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family feud survey questions

Please take a couple of minutes to take this survey- answer the first thing that comes to your mind! Money – 17 See Questions recently indexed in the last 30 days. Dove – 2, Name some thing you most effective do while you’re sick. What Item Might A Person Who Can’t Cook Be Asked To Bring To Thanksgiving? Spider – 33 Text – 41 Do not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Here, instead of obvious answers to questions, we give you choices that are all possible answers but only one of them has more votes, thereby making it the right answer. Sheets – 12 If you watched you can rating 300 factors too quickly, feel unfastened to make it 500. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.

Pineapple – 26 Name something you can eat that comes on a stick. Name a way that a person could screw up a job interview. Please be as specific as possible. Heights – 27

Name something a person might take with them from the office when they get fired.

Name an occupation that requires its members to wear a helmet. Name Something People Are Often Chased By In Movies(5 answers), 14. Name something you don't want your significant other to say in bed. What vehicle could someone drive that would make you dislike them immediately? If you're a Family Feud regular, you've probably nailed most answers to survey questions asked on the show. Saturday – 8, Name some thing that a witch who’s not cautiously running her broomstick would possibly hit.

Name Something You Can Get In Extra Large(5 answers), Drinks   25 pointsSalad   20 pointsDessert   20 pointsRolls   17 pointsCranberry Sauce   15 points, Commercial   34 pointsNews   26 pointsBad Songs   18 pointsStatic   17 pointsCursing   4 points, Shopping   45 pointsChurch   19 pointsMovie Theatre   16 pointsSalon/Spa   6 pointsDancing   3 points, Shop   43 pointsSleep   35 pointsVacation   11 pointsCook   5 pointsDecorate   4 points, Shopping   42 pointsCooking   22 pointsCleaning   19 pointsWrapping Gifts   8 pointsDecorating   8 points, Food   42 pointsAlcohol   40 pointsGifts   9 pointsMusic   4 pointsDecorations   3 points, Jewelry   43 pointsCar Keys   19 pointsCredit Card   14 pointsArticles Of Clothing   8 pointsDeed To House   6 points, Beard   49 pointsSize   34 pointsHearty Laugh   8 pointsStranger   5 pointsDeep Voice   3 points, Police Ahead   38 pointsDriving Too Slow   23 pointsLights Off/On   20 pointsBrights On   9 pointsDeer/Animal In The Road   7 points, Brad Pitt   63 pointsGeorge Clooney   20 pointsTom Cruise   6 pointsWill Smith   5 pointsDenzel Washington   3 points, Wedding   61 pointsAnniversary   18 pointsProm   6 pointsBirthday Party   6 pointsDinner Date   3 points, Toaster   27 pointsStove   24 pointsMicrowave   23 pointsRefrigerator   16 pointsDishwasher   8 points, Monster   37 pointsCars   22 pointsCops   19 pointsBad Guys   10 pointsDogs   10 points, Bacon   35 pointsCoffee   35 pointsEggs   16 pointsBread   5 pointsDoughnut   5 points, Rain   35 pointsChildren On Board   24 pointsSnow   15 pointsAccident Ahead   13 pointsDriver’s Test   9 points, Bus   34 pointsSemi Truck   26 pointsTractor   23 pointsGarbage Truck   6 pointsDump Truck   4 points, Wash Hands   30 pointsWash Dishes   19 pointsDrive   17 pointsTouch Anything   17 pointsEat   15 points, T-Shirt   54 pointsFries   18 pointsPizza   13 pointsSoda   9 pointsEggs   5 points. Coupons – 15 (5 answers), 2. If a question does not apply to you, or you can't think of an answer, feel free to skip to the next question. Eat – 19 What do you do for a living? Family Feud Questions for Kids: Kid friendly and fun for the whole family! Snake – 26 Each question has four to eight top answers.

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