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What is it: This is a fried dish made from malanga (an edible tuber from Central and South America) and various other spices.

Cyril humored us and our desire for Haitian street food at just about every turn, shared his favorite spots and never tired of our endless questions about his country's cuisine. The woman between the food market and Vodou and crafts market cooks a big tin of it on weekdays. Thank you, Francesca! I’ll be starting my posts this week on it as well. READ MORE: Haiti Trekking: A Beginner’s Guide. The legim (think legume) is the vegetable stew part. Based upon daily culinary experiences and traditional methods to reflect the fundamental principles of Haitian Creole Cuisine, the following recipes represent an excellent guide to the secrets of Haitian cuisine. Our menu features Caribbean (primarily Haitian) cuisine, with some French, Greek, Italian and West African influences. A hearty favorite in the hills just outside of Port-au-Prince. Yum. Not your average hot chocolate. It's also a revelation. Throw in Haitian hot chocolate, grilled lobster, plenty of beans, avocados and a dash of hot pepper and you have an eclectic mix that took some sampling and digging to suss out not only the depth of Haitian table, but more importantly the underlying essence and nature of Haitian cuisine. Are just rice and beans (without corn) easy to find at most restaurants? Can’t say I have ever thought about Haitian food. I never thought of the kaffir lime. Salads may come with your choice of dressing: (Italian, Caesar, Greek, Caesar, French, Thousand Island, Ranch). Piskette is the “Bichique” seasonal tiny fish got from the river before they join the sea…I have not seen that recipe in the west….really good. And of course, there’s always room to add and improve our understanding of subjects as broad as Haitian cuisine. Sure, I had a sense of what it could be: island-informed, African-influenced, of Caribbean character, maybe even a hint of French. The version we bought were stuffed with a not-so-sweet chocolate and paired with Haitian peanut butter. Will look forward to hearing about your experiences. Peanut butter isn’t considered a dessert. Thanks again for visiting Haïti! Anyways, when I think of ‘food’ Haiti isn’t exactly what comes to mind but after reading (seeing) this post, I may have to reconsider. 2. patte/ haitian patties: when they’re good they’re gooood https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haitian_patty so good! We had a very nice sweet potato cake, served in warm glaze at the restaurant at Habitation Jouissant in Cap-Haïtien. Voilà! Ummm… Shouldnt a real hatian like me be posting stuff about haiti? Yaron Yemini Join us on this culinary journey and share your own Haitian recipes. Thank you, Barbara. As we seek out certain types of dishes, we find ourselves in new experiences of all sorts. An unrefined spirit similar to white rum, kleren is distilled from cane sugar. Also, I’m not certain of the “base” preparation that restaurants in Haiti will be using for things like frying, and in sauces. For a more low-key meal, order a big plate of griyo at Cinq Coins Restaurant (they sell it by the pound) in Port-au-Prince and side it with a cold beer or two. The street food scene in Haiti, as anywhere, was fun and proved a great lens onto real people.
Discover the amazing flavors of Haiti. Great article! However, if you wish to breakfast like a local, here's what you might eat. And yes, if lobster is your thing, piles of it you will find on the shores of Haiti. But maybe in time. Yum yum With so many of my Haitian friends traveling back to the country recently and sharing their travel pictures, I have been wanting to get there soon! : 954-983-5046 Gerline: 754-422-5281 Mon thru Sun: 11am to 9pm

Having said that, everyone has different ways in their own kitchen. The Tainos left their staples, the Spanish  carried their cooked green peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic, the French brought their stews and soups, the Africans introduced okra, pigeon peas. What does it taste like: You would be surprised to take a bite of this batter-fried dish, especially if you have never tasted malanga before. Glad you enjoyed the piece, Carline. I appreciate your input. This is a sort of Louisiana-style gumbo made with okra and mushrooms, sometimes served with a kick of chili peppers. Where to get it: Our most memorable was at the sprawling highway-side market at Saint-Louis-du-Sud, where the breadfruit lady topped ours with an ample serving of spicy pikliz. Dried red kidney beans being the most popular. Unlike its Spanish-influenced counterpart, the Dominican Republic, Haitian cuisine is …
Rice with black mushrooms is particularly cooked on special occasions with either small, medium, large shrimps, crabs, green peas or Lima beans .

I cook haitian food every day of my life and star anise is only used in sweets and certain sweet drinks and we never use thyme.

Banan boulli ak morue….salt cod and fried plantains (or banana)? It makes sense when you consider the importance of starting one's day with a hearty breakfast. Pretty much anything with star anise is a winner in my book . Where to get it: If you're going out for a nice dinner, try the griyo at Quartier Latin in Pétionville. Where to get it: The best bannann peze was at Vue Sur Mer Restaurant outside of Jacmel.

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