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harvesting eider down

A down cleaning harp is a sieve-like tool that consists of a frame of stretched strings where you place the down. It’s good to have a broomstick.”. Birgitta Berglund has studied eider down farming areas and the special culture along the Norwegian Helgeland coast since the 1970s. Environmentalists, economists and ornithologists have all fallen in love with Icelandic harvesting. Fearful of the threat to livestock, farmers clubbed, trapped and later poisoned and shot them. But Alexíus told me that it is their mother, Katrín, who is really in charge of the down harvest, a reminder of the key role that women and family matriarchs have traditionally played in the trade, from nest to bedding. “I always take a lot of flags with me and I put a flag beside each nest so I will be able to find it again. If you use the email feature, we only use the provided email addresses to resend the message without any form of storage. Maxwell is best known for his memoir Ring of Bright Water, which recounts his domestic life with several otters, but he also adored eiders. The website can send out newsletters by email if you have registered to receive this. Research news written for the general public, Uncovering the secrets of Arctic seabird colonies. Watching the whales’ spouts rise and dissolve in the distance, it was easy to believe this place a rural utopia, a place where eiders could nest in peace and children roamed alongside geese, rabbits, puffins and horses. SHOW MORE. These days harvesting down isn’t always that lucrative an enterprise, since it is so labour intensive. After a night of watching and shooting foxes, Gíslason and the other fox killers retire to his house to drink coffee, eat cake and recite poetry – mainly poetry about foxes. Only the keyword is saved and they can not be linked to other information about the users, such as the IP addresses. A duvet requires 900 to 1000 grams of down. “Sixty-five years, 50 nights every spring,” he said, as if considering a mathematical problem. Upon each thread are countless small hooks, which allow the down to cling to itself, trapping pockets of air and warmth. At night, I would listen to their high-pitched calls from my tent, my dreams populated with images of small children at play. Wandering through its volcanic landscape, admiring the frames of its miniature horses and its colossal populations of eiders, or listening to the Icelandic tongue, they described Iceland in magical terms. He said that the eider it once belonged to is probably still alive. She scrunched her hands and the down disappeared in her fingers, compressed into a ball smaller than a duckling’s bill. On the pastor’s land, the eider, too, makes herself vulnerable for her offspring, although it is down, not blood, that she draws from her breast. “It’s more than a financial loss, it’s also like they are depending on me. Google Analytics uses cookies (small text files that the site stores on the user's computer), which registers the users' IP address and provides information about the individual user's online movements. The farmers remove the down from the nest leaving enough to keep the eggs warm.

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