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This gap gives them time to breed, allowing them to pass on the disorder to their puppies. Stairs and other everyday obstacles can make life very difficult for a tiny teacup Maltese. It’s very important for my mom to have one! But sadly, making these already small dogs even tinier can cause some serious health concerns. Check Price . While the Maltese is already quite small, many dog owners are interested in an even smaller version due to space constraints. The Maltese is among the gentlest mannered of the Toy breed dogs. How to find a puppy and raise a happy, healthy dog. However, there’s the possibility that health problems can affect their appearance. In fact, Chihuahuas are some of the smallest dogs in the world. Maltese known as “teacups” or simply, “Teacup Maltese,” are purebred Maltese that fall into an even smaller size category of just 4 lbs. I can’t afford one myself I’m a single mother. She weighed 3 lbs. So, is a miniature Maltese right for you? They are quite rare and much harder to come across than most other teacup varieties. Their small teacup size makes them perfect for this! I’m planning to adopt a Maltese puppy from a breeder later this year because I’ve recently moved into my own home, meaning that I can finally forget about the rules in my former apartment that prohibits pets. She needs a thaipy dg and this one would be perfect! There are the rare ones that are in the 2s. It is not uncommon for runts to be born with a heart condition. Hi my name is sonya and I’m looking to find a tea cup Maltese for my mother for her birthday! Boutique Puppies offers beautiful maltese puppies! Today, the graceful breed is an adored pet and sought after show dog! This means they are prone to developing dental diseases. A teacup Maltese is not a real thing. And another study used the C-BARQ questionnaire to find that owners more often viewed their small dogs as being badly behaved. Another way breeders create the miniature Maltese is through the introduction of a dwarfism gene. Just because teacup dogs are small doesn’t mean they are toys. Many Maltese are born with these problems, but they might go overlooked until they are much older. Although small dogs can be a great thing for some people, there are lots of cons to creating dogs as small as the teacup Maltese. We never keep them in cages with cold and painful wire flooring that allows their feces to collect at the bottom. When we watch tv, the little puppy would be in my lap. This is when fluid is present on your pup’s brain. So, it’s also common for teacup dogs to be really unhealthy. Take your time choosing a reputable breeder if your heart is set on getting a teacup Maltese puppy. Stunning white fluffy coats with short baby doll faces and expressive eyes. Certainly not at your stated size ranges. © Copyright 2020 Tiny Paws | All Rights Reserved | Website By codewavers. My friend Clyde a pekenese dog of 7years old has lost his life long friend China a pekenese bitch, we are looking for a new companion for him as her feels so lost, please ? Or keep scrolling for more information on this tiny version of a popular breed. However, teacup Maltese who are bred using this method could be healthier than others, due to a phenomenon known as hybrid vigor. Darwin, father of the. One way to make the Maltese smaller is to mix it with even smaller dogs. Maltese are gentle, trusting and devoted to their masters. If your heart is set on this breed but you aren’t fussed about raising your dog from puppyhood, you could also consider a rescue. After all, finding two rare dogs to breed together is very difficult. I need a puppy to fill my heart. Our goal is to produce high-quality and healthy Dreams Bulldogs with excellent health and temperaments. Small dogs are usually better suited to smaller spaces. My husband has a regular size maltese. For instance, if your mini Maltese is a mixed breed with a smaller dog breed parent, it could inherit any combination of its parents’ genetics. Teacup Maltese are not actually a separate breed. Required fields are marked *. So, research their typical personality too, if you are getting one that is created this way. They can easily be hurt if they are handled roughly, or even if they fall from something. I had dogs all my life now I feel lonely. He only weighs 10oz at 8 weeks and is expected to be 2.5-3lbs when fully grown. Mixing a standard Maltese with a smaller breed, introducing the dwarfism gene, or repeatedly breeding runts. It’s important to research these in detail before bringing home a tiny dog like this. While bigger dogs can and often do try to sit in laps, smaller dogs are usually better equipped for the job. They are quite rare and much harder to come across than most other teacup varieties. Dog owners with apartments or smaller homes would probably benefit from owning a smaller dog. Breeding from runts is likely to give you a teacup Maltese that looks the most like a small version of a regular Maltese. Be sure to tell us about them in the comments if you do! The little puppy would be well taken care of and be an in house little pet of mine. There’s no way of knowing until your puppy has arrived and grown. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Due to their high level of intelligence, the Maltese is a quick learner. So how does this tiny version differ from its full-sized counterpart? He is very loving and playful, and is already wee wee pad trained. If … Boonville Ark Has Teacup maltese everywhere and starting at 500.00 peppers .very good mine has had no health problems that a lot of these furbabies do.Royal K 9 is best feed I have found. Check out our image gallery below to view past and present Teacup Maltese for sale by TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique!

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