external display output is blocked sky go

external display output is blocked sky go

The answer in this thread is incorrect BTW. Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. I really don't know if that's correct or not but would be surprised if Sky haven't closed that door as well and, from what you say in your first post, it looks like they may have. And no the customer should have to buy the adapter, they are trying to do something that the box is not intended to supply. They buy them from the exact same source FA Premier League. BT Sport buy the content, they therefore know the rights they have to everything they buy meaning they know they can support HDMI Out. As you have found out @amelialucas  it isn't possible to connect your laptop to your TV to watch Sky Go as this is blocked via the app and this is due to rights restrictions I'm afraid.

Admittedly its been a few years since i tried, and never with HDMI .

Please advise. Moderator note: edited title to match the topic. - last edited: it says    external  display  output is blocked,  can you explain why it is showing this message        thank you, Why can't I watch sky go     it says external    is blocked.

I always used to be able to watch skygo with vga from lappy to a TV. If you use Sky Go app on a Windows PC or Laptop, Introducing the Soap Scoop podcast! Sky go app on android. @caesarome   think you meant that the other way around.

thank you for rely i was asking why i cant watch sky tv on my tv . I have just moved to university and I have taken my Apple TV with me so just like at home I can stream Sky Go and BT Sport from my iPad to the Apple TV. Sky have stated they cant disable HDMI on a PC or laptop so they are allowed to provide Sky go to them but some of their rights contracts forbid it on android and IOS. Quick question, hopefully. What's because Sky won't permit it. Phoned Sky and they said that they would get back to me but haven't. They wouldn't be able to do this on a PC - a lot of computers use HDMI to connect to their display. Listen now for interviews with the biggest soap stars and all the latest spoilers - available on every major podcast app . I highly doubt Sky will produce any Windows 10 specific apps. It just seems strange that Samsung to Samsung doesn't work but Samsung to Sony does. Why would I when I have Sky TV. Re: External output is blocked Same thing happens to me, however I'm not connected to TV or trying to chromecast. Thought it was worth a punt too so tried it. Virgins boxes dont even have the plug for the adapter, therefore you have to buy a RF Modulator for the scart socket, Virgin dont supply them. Please advise.

Unless it has changed very recently. SKY DONT buy the content, they buy the rights to stream a channel (excluding their own) and therefore do not know what rights the channels have to the content. by    05:17 PM. Sky also produce many dramas/docs etc and show it on their own channels but still HDMI out on Sky 1 HD does not work. The Best Amazon, Disney+, Sky & NowTV Movies and TV Shows Coming in November 2020. This seems like an intentional bug.

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