ford territory child seat anchor points

ford territory child seat anchor points

~Features~ * Multi-function control screen in colour * Dual-zone climate control Can you be responsible fo the actions of another? -LONG REGO 24-09-2021 -2 KEYS WITH KEYLESS, When New This Barina had options put on at Holden and was a display in their showroom.. milasmummy, November 27, 2008 in Car Restraints.

OPERATING HOURS. Lunafreya * Tow bar Thanks for the replies, I was abit worried about not having my DD in her maxi rider in the third row. BRISBANE SOUTH SIDE AND NORTH SIDE, IPSWICH, GOLD COAST. 7 months rego Both carpet and seats have been shampoo cleaned and back window sticker will be removed. I went in my dads ford territory a while back and found that I had to actually fit the anchor points in to the 3rd row. It's an honest little car and it's very cheap to run. I may be wrong about this but as a general rule I think you hand tighten the bolt then give it maybe 3 (could be 5 turns with a shifter)... and you might want to double check it.... You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Good point Faisdodo- I actually had the same thought as well, about putting the foam booster on the split seat part, or else I would have trouble getting in the back to do up the kids belts in the 3rd row. Tomorrow my sister and I are travelling to visit our parents 3 hours away, and we have 5 kids to take with us. -BEAUTIFUL PRESENTED LATE MODEL MID SIZED SUV THAT WILL TICK ALL YOUR BOXES

By Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management.

* Rear reverse camera * Park distance alarm- rear Check in your car manual and it should tell you the exact [place to find the anchor point locations. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Yep.Mine has them behind each rear seating postition as we oftenchange the baby seat location. Top2016 Mazda 3 BN5478 Maxx SKYACTIV-Drive Black 6 Speed Sports Automatic Hatchback, 2016 MAZDA 3 MAXX 2.0L SKYACTIV-DRIVE AUTOMATIC - HATCH # NEW ARRIVAL # ONLY 40000KMS # SPORTY!! It does have a few marks here and there as expected always kept clean non smoker owner. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Our concerns are because we bought a new commodore VZ wagon recently and it only had one clip installed and we had to specially order the other two.

266 km; Wagon; Auto; 2005 7 seater ford territory, 266 *** kms, great spacious family vehicle, 5 anchor points, back seats lay flat into boot when not in use creating huge boot space, unfortunately the heaters are not currently working, aircon etc still works perfectly, maybe an easy fix we just havent had a chance to get it fixed, only selling due to upgrade, phone for any further information

By Started October 15, By The top tether anchor point is located behind the 2nd row car seat.

Back row, will be DS and DD#1 in the back, I can't remember if the back row has anchor points, as DH has the car at work today. The holes were there (I think maybe covered with a plastic cover) but I had to actually get anchor points (can buy them at babystores etc) and fit them with a spanner.

* 7 speaker sound system Ah the joys of having a two year-old and newborn twins!! I will have to give DH a call... Its easier (but still a highly acrobatic) to do the third row of seatbelts by leaning over from the boot. Sorry if I have confused everyone, just want to make sure every child is safe for the trip Thanks! My sister bought the car new. The ISOFIX child seats have 3 points, which are 2 metal connectors on the base and a top tether, or in some cases a support leg. You should have room for the 3rd MR and the r/f Meridian on the 2nd row and still be able to fold the seat down to access the 3rd row. Anchor points, ** 2012 Ford Territory TS SZ ** * 5 doors, 7 seat SUV Car has just been serviced and 4 x new tyres in August. Call Dave on..... 045702, 2016 Holden Captiva CG MY16 7 LTZ (AWD) 6 Speed Automatic Wagon, 2016 HOLDEN CAPTIVA LTZ (TOP OF THE RANGE) 7 SEATER TURBO DIESEL SERVICE BOOKS PACKED FULL OF FACTORY EXTRA BEING THE LTZ MODEL LEATHER INTERIOR (HEATED FRONT) SUNROOF 19INCH ALLOYS SIDE STEPS KEYLESS ENTRY AND START PARKING SENSORS BLIND SPOT MONITOR REVERSE CAMERA NAVIGATION BLUETOOTH CONNECT MEDIA PLAY 7 SEATS USB PORTS ELECTRIC EVERYTHING

C. User #64413 1275 ... Corey - but do the points have 'clips' installed? As I sort of alluded to, our VZ was advertised as having three anchor points but only came with one actual clip (installed in the centre anchor point).

There was a couple of hooks that look a bit like anchor points but they weren't for child seats they're for hooking up a cargo net so can't take the weight required of a child car seat. Started December 29, 2019, By Near new tyres Battery 5 months old You may not actually have the actual anchor points in the 3rd row. Make sure you have good look at ones like the territory or mitsubishi as if they are a 'dic kie' style seat designed for kids, then you probably can't fit a booster or the likes in it. So thanks again We will try and have a good trip, hopefully the kiddies all behave. Neat, clean interior with non-smoker owner. From child seat anchor points - standard on all models.C.

Ford recommends checking with a NHTSA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) to make sure your child safety seat is appropriate for your child, is compatible with your vehicle and properly installed. (Gladys Berejiklian). I thought they automatically came with them - we looked at the Territory when car hunting last year - but maybe I was just including there being POINTS there in my mental list.). Thanks Corey - but do the points have 'clips' installed? I have a 7 seater Ford Territory, but am unsure about car seat configuration. Then I would have the 7yo booster on the seat you need to fold down to get access to the back row (because it's easy just to plonk it back on the seat and reattach the tether). Copyright © 2007-2020 Marktplaats B.V. All Rights Reserved.

I was thinking of having the meridan in the middle, with the 2 maxi riders on either side for the middle row.

Thanks everyone again, I might have to go and see DH at work today and see if we actually do have the anchor points.

Air con has just been re gassed due to it not being cold enough and I changed the cabin filter Help! Yes, there are anchor seats in the back, the Maxi rider will be fine...have a great trip. Hey Folk,in the new year we're hiring a Ford Territory on an interstate trip. *, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android.

Not sure on the figuration of the car seats but my Terroritory has anchor points in the third row. Thanks Corey - but do the points have 'clips' installed? I went in my dads ford territory a while back and found that I had to actually fit the anchor points in to the 3rd row. My safe and sound book has how much torque to use, they are installed with a torque wrench. Because the MRs are wide, I would put two of them on the back seat. (That is all assuming that anchors are fitted on the 3rd row. * Sunglasses holder Could any Territory owners tell me if it comes standard with three babyseat restra ... 5 child seat anchor points - standard on all models. The instructions will say not to over tighten the bolt any more then a maximum Torque of 20 N.m. MOBILE SERVICE AVAILABLE BRISBANE WIDE. Powered by Invision Community. Manual 5 speed -2014 TOYOTA RAV4 GXL WAGON -4x2 2LITRE (SAVE ON FUEL) -1 OWNER FROM NEW WITH FULL SERVICE HISTORY -BEST COLOR COMBO -AUTOMATIC -4 CYLINDER SAVE ON FUEL

The new Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux King Cab have been successfully fitted out with Child Restraint Points without drilling holes through cab. As you are hiring it, contact the hire company and ask them if you can get it with 3 clips installed.C.

Could any Territory owners tell me if it comes standard with three babyseat restraints fitted or would we need to supply or our own clips?


This is where the top tether belt is attached for added support on the weight of the child seat. Dont think you can put the bolts in with a spanner, Very amazed at how many parents do. You may not actually have the actual anchor points in the 3rd row. Thanks Corey - but do the points have 'clips' installed? We have: 4 yo DD maxi rider, but do have another foam booster w harness.

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