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homemade ice cream packets

thanks, I am soo excited to make ice cream for the first time! I love your blog! we haven’t bought ice-cream lately as it has become too expensive :(. Check Price on Amazon. A Nugget Ice Maker For Home ~ My Very Own Sonic Ice Maker! would love to incorporate it in ice cream. I made chocolate almond cinnamon ice cream! Thanks no more store bought ice ceam for me…And the kids love it too now they can create there own flavors…, Hi Amanda, Oh yeah, I would try to create my great aunt’s red velvet cake ice cream after I made the Krispy Kreme one first. like adding some kahlua and coffee to the milk and then folding in some tiramisu cheesecake chunks? I love this recipe, but the after taste is a little funky. Wouldn’t it make more sense to use a spoonful of instant espresso powder and some sort of hazelnut flavoring, for instance? I think it’s the melted marshmallow that made it pretty much perfect. We made Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream! These colorful sandwiches will make you feel like a child again. And I have evaporated milk can i use that instead I’ve tried to make soy bean ice cream before but i didn’t kinda like it… thank you,Amanda… :). For a way to make it healthier use fat free half & half for cream. This is my favorite method for making a homemade ice pack and I keep one in the freezer all the time. There were some crumbs and some bigger pieces. Love your site and enjoy checking out all the recipes you post. Made the Krispy Kreme donut one — AMAZING. I was thinking I would cut the graham cracker crust off and mix the cheesecake & condensed milk up well together & then crumble the crust into it in big & little chunks. We did the Nutella recipe and the Chunky Monkey like another reader mentioned. Kind of a cousin to spumoni. Wow!! I mix it every 30 minutes until it’s frozen…found that hint whit a recipe similar to this one :). Hi, my husband and I love ice creams and these look fabulous! I would love the recipe. I have been dying all summer to make some home made ice cream but I haven’t gotten a machine yet. Micro 1 minute, stir halfway; stir when done. Thanks again! I made this version in the smaller snack size ziploc bags and simply cut the recipe in half, combining, For a really cheap and easy DIY ice pack, simply add some ordinary table salt to water. Whirred it up in a blender with the sweetened condensed milk, and then added about 1/3 bag of frozen semi-sweet chocolate chips. Does anyone have that recipe? Double chocolate cookies and cherry chocolate chip ice cream are the perfect summer incarnation of a Black Forest cake. This is going to sound crazy but you have to try this — you can make delicious ‘ice cream’ from just one single banana. Now i am trying the maple syrup one. More about us. Just wondering if you have a recipe suggestion? That’s why I put a teaspoon or two of vodka in the mix before freezing. Mix coffee flavored SCM with whipped heavy cream. The lids make them stackable for easy storage, and … I’m about to try this recipe soon. 3 tbsp orange liqueur (white). Any suggestion on what I can do? I was able to customize it with mini marshmallows and cookie dough which are my two favorite things in ice cream. It was divine, truly….it’s just very ripe bananas mooshed and choc chips added….oh soooooo good! :). I’m so curious how it turns out…Cheers Susanne. Have a blessed day! I was wondering if using alcohol would effect the freeing process. I just made my version with homemade apricot-rosmary-sauce and crushed cantuccini. Hello..i had tried e receipe.. Its awesome in taste but textureis not as gd as expected. 1/2 cup white chocolate chips Look at the recipe 2 down for fudge peanut butterchunk just omit the peanut butter. In another recipe it said 14 oz or 400 ml. Oh…and I add Bourbon Vanilla extract, approximately 1 teaspoon, to all my ice cream recipes. I think its better than store bought. Any suggestions? This ice cream is the best recipe ever! for two cups of whipping cream: Fold in whipped cream. Try a ganache mixed in the SCM. Thanks a lot :). I was thinking about trying to make a B52 version, and wondered if you had tried adding alcohol to any recipes. My husband loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. Dark unsweetened cocoa?And if yes how much do i need to use? I did what Eerie suggested “dissolve about 2-3tsps of instant coffee with a couple of drops of vanilla essence or extract in 3 tablespoons of hot water, then mix that into the condensed milk before mixing it into the whipped cream.” and I added a splash of coconut rum to it. Question: How do you store your ice cream? I also did a post on my blog about it and linked back here to you. I want to leave work this very minute (yes, I’m reading your blog while at work) and go to HEB to buy the ingredients, go directly home, do not pass go, and whip up a ginormous batch. Finally, you can use white chocolate chips (I know they’re not really chocolate and bad for you, but….this IS ice cream! My son have begged me to make some, if not all the ice cream varieties here for him. Made the Nutella PB ice cream last week and it was insanely good. i came here purposely to check for cool whip as a substitute. Add vanilla to heavy cream and whip to stiff peaks in large bowl. mmm yummy! For hubby and me, I make up a batch with a touch of vanilla, some toffee heath bits, some crushed up chocolate chips, and a squirt of chocolate syrup. Using a stand mixer on high speed, whip heavy cream and banana to stiff peaks in large bowl and set aside. I followed the directions on how to incorporated the ingredients & put in freezer. Didn't snag a box of these delicious caramel, coconut, and chocolate cookies from the Girl Scouts this year? This is my first time making something in the kitchen and I hope my family loves it :) And thank you for the recipe! Meanwhile, whisk together sweetened condensed milk and chocolate ice cream topping in large bowl. I tasted it before I put it in the freezer and yummy. Otherwise you get peanut butter flavor, but no chunks mixed in, which I have come to find the kids *really* like! I ate it today. And what can I do to fix it for next time. That ice cream looks so delicious, I think I fell in love with the cinnamon bun! ooh thank you for reply :) i forgot to ask you, how many cups in Gram or Litre? thanks!!! Thanks for all the recipes…, This is so cool! :) thanks so much for sharing this recipe!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions to make the ice cream ‘scoopable’ once it’s finished? Hi Amanda, :(. absolutely heaven!!! I used: Oh Snap! Krispy Kreme Ice Cream??? I’ve been agonizing over which ice cream maker to purchase, should I purchase one, which one… This is so easy, I can’t wait to get started!! I made Cookies and Cream ice cream last night using this recipe. If you enjoyed this post, follow us day-to-day on Instagram @kevinandamanda! I have boiled cans in water for 3 hours and they have turned into caramel though. I made this today for our 4th of July party. SO good, and so easy! So, excited to try other versions!!! I am going to try these flavors for sure. :) I would definitely do some kind of buttery graham cracker crumble and lime juice mixed in with the milk, then fold in the whipped cream. I attempted Peanut Butter and Fluff Ice Cream and oh my god was it good! These high numbers divided by 16 are as follows: Yes, I should have specified that the whipped cream needs to be cold, straight from the fridge. INCREDIBLE! Can’t wait to taste it! Thanks for sharing these simple ice cream recipes! :) How did yours turn out? Or are we actually brewing up FLAVORED coffee grounds but in the cream, rather than in water? At this stage, you can fold in any desired flavorings or mix-ins. BUT….I did come up with some flavors that rocked! Just made three kinds: cinnamon bun ice cream, Krispy Kreme donut ice cream, and peanut butter and jelly ice cream. I have 2 left hands, so when I read all you do, I just shake my head. The first time I made it, I added homemade caramel sauce (carmelized brown sugar-not white- and heavy cream) and a variety of toasted nuts. I’ve made mint chip and chocolate flavors so far. Read those labels, I’m sure you’ll find a brand you can use. I made the cinnamon bun ice cream the other day and it is amazing! I asked my boyfriend what flavour he wanted and he listed no other than : “Strawberry pecan chocolate cookie cream with crunchies” haha Totally stoked to make it and see how his creation turns out :). lol We have it so often…. I live in indonesia and heavy cream are hard to come by here. can’t wait for it to completely freeze to take some scoops! This stuff is heavenly! We added chopped up reeses cups and it is just awesome. Step 3: Fold the whipped cream into the sweetened condensed milk. Then made a peanut butter and jelly one — also AMAZING. If you're not drooling at the sight of these sweets alone, know that they truly pack the best of both worlds—caramel and chocolate chip cookies. 2 cups heavy cream. Any thoughts? YUM! it will effect the taste or texture for ice cream? I made plain vanilla ice cream…just added one teaspoon of vanilla extract to the condensed milk. I bought heavy cream, i bought chocolate condensed milk because store ran out of the plain ones and i bought some chocolate oreo cookies. I think it’s a 14 oz can (pretty much the only size we have in America for condensed milk and the picture above looks like a normal 14 oz size can).

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