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This is a missable Trophy, since you can't replay story missions - so it's worth doing these Stray Cat locations as you go. You will find the boy sitting on an AC unit on the fourth floor. Stray Cats are pretty much everywhere at this point. Insomniac Reaffirms PS5 Exclusivity for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. In this side case, you need to talk to the guy outside Koi Bride. The second mission is also regarding tailing another man. Change your outfit and then leave the premise to complete this side mission. Judgment I Side Case Quest - Secrets Of Cats Guide (Zhuang Shi) - Duration: 24:30. xSelphie1999xHDGaming 813 views. All you need to do now is talk to this NPC, for the third and final cat of the storyline to be found and rescued. Your task is to go to the restaurant where they will be meeting. He will show you that someone has broken inside his property. The publisher will ask you to solve another riddle, the safe combination is 3412. You'll see a white Stray Cat that is minding their own business. A client for this case can is found on the 6th floor of Hotel New Deborah. Aside from main story missions and mini-games, Judgment has a ton of other side content including Cases. Go to the marked location that will be in front of Modern Mahjong building, and then go up to the 4th floor. You’ll have to find the bomb with the hint “The pigeon coos amongst the cherry blossoms”. Head to the market spot and interact with it. You must find and collect all collectibles in a single playthrough if you want to unlock its related trophy. You have a nice interaction with Kaito, then end the case. During the first active search of the search mission ‘Find the Gold Keycard’, check the right side of the bridge which is leading to the Research Wing. Disarm the bomb and you will be called by the bomber. Make sure not to spook him which will make him run off. Tail her and find what her job is. By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to cookies being used. In this case, you have to find a missing woman. If you look a bit above all those three items, you'll notice a cat standing still. At the Bantam, talk to the guy standing off to the side of the bar where you can talk. Go to the VR Arcade to start this case automatically. This case is found at the Tenkaichi Alley and Tenkachi Street intersection. He thinks the hotel is haunted and you have to stay a night to investigate. You will then encounter another investigator who will want to take the picture off from you to blackmail the cheating man. Walk near the green power box and look up where the cat is on top of the light fixture. Crazy things you can do in Call of Duty Warzone - … “A Valuable Cat” Secrets of Cats – Reputation Lv. This section of the guide lists the locations of all the stray cats located in Chapter 8 of the game. You’ll meet Kaito outside, then have to fight him to stop him going with Adachi. When inside go out near the costume and look at the Knife, Fish Pouch, Duffle bag, and Head. She will say that some men are forcing into her office. Just keep walking until the red barriers, turn right, and look outside the window. Just look outside towards the front door from where you just came, look at the floor and boom, there's the little cat. His love for competitive gaming started with Counter Strike and Call of Duty. This will introduce you to the Dice and Cube and its rules. For this case, you need to meet Yosuke in the M Side Café. Once you have found all Stray Cat locations, you'll receive the 'Oh Look, a Cat!' You have to go to East Shichifuku Street where you need to tail the man and take a picture of him with another woman. Get more information about the girl and then go to Bantam to try to get further information. The cat is right past it facing backwards. Rie says there is a man threatening to jump off the roof of the building and asks you to try and talk him down. Ohata will ask you to find his boy again, so you have to meet him at Café Mijore. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. she is a friend of Genda who wants you to find her purse that contains a ring from her husband. Head to the Tender Bar and find her inside and compliment on her singing voice. A client will need your help to locate his son who is lost while playing hide and seek. The clues will take you to Wette Kitchen, where you need to go upstairs to look for her. During the main cat hunt, you can find a stray cat as well. During your first active search in Genda Law Office, you will be tasked with clearing Hoshino-kun’s name. This time they will have weapons. Your job is to investigate the wife and go to M Side Café where she works. Hirun Cryer is by far the most juvenile member of USgamer. After taking the picture, fight the man and take the money back from the woman. Now you have to go to the Game Center Charles and speak to the guys who were chasing him, then head over to Charles. Go to the roof of the building in Senryo Ave. that has Modern Mahjong in it. Once you beat him he goes surprisingly peacefully, and you get a very sizeable reward. You have to return the hat to Tokunga again. Judgment features a huge cast of characters, many of which you can befriend through Friend Events. Fly your drone up to the cat to trigger a cutscene. Return the packages for the information. The code is 4134. Go to Tender and talk to Mari to participate in a bet. Once up there respond with the following: He then explains he thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him and wants you to go confirm. Next, you will head into the sewers to fight Honda, and then the last fight with Koga. Investigate the Sushi restaurant and see who is behind all of this.

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