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fishing line heron deterrent

Mink can be devastating to a pond. Also have mint growing from wall to wall. I have both a crane and a big barn owl who like my fish pond. Thanks for commenting and sharing your experiences! Alligators, owls, and the famous Heron decoys are the most popular. cost FREE, adopt from you local humane society. Moving the scarecrows around may help a bit too if you have not already done that. I have used several strands of green plant support wire and the electric fence up to 2ft 6″ high around the pond edges, running from stakes. Thanks for reaching out. They also can maneuver around fishing line…one got caught in it and destroyed it. It’s my favorite part of having a pond, and looking through netting ruins that for me. All the below recommendations will help heron proof your garden pond and provide extra protection for your pond fish. Hi, thanks for the comment! I am thinking of building a PVC frame which would sit about 18″ above the pond and support 6″ gap concrete wire as a screen. I use an indoor motion detector mounted in a electrical box by pond. cost $45.00 – $120.00 I have been chasing off this giant gray blue crane like bird which know I believe is this Heron you’ve been speaking of. I think he may have gotten all of the fish and many of the frogs, but he was back this morning so there must be some life still in there! I think they mostly go behind the slate plates. I do not have any real experience with gators, but if I was to take a guess I’d say that I don’t think it would necessarily encourage or attract other gators. They’ll go for fish that are slower and closer to the surface, as herons tend to prefer only sticking their bills or, at most, their heads in the water. Now I have 7 large fish left. Let me know how you do with the big floating eye!! Mike, I am anti-gun but if I had a semi automatic I would shoot the heck out of that damn bird! Hey thanks for the comment and checking out the blog. Talk radio. It’s perfect to guard our Koi pond when we’re not at home. I have thought about placing the dog house complete with dog by the pond , a future prospect. Should I worry?? For a larger pond you would need a very wide mirror, or know exactly where the heron lands for correct placement. Cheeres! It is an aerosol bird repellent that can be used in any time release fragrance dispensers. , Hi Kim, thanks for getting in touch! A heron would just fly in and land inside your fence if it is 4 feet away from the edge. The Heron moves so slowly, the scarecrow often does not detect it. I love Mexico! She disappeared 2 nights ago along with a little guy. The squirt nozzles are on the pump and directionally customized to pond area. Of course there are always exceptions, and many varying quality of pond liners, but in general pond owners do not have to really worry about a heron puncturing their liner. I would not have believed it if I did not see it with my own eyes, literally witnessed a snake attack my fish. I don’t think the scarecrow will work for snakes at all. An experienced pond builder will likely make a tunnel or cave as part of their design without it being requested. • AERATORS/SURFACE AGITATORS – Aeration in a pond serves many purposes that benefit the health of the pond and the fish. It only weighs 10lbs, so it’s easy to put away when we are home. Even though they are solitary by nature, they will certainly not pass up an easy meal in company if it’s offered to them on a plate! Unfortunately, I missed that episode. It is nice to see how others are having success keep the GBH at bay! The one fish had been in there for three years without us realizing. March 2019 We had a pair of wood ducks visit the pond about 5 years ago and they apparently brought a little bit of duck weed with them. buy at michael’s as they don’t break and get alligator clips on amazon. thanks for reading and commenting. Approx. Approx. Mink Happens! I can tell you that a large, colorful dragon kite hung above the pond doesn’t work; apparently herons aren’t afraid of dragons! Yes that’s right, a motion activated predator call broadcaster. Thanks for the great tip! We had GBH problems– then suddenly we noticed the iris were dissapearing from the pond edges, then the Arrow heads so I kept a watch everyday to see what was going on and discovered that a pair of Muskrats had moved in How cute I thought until we saw that they had a family of five babies they have now destroyed our pond completely all the wonderful plant life we had established in and around the pond and the banks of the pond have all been eaten and the edges of the pond itself is now bare mud –And now to my dismay for the past week a GBH has been flying in and has eaten almost all my goldfish- there are just a handful left having no weeds or plants to hide under—I truly believe that the shrubs and plants all around the edges and in the pond