how to make fondant lego bricks using a mould

how to make fondant lego bricks using a mould

Remove the excess by hand and smooth the edges with your fingers. Decorating You will need to apply some pressure here as we want the fondant to reach all the nooks and corners of the mold. Silicone molds are very easy to use and this ease of use comes with equally pretty results too. Practice these and I am sure you will be able to achieve that perfect results you are looking for all the time: These are my ‘to remember’ list when using silicone molds in decorating my cakes. Jun 6, 2014 - How to make a LEGO brick mould from silicone and make fondant icing LEGO bricks.

I wonder if there is a good way to make the bricks so they fit together...☺, Reply Mix togehter 2 components epoxy resin and fill the form. Thankyou x, making them out of chocolate (melted, colored and poured in the mold) or candy melts (don't know what they taste like cause i've never used them since we have good chocolate here). Also did I understand correctly that once cured you can use the silicone mould with new silicone of the same type, to make silicone bricks? Dissolve the silicone mold and remove the bricks. I'm Priya, and I'm so excited that you dropped by :), Welcome to DECORATED TREATS, a place where I share all my cake decorating ideas & true and tried recipes for all things sweet. Every brick needs space to the frame and the other bricks. To start off, I tried casting the bricks in hydrostone, a type of concrete.

Remove the bubbles with a spoon and the chocolate excess. The process was pretty similar to using the OOMOO material, but I had to work faster since the plastic cure time is much quicker.

I agree with H2o, if you want them to taste good make them out of chocolate. Use a soft brush when brushing off excess sugar/flour dust to avoid breakage or disfiguration to the molded pieces. Place a few Lego bricks in the frame.

:  It seemed like the walls were too thin in my mold, so the bricks fell apart.

I was able to roll out the fondant to any block height I wanted, stamp the top with the mold …

I just ended up using the plastic resin that was lying around in the media lab.

I tried casting my own LEGO bricks!

Put the form in the fridge for an hour and enjoy your Lego chocolate bricks. When used correctly, these molds can help you achieve stunning cake decorating results.

So I hope that my tips and techniques below will help you achieve the results you wish with your silicone fondant molds. by Turns out making LEGOs are more difficult than I thought! Not knowing how to use them correctly can lead to sheer frustration and stress. If there is excess cornstarch or sugar on the fondant, brush off gently with a soft bristles brush before using the molded fondant to decorate your cakes and cookies. This is why in the step above, I said not to worry about excessive dusting.

Build a frame out of Lego bricks on a Lego baseplate. I tried casting my own LEGO bricks!

Dust your mold well, making sure all nooks and corners are well covered.

It has a bitter taste that kids generally do not like. How to use silicone molds correctly for cake decorating. Below are the step by step guide on how to use the silicone molds: Excess fondant will be pushed to the sides, Fondant in the silicone mold, ready to be unmolded. Step 1: The Silicone Mould. Unfortunately, the pegs are not precise enough to actually stack the bricks.

Use a sieve if needed or simply sprinkle with our fingers. This also meant I could make bricks much more quickly. And that’s that. Learn how your comment data is processed. For the dusting, you can use a dusting pouch. Required fields are marked *. Jun 6, 2014 - How to make a LEGO brick mould from silicone and make fondant icing LEGO bricks. Tip: if you are having trouble getting the fondant out of the mold, place it in the fridge for a few minutes. This can result in the dents and holes in your molded fondant when removed from the mold.

Also at this point, you will notice that your fondant surface might not be even. Let the molded fondant pieces to set for a while before attempting to brush off any excess sugar or flour on them.

Explore. Evenly press it down onto the top of the fondant.

Tip: if you are having trouble getting the fondant out of the mold, place it in the fridge for a few minutes. You can buy white and color it. Remove the overlap from the silicone mould. You can make the bricks a day or two in advance.

I saw that last year, Jie casted some bricks using LEGO bricks themselves (so she didn't have to machine a mold from scratch). 2004 - 2020 © Cake Central Media Corp. All Rights Reserved.
Participated in the Invention Challenge 2017, Participated in the Unusual Uses Challenge 2017. Sep 26, 2018 - Make these easy edible fondant LEGO bricks for a LEGO birthday cake -- both thick and thin LEGO cake decorations and toppers -- no special LEGO mold needed! At this point, you might notice that the fondant surface is bulgy and not smooth. It took a long time to design the CAD model of the mold and machine it, so I decided to try a quicker way to create a mold.

It has a bitter taste that kids generally do not like. Then remove the stones that still stuck in it. Next, take some fondant and knead it well until there are no more creases.

I say ‘peel off the mold’ because in removing the molded fondant, you fold the mold and try to push the molded fondant out instead of trying to pull it out so that it does not loose its shape. That should help the fondant release more easily for the molds. It ended up being a tricky process where, in the end, I created a mold using LEGOs and casted some plastic bricks.

There are many commercially available silicone molds, or you could just skip the mold compl…

That should help the fondant release more easily for the molds. I mixed the two parts of the OOMOO casting material in equal parts (by volume) and mixed them together using a popsicle stick. I started off by working in SolidWorks to create the mold.

Creating the Silicone mold was pretty straightforward since I already went through the process once. Share it with us! I ended up casting another character in all the different types of materials that we have in the shop, which you can view here: Build in Progress was a project from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab from 2013-2016,
There could be slight gaps where you would need to fill more fondant. cazza1, AHey sorry in advance this is my first cake attempt. Simply cure the silicone mold at a corner and peel off. Luckily, OOMOO casts pretty quickly, so after about 40 minutes, I had my mold! Lego Bricks Using Silicone Mould - Cake Help Decorating By Donnzbeginner Updated 17 May 2014 , 8:31am by cazza1 Donnzbeginner Posted 16 May 2014 , 9:26pm. Try making them out of model / flower paste then popping them in the freezer for 30 mins or so. I machined the mold on the Shopbot because it's faster than the Modela.

Luckily, not much of the material leaked out through the cracks of the LEGOs.

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