god will test you before your breakthrough

god will test you before your breakthrough

God asked Abraham to put his son Isaac on an altar and then asked him to take a knife and kill his own son. We’re looking at several tests you’ll go through. You will either have to fully believe that God is calling you to go through this door, and that He will then anoint you with His power to be victorious in this calling – or you will let fear and intimidation get the better of you, and you will then walk out on the call that God has set up for your life. What you will have to do is override your flesh and your own impatience, and simply rely on God’s peace through the Holy Spirit and God’s perfect timing as to when He will want to open up that door for you. In the same way, God could test some of you with this same type of test. The reason God is going to test you before your big, final breakthrough in Him is because He has to see if you got what it takes to actually make the grade in that specific calling for Him.He will test your mettle out like they do in the army with all of their recruits. As you know God cares more about the inside than the outside. Watch the video. He will then sit back and watch your reaction to all of it. He has come over may times and it always goes like this: the first 1 or 2 minutes he usually mentions the Lord, then he launches into the NEGATIVE endless tirade about politics, conspiracies, and his’ bitterness against people and situations that in the past have hurt him and that’s his reason for his’ terrible life for the last 30 years.God does know exactly what you will do, but you don’t know what you will do until faced with it. After 2 days of troubles, last night an exceedingly obsessed brother visited me. Why can you imagine what the devil would do to the poor soul being delivered and also to you and your confidence in the Lord….and He allows them (the tests) to show us that we need Him….we are not self sufficient but need the Lord in every aspect of our life. But the point to get is that God may actually arrange for a test to occur to test your actual allegiance and obedience to Him. I have been put through the patience test and the obedience test and God put things in my path to help me to grow in these areas…he put a pup in my life that is nothing but pup and has driven me crazy with his puppy behaviors…some good, some bad….that would rile my temper at him….it took me a minute to realize what was going on but then I began to ask God to give me the patience I needed to work with this pup instead of getting angry when he would tear something up, or pee pee in the house….and it wasn’t but a couple of weeks after the Lord telling me to hold on for a little while longer that new faces started coming to church. I agree with many of your points ,and do take it seriously. Abraham had to wait 25 years until he fulfilled the promise to him. As we all know, Abraham went as far as to actually tie his son down to the altar and had the knife in his hand ready to strike down on him to take his life, when all of a sudden God sends an angel down in the nick of time to stop him.

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