has been a great deterrent so as soon as we have re-homed the muskrats (by live trapping) to the local canal which enters into a huge natural pond up the road we will be starting all over again re planting around the pond and in it! Extend your arms and wave them, you now appear bigger to the heron. Good luck, and thank you for reading and commenting on the blog! September 2016 My thought is that it would be high enough above the water that the heron could not stand within it and it would be high enough to prevent it from standing on the wire and poking down to get fish. I have not tried everything (yet!) The stakes are located around the perimeter of the pond. As with most predators, the hardest part is catching them in the act, but I’d say it’s certainly a possibility, especially if the birds are accustomed to hunting around your garden/pond. This will provide your fish with a hiding spot where predators will have a much harder time seeing or catching them. Your tip about the wire across the top is the winner for us, we had to create a dome far enough out for that old GBH to get the memo that fish ain’t free! Luckily, there are a few kinds of automatic systems available which work with motion sensors to scare away different kinds of pests, and also work great for herons. If herons prefer to feed alone then why not let it scare itself. I can add a suggestion that might help. Also is it battery operated? Still, it’s rather necessary for the amount of sun the pond gets. Thanks again. Mike. I think if any method works once or twice they are worth it, and it means they may work again; or maybe not. The Scarecrow is connected to a water source and when motion is detected in a contained area, it will shoot a stream of water in that area, thus scaring off the Blue Heron. Over the last 18 years, Clay has been involved in landscaping and aquascaping, which led him to his passion, POND BUILDING and opening A Frog’s Dream in 2006. Mike. I’d be very interested to hear in future how things turn out. The only deterrent that worked at all–other than a sharpened hoe :-(–was a homicidal fox terrier! has anyone had any experience/success with using these deterrents? Good luck. Sometimes they use our pond defenses against us! If you are in the planning process of a pond, go deeper, go bigger, even if you think it may be deep and big enough, depth is one of the best ways to keep your beautiful koi safe and long lived. I live in Ontario so a 4′ deep pond is ideal for the cold weather as well as a Heron deterrent. It is nothing for them to sit / stroll around for half an hour or more just trying to weigh up the situation. I think we finally found a solution to our problem. I bought a 3 x 2 fruit cage and built it around the duck house. All copy rights to this material is soley owned by Mike Gannon. Thanks for checking out the blog! They will wade or even swim in water, but tend to avoid water greater than a foot in depth – but again, this does somewhat differ depending on the species. March 2020 over the last 10 days I’ve sat vigil from 4am til 10pm, the pond assassin calls any hour of the day… I’ve done everything from plants to eventually netting my pond, to my horror yesterday I let my dogs out & the heron was between the pond & castle when my dogs went up there barking furiously I called them back so it would have an escape route & it struck my dog in the shoulder causing a puncture wound!! The bad news is, we cant see them either LOL. Many pond owners at some point or another will deal with some sort of predator, heron or otherwise, that haunts their pond. Most choices are very easy to set up or deal with, and some of them are comical at times. It appears that depths of 13 inches+ (33 cm) are very rarely, if ever, hunted in by the larger heron species. Both are well stocked with goldfish. One is shallow pebble pool 2 foot x 8 foot and 18 inches at deepest point. It must have been hiding under the little dock the entire time. If you wnat ot hear a great discussion on predator control you should listen to this! I saw the comment/question about herons puncturing the pond liner – and yes, they can and do. Mike. I hope this helps, it has me in Oregon. I’ve tried owl, crow and heron decoys, (lets face it, do you really think moving them around helps?). Hey Lynn, sorry to hear that about your fish. I have a 20 ft. mainly round pond and have lost many batches of Koi to Blue Heron, over $2,000. Any advice on how effective this might be at heron deflection? Has anyone had any experience with snake deterrents? Thanks for your interesting comment. We are getting very upset now as we only just got some new fish and we are hoping they are still there. Also if the fish are bigger are they less or more likely to get munched? He’s an absolute, vile pest. Good luck! I’ve even stung it with a Daisy about fifty times, but it doesn’t care.

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