how to read a rotameter


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how to read a rotameter

It is composed of a plastic, metal or glass tube and float.

You can then read off the flow-rate for a particular fluid’s density and viscosity. (2016) 790 pag. Find the ball floating in the middle of the rotameter column. The scale will vary based on the make of the rotameter.

The lower and upper level of the float is to be measured by that scale, which gives the flow rate.

R.C.Baker. Flow Measurement Handbook: Industrial Designs, Operating Principles, Performance, and Applications. Rotameters are not generally manufactured in sizes greater than 6 inches/150 mm, but bypass designs are sometimes used on very large pipes. Malesky holds a Bachelor of Science in natural science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The float response to flowrate changes is linear, and a …

Let’s summarize the procedure for reading a rotameter: So, this is all about how to read a rotameter, which works in the combined effects of the velocity of the fluid, the gravity of the float, and annular area of the meter. The side of the meter has a scale. The following are helpful, general guidelines in the proper installation of rotameters: Inspect meter for damage that may have occurred during shipping.

Proteus Industries specializes and excels at providing customer requested customization which may include: fittings, special cables and connections, brackets and specialized calibrations including viscosity compensation. Since the area of the flow passage increases as the float moves up the tube, the scale is approximately linear. Proteus has an ISO 9001 certified quality system. The device consists of a float and a tube. McGraw-Hill Education; (1996), eFunda: Introduction to Variable Area Flowmeters,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Some rotameters come with standard fittings for various size tubing. Applied extensively in industrial process measurement and control, a rotameter is an instrument that uses a float of given density to establish, for any measurable flow rate, an equilibrium position within the fluid stream where the force of the flowing fluid equals the force of gravity.. How to Select a Rotameter ? Flow R. Miller, Measurement Engineering Handbook. Rotameter is the most accepted industrial flow meter, which works based on the principle of gravity and variable area. An instrument, which measures the volumetric flow rate of the fluid running through a closed conduit, is called a rotameter. Powered by Naman Modi Digital. Please enter your email address.

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