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fire tv stick 4k usb hub

Required fields are marked *. A tap on the Esc(ape) key doubles as the back button as does the backspace key. By using the TV's USB port, in effect the TV is acting as a power surge protector for the Fire Stick. Your HD was recognized based on power source from what I gathe; was it Amazon by the Amazon firestick 4k? Bought 2 64g drives both sandisk one 3.0 the other 3.1, Can’t get Remote ADB Shell to connect So, while the Smays unit will power a Firestick 4k, I don’t think the power pass-through circuit is robust enough to consistently deliver the expected power to the stick. Or are you using a usb wireless dongle for it to connect to? So far all is working very smooth! I guess I was trying to understand what was being recognized and if it was the aftv. The description of the UGREEN Ethernet Adapter with a built-in USB hub mentions nothing about the pictured micro USB adapter shown in the picture included with this article. I ask because I’m having problems with the OTG + Xbox Wireless Controller Receiver Setup that was working fine for me on the last gen product (diamond dongle 3g edition). First ES Explorer is fullly supported by firestick 4k, I use it all the time and with no issues. :). I can download movies/tv shows directly onto the firestick and then use ES Explorer to move them directly to the memory stick. Please enjoy your firestick 4k and use it as it was intended. :-(, Found these two OTG cables from aliexpress: Instead, I recommend getting the UGREEN Ethernet Adapter with a built-in USB hub. All are doing fine. There is also no way to unmount the drive safely, so you have to just pull it out and deal with any consequences, or pull it out while the Fire TV Stick 4K reboots to be extra safe. If so what amp output adapter is needed? Ya, but it only really matters if you are transferring data over the network. I then have a USB memory stick plugged into the USB hub. I say again, used as intended firestick 4k, works very well and I have no issues using ES Explorer and other apps from working, I only use the device as intended, I suggest others follow suit and they will not destroy a very nicely put together unit. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, It does however show up in Es file explorer and the Archos media apps I use. Gabriel Perez, the only reason to not use Wi-Fi is if you are concerned about the reliability of your connection and if your router isn’t capable. I have an outlet powered external usb drive, and when connecting to the 4K fire tv stick using an OTG cable it powers up but isn’t recognised by the fire tv. This allows me to connect my ethernet cable via a ethernet/USB adapter. I haven’t tried it, but it should work just as well as the Ugreen adapter with an OTG cable. It is a shame that there is not a simple solution for plugging in a big external hard drive without hassle with the formatting. Your email address will not be published. I tested video playback with Archos Video and VLC for Fire and both worked great. Is there a solution you are aware of? S. Hi, What is the maximum capacity for external storage? I don’t understand how this product works. I find that I needed to unplug and then plug it back in while I had the firestick in use. Hi Fayyaz, thanks for the reply. Does it matter if you use the ugreen 2.0 or can you use the 3.0 as well. I just checked and Smays now makes an adapter that uses a full-sized USB plug. Regular meaning my LaCie 1TB usb hard drive which works and is recognised when i use it with VLC player/Archos Media Player. Can you show a setup of how you set up your ethernet adapter through the fire stick 4K TV I’m thinking of getting one and also did you use OTG cable and hooked.It up with ethernet adapter 3.0 on Wi-Fi right now it runs about 180 megabytes per hour wondering if it could increase with ethernet adapter. I’ve read that it is possible to format a hard drive bigger than 32GB as FAT32 if you get the right utility but I’m not going to try that right now. Thanks for this. If you have the drive already connected then put your shows on it, side load Kodi and point it to the drive, [2 PACK] TV xStream USB Port Adapter, Micro OTG Cable with Power - Compatible with Streaming Sticks, Media Devices, Rii and Logitech Keyboards, and Nintendo Switch, SNES, NES Classic Everything worked like a charm, including a 320 gig hd. When I try the same thing on the FireTV Cube through the microUSB using an OTG adapter, I hear a pop from my speakers, so I know it’s providing power to the DAC, but it doesn’t send an audio signal. Unfortunately, if you follow the Amazon link ( it shows it as ‘currently unavailable’ but if you scroll down to ‘customers also shopped for’ you’ll see some other similar keyboards. It’s foolish to try and do more than was intended by a device, engineers work hard to ensure it handles the load it was given and not more. With the Fire TV Cube, connecting a USB drive via an OTG cable will display a message asking if you want to use the drive for app storage or external data. Has anyone successfully used a USB DAC to get analog audio output? The video is fine, just the audio is messed up. Using the only available Explorer App (ES Explorer no longer supported in the Fire TV Stick 4k? With a USB hub, you can use multiple peripherals simultaneously. All I know is I have had no problems with either my original Ethernet adapter or this adapter with USB hub. That’s all it took, very odd but I’m very happy as I was getting frustrated trying to figure out what was wrong! I was having issues with the hub but power was key. A mouse or trackpad has no use in the main FireTV user interface as it does not support mouse input. To add to the frustration, with strong broadband speed (100+) and strong wi-fi signal (granted not 802.11ac), somehow cannot get Youtube to play @ 4k! Its not the USB drive’s fault either, I’ve seen the same thing happen with an air mouse and a USB gaming controller on my Firestick 4k. How can that product be obtained? Any advice? I mentioned in that post that Ugreen had a combined Ethernet adapter and USB hub so I ordered one from Amazon (Link) to see if it also worked with the FireTV. As it stands now, it has even less available than the FireTV 3rd generation boxes and the previous FireTV stick. When I use a regular usb hard drive in the same way it works but not with the external usb drive. This severely limited your ability to use the drive because it did not appear in apps like Kodi and emulators. Also found one on ebay: I know the firestick can handle bluetooth, but is you mini-keyboard such a beast? The memory stick needs to be FAT32 formatted, and the Fire Stick offers to do it if it isn’t. Not compatible? I bought this hub and a otg cable for my firestick 4k the hub is on everything is connected as it should be. 12th January 2018. My LaCie usb hard drive doesn’t get recognised by the fire stick like it used to with my Gen1 fire tv, where it would show up in settings. However I have finally taken the plunge and upgraded to a 4k TV so I might get a 4k stick next time they are on a good offer and try it out.,, Both have them working, hard drives can be formatted to fat32 without problem for example with MiniTool Partition Wizard, Your email address will not be published.

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