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loree oboe serial numbers

Weber Reeds -. AK Bore This used Loree Rosewood oboe is the AK bore model. Another time, parents asked me to find their daughter an oboe suitable for someone with tiny hands and extremely slender fingers. The PayPal limit of 'Buyer Protection' is only $1000.00. In shopping for an oboe the ergonomic comfort of the keywork should be taken into account. I retrofit all of the oboes I have for sale or in my collection with nylon of Teflon tip adjustment screws. In my life I have only encountered one oboe (a Loree from the 1950s) that I would assess as having been nearly 'played out', far too easy to blow, with pitch centers being speculative at best. For Loree oboes, each serial number has two letters and two numbers; for example, my Loree's serial number is OC66. Sellers who may in fact be aware of bore damage to an instrument they wish to sell almost never disclose the existence of bore damage of their own free will.

According to Peter Hurd (an expert in this area.see oboes.us) 'Loree was (finally) back on track to making good oboes near the beginning of the H series.Loree went through a 'Dark Ages' from about the late D series through to near the end of the G series-they made a plethora of 'lemons' during that period. Product Specs Condition: Brand: Model: Categories: Year: Made In: France. 1929 to present So, two Loree oboes exist with a 'DD' at the beginning of the serial number stamp, though the later (modern) DD oboe will most likely have TWO numbers after the DD, such as: DD05. So, you're buying an oboe from an oboe player, not a guy who runs a pawn shop. Playing a student model instrument necessitates the learning of 'bad' habits, such as having to compensate for the lack of a left F key by excessive use of the 'fork' F, or 'sliding' for (say) D to the usual F fingering. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. And I would not trust to ask most Ebay sellers to make a determination of the condition of the bore of an oboe instrument in any case. I must say that the ring system has some advantages.

Hannah Sezlnick -. Many repairmen nowadays will use a thin flowing superglue to fill all types of cracks instead of pins. The slightest damage to the bore can be a disaster for the playing characteristics of an instrument. The Loree and Robert oboes from the 1920s and 1930s seem to possess what I deem to be 'silvery sweet' tone.

Serial number starts with I; though it could be an H: over time, the serial letter prefix rubs off. This was my oboe, played in pit orchestras, when I got calls for it. I buy a fair number of oboe instruments on Ebay. Thus the 'new' wood is usually not as stable, and cracking, even severe cracking, and warping seem to plague recent production. I personally find that these instruments from the 1920s and 1930s have plenty of projection for solo and orchestral use, though perhaps a bit more effort must be expended. They play freely, have the means to get most trills, were light in weight, with a very simple key system, and had minimal and very easy adjustments. I am always thankful that oboists tend to have distinctly different preferences across the spectrum of bright and dark tone. I have googled Loree serial numbers, but I wasn't able to find anything. That is all it took to ruin the oboe. A plateau system instrument must compromise E with a short chimney and a correspondingly smaller tone hole to obtain the same emittance.

