how to winterize a seadoo


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how to winterize a seadoo

Many individuals can perform the following winterization steps from the comfort of their own garage with a few simple tools.

Congratulations you have just replaced your spark plugs on your Sea-Doo 130HP Jet-Ski. Take the whole jet ski and trailer outside and give it a complete fresh water wash down. Once you have access to the engine, remove the ignition coils and spark plugs. The procedure should be the same for Sea-Doo PWC GTX, RXP, and RXT, with a few slight changes. How to Winterize a Seadoo GTX 4-TEC by Thomas Buchanan . Make sure there are no cracks or other visible signs of excessive wear. Check the oil level with the jet ski level. You may want to check the hull, the dashboard for fault codes, the engine compartment for leaks, and loosened connections. It’s important to check your Sea-Doo before you start the winterization process, just like you should inspect it each time before you ride. Whether you store it in your garage or another location, make sure it’s in horizontal position, and pay attention to the security as well. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to consult your local Sea-Doo dealer. Reinsert the drain plug screw and tighten up. For exact service intervals please refer to the manual. Use a rag over the plug holes to capture any excess lube. Thanks. The Home version is around $400 so it is a big investment but worth it in the long run, if you need to diagnose a fault or reset engine light reminders. DIY Dyson V7 Battery Upgrade – Problems & Simple Fixes. 4.

Winterizing is a critical maintenance function to ensure your prized Sea-Doo watercraft will be ready to go spring rolls around. ( Log Out /  Add Stabil to the fuel. It’s also wise to make sure that the bilge is completely dry before you store your Sea-Doo for the winter. Just press the coil over the spark plug to lift them out. The wear ring is a plastic ring that encases the impeller and is intended to sacrifice itself when debris is ingested as it is much less expensive and easier to replace than the high-performance stainless steal impeller. The complete yearly maintenance of your Sea-Doo may cost around $300-$1,000+ depending on the model and its condition. Sign up for Premium Membership and get access to hundreds of repair manuals and expert advice. If you would like to know how to replace your battery check out of detailed procedure on how to replace your Sea-Doo battery on the GTI 130. This is my first year with a Seadoo Sportster 2002 and with a single Rotax engine (130hp). Remove the ignition coils by twisting and pulling up. (reminder - never run engine longer than 5 minutes, or jet pump bearing damage will occur). Before you do anything, start your watercraft engine and give it several short bursts of power to blow out any excess water in the exhaust system. Sea-Doo PWC. Flushing the Sea-Doo with antifreeze is probably the most important step on this list. Ensure the battery is place on a secure surface in an open-air location away from any flammable substances. To winterize a Sea-Doo properly, you have to add stabilizer to the gas first and fill up the tank completely. 4.. Maybe you don’t have readers, get a professional. The reason is that it’s always wise to store your Sea-Doo with fresh oil for the off-season. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

To keep your battery fresh and healthy we suggest a Yuasa Smart Shot Automatic Battery Charger be attached to the battery to maintain a full charge. Gummed-up fuel systems, battery failure and damage to vital internal parts are just a few of the things that can go wrong if proper care is not taken. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete.

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