencing the overall results. Paris: UNESCO. Mahwah: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Bullying and cyberbullying in adulthood and the workplace. Prevention Science, 17(8), 1012–1023. We conclude that school-based anti-bullying programs are effective in reducing both school-bullying perpetration and victimization globally and across different school-based programs. Recent analyses of the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) study found interesting trends in bullying victimization across male and female schoolchildren (aged 11, 13, and 15 years old) from 33 countries (Chester et al. Evaluation of aggression-reducing effects of the ‘Viennese Social Competence Training. (2018). 2015). Other programs (i.e., KiVa or ViSC) have implemented this approach and applied a socio-ecological theoretical framework to explain any potential changes that occur as a result of the implementation. Limber, S. P., Olweus, D., Wang, W., Masiello, M., & Breivik, K. (2018). Classroom workshops target empathy and problem-solving skills (Palladino et al. Kimber, B., Sandell, R., & Bremberg, S. (2008). Included evaluations used one of three experimental methodologies: (1) randomized controlled trials; (2) quasi-experimental designs with before and after measures; and (3) age cohort designs. Salmivalli, C. (2010). Examining the efficacy of the Olweus prevention programme in reducing bullying: the Malaysian experience. Alsaker, F. D., & Valkanover, S. (2001). Our systematic review further highlights the lack of existing anti-bullying programs in areas where UNESCO report worryingly high levels of bullying, such as sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. The NoTrap! The intervention also targets specific individuals who are recognized as bullies and victims, and their respective parents. New York: Routledge. Baldry, A. C., Farrington, D. P., & Sorrentino, A. Effect sizes vary greatly across studies, with a significant heterogeneity between studies for both bullying perpetration bullying victimization outcomes. Bullying (ijime) and related problems in Japan: history and research. 2014; Jiménez-Barbero et al. The KiVa anti-bullying program was developed and widely disseminated in Finland from 2007 to the present (Kärnä et al. In J. E. Zins, M. J. Elias, & C. A. Maher (Eds. The relationships between participant age and overall effectiveness are not consistent, with prominent researchers disagreeing with this finding (e.g., Smith et al. 2001). For example, studies conducted in Italy, France, Spain, etc. While this intervention focused on peer-led online forums (in conjunction with peer-led offline anti-bullying activities), the OBPP, KiVa, and ViSC programs each included the involvement of both parents and teachers. 2009); Czechoslovakia (modern day Czech Republic and Slovakia; Rican, Ondrova, and Svatos 1996); Hong Kong (Wong et al. 2014). 2016). Eric Haataja - Professional Angler is on Facebook. Our meta-analysis of school-based anti-bullying programs included 12 independent evaluations of the OBPP intervention, largely implemented in Norway and the USA (e.g., Finn 2009; Limber et al. 2012). (2009). 2018). As the effectiveness of these programs also varied, it may be possible, by exploring these different components, to better inform future research, practice, and policy decisions. The Lancet, 356(9237), 1228–1231. 2017) or use drugs (e.g., Ttofi et al. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Piedmont College. The NoTrap! (2015). A. Kuhn, C. Schawarzenegger, P. Margot, A. Donatsch, M. Aebi, & D. Jositsch (Eds. Sapouna, M., Wolke, D., Vannini, N., Watson, S., Woods, S., Schneider, W., Enz, S., Hall, L., Paiva, A., André, E., Dautenhahn, K., & Aylett, R. (2010). 2012; Salmivalli et al. (2010). A public health approach to bullying prevention. Forest plot of weighted mean odds ratios for bullying perpetration outcomes across 22 different countries. Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 10, 325–338. Prevention of cyberbullying and cyber victimization: evaluation of the ViSC Social Competence program. Moreover, when the OBPP was evaluated in six Malaysian secondary schools, with a sample size of approximately 3816 students, the program was not significantly effective in reducing school-bullying victimization (Yaakub et al. Smith, P. K. (2013). Across 12 evaluations, the OBPP reduced bullying perpetration by approximately 26%. For Eric Haataja of West Allis, Dec. 16, 2011 had a familiar look and feel. Eric Haataja - Professional Angler is on Facebook. Overall, there were 12 evaluations of the OBPP included in our analysis, which includes one evaluation conducted in Malaysia. 2015) of the ViSC program also implemented additional cognitive-behavioral intervention lessons, based on Rational Emotive Behavioral Education (REBE). PubMed  Haataja said one of the best parts of the Milwaukee-area brown trout fishery is its availability. Eric Haataja - Professional Angler, West Allis. Gefällt 40.650 Mal. (2016) reported the results of two trials of the NoTrap! As previously stated, researchers (e.g., Smith et al. Effectiveness of school-based programs to reduce bullying: a commentary. Implementation of anti-bullying lessons in primary classrooms: how important is head teacher support? 7–19). School bullying, homicide and income inequality: a cross-national pooled time series analysis. The OBPP intervention program was the third most effective anti-bullying program for reducing victimization. Easterbrook, P. J., Gopalan, R., Berlin, J. 2011b) as adults. For school-bullying victimization outcomes, evaluations conducted in Scandinavia were the most effective. Bauman, S. (2013). Garandeau, C. F., Lee, L. A., & Salmivalli, C. (2014a). Our meta-analysis provides practitioners with useful insights into the effectiveness of anti-bullying interventions in a number of countries worldwide. European Journal of Development Psychology, 13(6), 737–755. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 42(6), 820–833. Farrington, D. P., & Ttofi, M. M. (2009). Anne Haataja, Miia Sainio, Mira Turtonen, Christina Salmivalli, ... Depeng Jiang, Evaluation of a Youth-Led Program for Preventing Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Dating Aggression in Middle Schools, The Journal of Early Adolescence, 10.1177 /0272431614535090, 35, 3, (403-434), (2014). Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. This usually meant killing the fish. Professional Angler- World Record Holder- Tournament Angler- Fulltime Fishing Guide 365 days a year. The same programs, with the exception of the fairplayer.manual program, were studied in relation to bullying victimization outcomes. Internationally, Due et al. Bonell, C., Fletcher, A., Fitzgerald-Yau, N., Hale, D., Allen, E., Elbourne, D., Jones, R., Bond, L., Wiggins, M., Miners, A., Legood, A., Scott, S., Christie, D., & Viner, R. (2015). Rooney, B., Connolly, I., Hurley, O., Kirwan, G., & Power, A. Meyer, N., & Lesch, E. (2000). The NoTrap! Health Technology Assessment, 19(53), 1–110. New York: Springer. (2004). We found that very few specific anti-bullying programs had been implemented and evaluated more than once using independent samples. When singular evaluations were included, the anti-bullying program implemented in the former Czechoslovakia had the largest effect size for bullying perpetration, followed by Ireland. ), Cyberbullying: a cross-national comparison (pp. ), Bullying in schools: how successful can interventions be? Systematic searches of online databases (i.e., Web of Science, PsychARTICLES, PsychINFO, EMBASE, DARE, ERIC, Google scholar, and Scopus) were conducted for primary studies published from 2009 to December 2016. Haataja and fellow angler Adam Wisowaty of Kenosha had caught and released more than two dozen brown trout from late morning to early afternoon. (2019b), for studies published after 2009, and to the original systematic review by Farrington and Ttofi (2009), for studies published before 2009. New York: Guilford. As previously stated, the involvement of teachers and parents is a key feature of the ecological, whole-school approach to anti-bullying programs.

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