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mavic cosmic elite vs aksium

To make the Elites user serviceable, Mavic has installed steel double sealed bearings that are fully adjustable, even chucking in the tool you need to do it. There are versions to take six-bolt rotors or those with Shimano's Center Lock mount. Explore the complete archive of reviews of wheels on The combination of an aluminium brake track and a carbon fibre fairing isn't the lightest way to build an aero wheel, but it does keep the price under control while delivering almost all of the speed benefits of deep rims. Put down a deposit if: You want a low-weight combination of the latest aero and tubeless technologies… and you're willing to wait. Unsurprisingly, you'll only find the 2020 version at full price, but there are deep discounts on the previous model if you can tolerate the extra 30g. Wider rims stretch tires and create a larger contact area with the ground, improving comfort by delivering a more stable ride. Learn more about the Ksyrium Pro Carbon SL. Disc-compatible wheels are often substantially heavier than their rim-brake equivalents, but the extra 40g here appears to be entirely down to the extra eight spokes. They're largely the same as the rim-braked version, but with 24 spokes per wheel. The 4 Seasons are workhorses just like the Aksium, and when paired together, one has the feeling of being able to ride endlessly without flats or going out of true. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Instead, they wanted to give riders an extremely durable option that does a few things well: The Aksiums do indeed deliver on these key points. This surface is also laser finished. Help us to make it better. Fulcrum have, however, an important benefit compared to the Mavic Aksiums. Gender: Men's, Women's. Unlike the other Aksiums, the Elite USTs come with Mavic’s excellent Yksion Pro tyres, which are basically Hutchinson Fusion 5 ElevenStorm with a different label. Mavic went into receivership in May 2020, but as of July appears to have been rescued by DIY entrepreneur Jean-Michel Bourrelier and his son, Yoann Bourrelier, a former mountain bike racer. There was a problem. Buy if: You're after a disc wheel that offers a top-level braking performance. Utilising the same 64mm deep profile as the Comete Pro Carbon UST rims, these purpose-built speed enhancers have been laced up with straight-pull, double-butted aero spokes for even greater levels of stiffness and aero efficiency. As it has grown in popularity and technology so has it evolved boasting a line-up now comprising 14 distinct models. Buy if: You want a lightweight wheelset that doesn't compromise on durability. The lower priced models in the Ksyrium family are made with box section aluminium rims, and Mavic appears to have quietly replaced the basic Ksyrium with the tubeless-compatible Ksyrium UST; they’re 25mm high with recommended tyre sizes of 25mm to 32mm thanks to the 19mm wide rim. Our standards for each category (strong, light, cheap) are high — but that doesn’t mean this wheelset is a failure. That makes the Aksium Elite USTs very competitive if you're thinking of going tubeless: wheels and top-quality tyres for under £250. The Cosmic Elite UST is the most accessible model, with 30mm-deep aluminium rims, aluminium hub bodies, and bladed steel spokes. You have to use specific pads that are supplied with the wheels. That splits out as 740g for the front wheel and 895g rear. You can unsubscribe at any time. Tubular in application it provides enhanced levels of stiffness as a result of unidirectionally weaved carbon fibre. Nobody expects a gravel bike wheel to run with anything but a disc brake, and Mavic no longer lists its sole rim-brake Allroad wheelset though you can still find them in the shops. Save for the entry-level Cosmic Elite UST, the range boasts a minimum rim depth of 40mm, growing by 5mm in Cosmic Pro Carbon and Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST Disc guises. © 2008–present unless otherwise stated. Buy if: You want solid all-rounders that are light enough to race. Junior/Senior: Adult. Sitting apart from Mavic's other wheel technologies, the R-Sys SLR uses hollow carbon-fibre spokes that allow Mavic to build a wheel that’s extremely stiff laterally. The spoke holes are pushed through the inside wall rather than drilled, and the pushed up material is then threaded to allow the nipple to be secured. Buy if: You want your value-for-money tubeless aero wheels disc compatible. No, far from it. To muddy the waters even more, Mavic recently introduced Road UST, which is its take on Road Tubeless. Our best results were on a pair of 28mm Continental Grand Prix 4 Seasons. Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel founded the company in 1890 to make mudguards. For 2017, Mavic introduced a disc-compatible version of the Cosmic Pro Carbon. They can accommodate tyres widths of up to 32mm and are available in both rim- and disc-brake guises. At 1,650 grams (F 745g/R 905g), the weight for a pair is decent for 40mm aero wheels, they have a 19mm internal width to give a sensible profile to 25mm and 28mm tyres and they're reasonably priced at an RRP of £1,350 (an extra hundred quid gets you the Tour version's funky graphics). The Tracomp technology used in the spoke design helps with compression and adds to the wheel's compliance – impressive considering the 15mm rim width lends itself to a much narrower tyre than UST-equipped versions. The 700C Allroad Pro Carbon SL weighs just 1,445g/pr with 23mm-wide UST rims and double-butted steel spokes. It's clearly intended as a wheelset for bike manufacturers to spec as original equipment, replacing the previous non-UST Aksium Allroad. The range also benefits from a tubeless model called Aksium Elite UST, the cheapest UST option available from Mavic. Mat has been in cycling media since 1996, on titles including BikeRadar, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK, and he has been editor of 220 Triathlon and Cycling Plus. Mavic wheels are some of the most popular wheels for road bikes and gravel bikes. Claimed weight for the pair is 1,590g, which splits 685g/905g front and rear. Like most sites we make a small amount of money if you buy something after clicking on one of those links. Nevertheless, as we mentioned, the Comète Pro Carbon SL UST's 1,635g is pretty impressive for a clincher wheel with a rim this deep. Built with straight-pull spokes for added strength and stiffness, the Aksiums are low-maintenance units with a bombproof reputation. Mavic keeps the price of these new deep-section aero wheels down by using steel axles, quick releases and freehub bodies where the SL versions have aluminium, titanium and aluminium parts respectively. The Ksyrium has formed the crux of Mavic's wheel line-up for the past two decades having replaced the venerable Helium hoops as a reliable, lightweight climbing wheel. The dirt-road equivalent of the Aksium, the Allroad doesn't come with tyres. All rights reserved. Fantasy Cycling: game [at] Read our review of the Mavic Ksyrium Elite. They're Mavic's lightest clinchers. The Allroad Elite UST Disc wheels sound like they're the disc-braked equivalent of the Allroad Elite UST, but there are lots of differences aside from the disc compatibility. Exalith is a technology that Mavic has been using on some of its aluminium rims for a few years now. Buy if: You want off-road-capable disc-braked wheels. This all drops the weight down to a claimed 1,220g for the wheelset (540g front, 680g rear). Without further ado, here's the essential data on the full range, plus links to the cheapest sources we've been able to find. You'll find Mavic wheels on a lot of ready-built bikes as manufacturers like the prestige of the yellow logo, Wholehearted embrace of tubeless technology with its own Road UST system means lots of Mavic wheels can now be used with or without inner tubes, Most Mavic wheels come with the company's own-brand tubeless-ready tyres, actually made by Hutchinson, and they're very good with low rolling resistance and lots of grip. The new Allroad — or Allroad Disc UST as it should be called — is the entry-level dirt road wheel with a sleeve-joint rim in S6000 aluminium, 24 steel spokes front and rear and a wide range of compatibility with different dropout and quick-release standards. The Aksium marks the entry point to Mavic's wheel range. We’re getting down to some very light weights now; the Ksyrium Pro USTs come in at a claimed 1,410g (590g front, 820g rear). He has won his category in Ironman UK 70.3 and finished on the podium in both marathons he has run. They come with 30mm Yksion Elite Allroad or 40mm Yksion Elite Allroad XL tyres. Buy if: You want a superlight wheelset with a good braking performance. The combination of a chemical treatment and a file-like texture that’s machined into the rim is claimed to reduce braking distances by 18%. The rims feature a machined surface – dubbed Exalith – for increased friction, which Mavic says improves stopping distance by 20 per cent in both wet or dry conditions. Buy if: You want light weight combined with an excellent level of stiffness. If you're looking for an extra turn of speed for a modern endurance bike, then the Comète Pro Carbon SL UST Disc could be for you. EN PL DE. Verdict: Mavic's lightest alloy clincher wheelset is a climber's dream, Price: (Starting from) US$1999 / £1629 / AU$2908 | Type: Climbing | Material: Aluminium | Depth: 24mm front, 26mm rear | Brake: Rim | Tyre format: Clincher (21mm-30mm) | Rim width: 15mm | Spoke count: 16 front, 20 rear | Weight: 1295g (pair without tyres). At a claimed 1,840g/pr the Comete Pro Carbon UST Disc is a very good weight for deep-section disc-brake wheels. Buy if: You want the ability to run very fat tyres.

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