hades ambrosia vs nectar


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hades ambrosia vs nectar

Please report known bugs to me personally, so I may add them to the list.

C: 2 R: (1.3-1.5) E: (2.0-2.5) H: N/A, High Tolerance – Take less damage while standing in Festive Fog. C: +15% R: +22% E: +30% H: N/A, Support Fire – Your Attack, Cast and Special spawn an additional seeking shot. These two items are a rarity of sorts in the underworld, historically portrayed as forbidden beverages. 3. Poseidon: Tempest Strike, Tempest Flourish, Flood Shot, or Tidal Dash, Sea Storm – Poseidon / Zeus – Your knock-away effects also cause foes to be struck by lightning. Curses are demerits that occur for a few Encounters.

A use for ambrosia? Each rank grants you 10 at the start of each escape from the House of Hades. As such, I will only be going over their effects and not the specific numbers behind each one for the time being. How to Obtain Nectar and Ambrosia . *Electric shot gains 3, 6 or 9 jumps when combined with Storm Lightning.

Pauper’s – For the next 2–4 encounters, you cannot earn Obols. Effect: Added Chamber (House of Hades), adds the lounging area and unlocks Chef (currently interactable once), Trade and Dusa. © Valve Corporation.

C: +50% R: +55% E: +60% H: N/A. Thunder Flourish – Your Special causes a lightning bolt to strike nearby foes. If you see the icon, it’s because you can advance your relationship with them. Cooldown 20 sec. Favor – Afterward, Boons have a higher chance to be Rare or better. Each rank gives you +10% damage when you strike foes from behind.

+XXXX% chance to be Rare or better / Clear 50 Encounter(s), Rank 1 / Gain +1% Dodge chance and move speed each time you quickly clear an Encounter / Default, Rank 2 / Gain +XXXX% Dodge chance and move speed each time you quickly clear an Encounter / Clear 25 Encounter(s), Rank 3 / Gain +XXXX% Dodge chance and move speed each time you quickly clear an Encounter / Clear 50 Encounter(s), Rank 1 / Enter Chaos Gates without losing HP. Boon from Chaos +30% chance to be Rare or better / Clear 25 Encounter(s), Rank 3 / Enter Chaos Gates without losing HP. They are always temporary and will go away after the set number of encounters is cleared. Receive 1 Nectar now. Why has my experience led me to this conclusion? Each rank lets you chain +1 Dash before briefly recovering. The Fated List decoration to your Chamber at the House Contractor(costs 20 gems – XXXX). You might see an asterisk (*) before the name.

Secondly, the awesome graphics, lore and audio! C: 10 R: 12 E: 15 H: 18, Zeus’ Aid – Your Call makes lightning strike nearby foes repeatedly. Aphrodite: Heartbreak Strike, Heartbreak Flourish, Shatter Shot, or Passion Dash Roiling – For the next 2–4 encounters, you face more foes. C: 40% R: 50% E: 60% H: N/A, Bronze Skin – Resist damage from foes’ attacks. XXXX – The area after the fourth boss (Hades), Normal attack: 3-stage combo, 100% – 125% – 150% damage, Normal attack Backstab: 3-stage combo, 150% – 150% – 225% damage, Normal attack: 3-stage combo, 100% – 150% – 150% damage, Normal attack Backstab: 3-stage combo, 150% – 225% – 225% damage, Special: Spin Attack, Chargable AoE, max 500% damage, Normal attack Backstab: knockback, 150% damage, Normal attack Hold: defend, XXXX damage reduction, Normal attack Hold – Release: Bull Rush, 200% damage fully charged, Special: Throw, Homing Ranged, 60% damage, Damage: 50 (Normal attack, fully charged), Normal attack: Chargable, if released at the right moment 120% damage, Normal attack Backstab: Chargable 150% damage, if released at the right moment 180% damage, Special: Volley Fire, Frontal Cone AoE, 9 arrows each dealing 20% damage, Normal attack: 12 bullets ammo by default, 100% damage, Normal attack Backstab: 12 bullets ammo by default, 150% damage, Special: Bombard, Circle AoE, 600% damage, Reload: R to Reload manually, or auto-reload when the clip empties.

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