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lilith in scorpio

), Adam asked God to bring Lilith back—but she refused. The person is emotionally vulnerable to the impact of conflicts and therefore tries to act properly in every moment and every place, keeping from breaking rules and laws, a strategy which allows her to avoid confrontation and thus to hide the inner storm of emotions that assails her.

She knows the weaknesses of others as well as how to win their trust. At this level, the person has a perfectly harmonious relation with her parents. Journal Prompt: Where can I open up my sense of wonder about myself and the world around me? The provocative roles are played by older men, hierarchical superiors, and possibly by her father. She has a penchant for thrills, for excess when judging other people’s character and for making scenes. She may for example have a strong penchant for sadomasochism.

She should beware of the company of vicious people, of secret enemies and secret societies, as well as of revenge. She repays her debts with much difficulty and hates her creditors. She is the succubus. 08.05.1960 – 30.01.1961 04.08.2004 – 28.04.2005 After realizing his mistake (how could he not miss a woman like that! The person acquired immunity against drug addiction, alcoholism and secret vices.
But the choice still belongs to the individual, and Lilith is powerless against the will of a person who sees her for what she is and decides to oppose her. The danger for her comes from nuclear explosions and radiation, poisoning by noxious liquids, drowning and alcohol.

Journal Prompt: Can I use Lilith’s power in my career or work? She can act as a cunning manipulator, nasty and terrible. // MY MISSION: To enchant people with Earth and Ether. All Rights Reserved. She can show greed, a tendency to quarrel, cynicism, callousness, an exaggerated sense of formalities, pedantry and may tend to act like a square. Your ability to tap into the collective means you are able to help create a future vision of how this goddess serves the whole. 14.06.1954 – 10.03.1955 10.09.1998 – 05.06.1999 She feels the need to test her strong character and her power and chooses the most difficult paths to reach her objectives, thus seeking to prove herself how strong her personality really is, as if she had to undergo a divine test and ready to go as far as self-destruction. She is magnetic and sexually seductive more than any other Lilith placement. 27.08.1942 – 23.05.1943 23.11.1986 – 17.08.1987 She obsessively clings to her ideas, even manically so, and imposes them to her entourage as revelations, as great truths. This is a person who likes to plays the role of a dissident. There is a risk of drowning, in being exposed to explosions and she particularly should avoid working as a sapper. In the current incarnation, she is subject to every bad habit, to suggestion, to illusions and may suffer from mental illness, insanity or delirium tremens. Journal Prompt: Do I hide my desire for power and domination? LILITH IN CAPRICORN // LILITH IN THE 10th HOUSE With this placement, Lilith may be reflected in how you’re seen publicly but not how you feel internally. 15.09.1939 – 10.06.1940 12.12.1983 – 04.09.1984 Pisces in the 12 Houses.

At this level the person easily recognizes all her secret enemies, as well as vengeful people and manipulators.

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