Ring System Instruments. The oboe in the photographs is a THUMBPLATE system only. And since Ebay STILL does not require sellers to verify by photograph the serial number of every instrument put up for sale at auction, the inadvertent purchase of a stolen instrument is always a distinct prospect (I have gone through this legal nightmare with an oboe I purchased for $3300.00). Personally, I think that the possibility of 'blowing out' an oboe lies in the realm of mythology. I like nylon tip adjustment screws. The Gordet oboe is the 'darkest of the dark' soundwise, though still it has exceedingly appealing resonance to my ears. 'Sweet tone'-'Projection'. © Peter Hurd. A 3rd octave key and low Bb resonance key should be thought of as optional. For chronological chart of serial numbers see Lars Kirmser serial number pages. I find that I like listening to all manner of oboe sound, from the brightest of the bright to the darkest of the dark. Re: F.Loree Oboe.Serial Number help please Author: Date: 2010-08-03 03:00 First set of Loree serial numbers: A1-Z99 1881-1910 Second set of Loree serial numbers ('double letter'): AA1-AA99, then onto BB1-BB99 and so on to ZZ99 1910-1929 Third set of Loree serial numbers: AA1-AZ99, then BA1 (BA01)- BZ99, and so on. This eliminates the need for the 'banana key' for low C next to the D key. Choopulu Kalisina Subhavela Serial All Episodes In Telugu there. I would say purchasing a fine, vintage professional model oboe in fine condition would be a far better investment than purchasing a new 'modified' or 'student' model oboe. First, resolve to purchase an instrument with ALL the usual 'professional' keys! Simply put, it is possible to end up in a heap of trouble buying instruments on Ebay. NEVER ATTEMPT STUCK SWAB REMOVAL ON YOUR OWN. David has also salvaged other instruments with bore damage, though usually with longer, often 'half length' polymer sleeves. Firstly, I've been trying to find out just how old my Loree is, but I haven't had any luck. This places its manufacture date around early 1993. Nora Post - EBAY: Buying oboes and English horns. This was my oboe, played in pit orchestras, when I got calls for it. Author: weston Date: 2010-08-02 23:14 Hello all,I was wondering if anyone might enlighten me with a serial number for an F. Sin Cadenas De Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez Pdf there. A professional bassoonist friend of mine is a doubler for Broadway shows. In the 1930s for instance, Loree made perhaps a 100 or so instruments per year. Here's a rough table to help you place the year an instrument was made just by looking at those first two letters. For Loree oboes, each serial number has two letters and two numbers; for example, my Loree's serial number is OC66. The numbers have been assigned sequentially over time, so letters earlier in the alphabet indicate older instruments. This has a lovely sound, again it is likely impossible to distinguish from an all wood oboe. It was in first class condition mechanically, sealed beautifully, and had no cracks whatsoever. The serial number is CX16. With best wishes, Peter oboes.us Oboes.us Topics Author Date new weston 2010-08-02 23:14 new Chris P 2010-08-02 23:25 new weston 2010-08-02 23:33 new weston 2010-08-02 23:42 new Chris P 2010-08-03 00:03 Re: F.Loree Oboe.Serial Number help please new heckelmaniac 2010-08-03 03:00 new weston 2010-08-03 09:12 new weston 2010-08-03 09:05 new jhoyla 2010-08-03 06:06 new heckelmaniac 2010-08-03 07:50 new Chris P 2010-08-03 09:43 new Chris P 2010-08-03 12:42 new Chris P 2010-08-15 11:09 new weston 2010-08-15 12:03. What Cooper found was that someone had managed to get a swab stuck. The 'old' ('aged') stocks of wood no longer exist, and the wood that is available tends to come from trees not as old as those cut in the 1930s. Loree even made some heavy (thick) wall instruments (B series) to address the American desire for a dark sound. I don't play it enough to justify keeping it and trying to keep my chops up and work reeds is just too much, on top of my other instruments (I'm typically hired for clarinet).

Loree went through a period where the quality went downhill.

Loree Oboe Serial Numbers Year Mod Ukts 1.32 Indonesia Dvdvideosoft Studio Serial Key Download Original Huawei Mobile Partner 23 Latest Version Download Matlab 2009b Full Crack Cara Hack Kartu Kredit Untuk Belanja Online wayheavy. I have 'average' size hands. Comes in the original Loree case along with a Cavallerro case cover. Oboes have also been successfully made of Cocobolo, and other exotic woods. RDG Woodwinds offers an. I had looked long and carefully at the bore, rotating slowly, looking from all different angles, and from both ends towards a strong light source. I would not discount any instrument simply because it is heavy wall or thin wall. I have even seen the bottom of the metal reed receiver destroyed by an attempt to drill out a stuck swab with an electric drill. Gary Armstrong Woodwinds -. Each type (oboe, English horn, bassoon, contrabassoon) uses its own series. I'm packing in the oboe. Has a beautiful sound; very easy to play (if 'easy' could ever be said in the same sentence as 'oboe') with a sweet, even tone that blends very well and is right on tuning. For example, I have purchased two oboes (a beautiful Rigoutat and a classic Chauvet 'BW' series) that required entirely new upper joints to be made at great expense. Cracks in an oboe may not a cause for rejection if a fine repair has been accomplished and the instrument 'seals' well (has 'good suction.' Case is a bit beat up and I bought a. I'm also including a wood case I bought from Forrests music, an oboe reed case and some of my oboe reeds (I prefer the German style, but you decide).

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