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mithuna rashi astrology

This will result in more financial liabilities. Astrology is based on astronomy in that astrologers need to know the correct positions of the planets at any given time, as well as the correct positions of the zodiacal fixed star … Rahu moves to Vrishabha Rashi, 12th house from Mithuna Rashi, 1st house on 23rd of September and Ketu moves to Vrishchika Rashi, 6th house, from Dhanu Rashi, 7th house on the same day. The aspect of Saturn over 3rd and 10th houses may give you unwanted transfers or lack of support. For Mithuna Rashi people, this year Saturn starting his transit over Makar Rashi, 8th house from 24th of January. Note! Namaste! All rights reserved. You dont have any items in your cart. The lucky color for this zodiac is YELLOW and ORANGE. People in relationships can expect to get married during the months of January and February. It is necessary to think ever before taking financial decisions. But you may face certain obstacles due to Saturn in 8th House. Mithun Rashi. The love horoscope for Mithun Rashi people foretells that the zodiac year 2021 will be very encouraging for single persons. Mercury gives a highly flexible personality to the Mithun Rashi individuals. This year is moderately auspicious for those who are appearing for competitive examinations. Mesh | Vrishabh | Mithun | Kark | Simha | Kanya | Tula | Vrishchik | Dhanu | Makar | Kumbh | Meen | Rashi, Your email address will not be published. Even when they are ignorant of a particular topic, they appear to be mentally aware of the whole spectrum. They will also make good lawyers, thanks to their gift of gab. The time between July – November will be good regarding your finance, as an aspect of Jupiter over the 11th house may give you some support and growth in income. The beginning of this year is favourable for children. For the Financial perspective, this year shall not be auspicious. The Nakshatras that comes under this Vedic moon sign are Mrigashira (Pada 3, 4), Ardra and Punarvasu (Pada 1, 2, 3). Rashi Buddha Mithuna Lagna Mithuna ( Gemini ), which means a pair, twins, sexual union or a junction, is the third sign of the zodiac and stands for divine creative activity, which is made to operate by the polarization of Spirit and Matter . Students will have mixed results this year. Your current location was detected automatically. At the same time, if you work sincerely this kind of issues may end with a favourable result. You may need to be careful with your colleagues as some of them may try to defame you. Major Effects Rahu in Gemini . Connect with for more updates. The aspect of Saturn on 2nd House and transit of Jupiter over 8th house between April - June is not auspicious for financial activities. If you suffer from weather borne diseases of and on, you will recover soon. Jupiter moves to Makar Rashi, 8th house from Dhanu Rashi, 7th house on 30th of March and again he comes back to Dhanu Rashi, 7th house on 30th of June this year. Likely health problems will be related to respiratory organs and liver. So performing remedies to Shani and Guru will reduce the negative effect of this ill transit and helps to get success in your work. The Mithuna Rasi people are not the kinds meant for desk jobs. Click here for Year 2020 Rashiphal (Rashifal) in English, हिंदी Check Today's Panchang in English, हिंदी, मराठी, ગુજરાતી and తెలుగు, ಕನ್ನಡ New. You need to be careful with financial dealings as you may get less than what promised. Mithuna Rashi people tend to be inquisitive on all subjects and will be ready to impart their knowledge to interested people. We will be very grateful if you help developing this project by sharing this page. Illnesses related to bones and joints too need to be avoided. Put them out in the field and they will be most happy. uses cookies like many other websites to improve user experience. Try Different Quizzes People Are Talking About! People born under Mrigashira Nakshatra (3, 4 Pada), Arudra Nakshatra (4 padas), Punarvasu Nakshatra(1, 2, 3 Pada) comes under Mithuna rashi. They will develop an interest in education and get success in higher education. Please share on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, GooglePlus and other social media networks. They are smooth talkers and can get huge amounts of investments if they are to start a new business. Newborn Astrology. The Nakshatras that comes under this Vedic moon sign are Mrigashira (Pada 3, 4), Ardra and Punarvasu (Pada 1, 2, 3). You will remain mentally sound and physically fit. Jupiter moves to Makar Rashi, 8th house again on 20th of November this year. After September 23, Rahu will have transit in 12th House you may incur the sudden expenditure at that time. Get free Mithuna Rashi predictions in English and know what Mithuna Rashi holds for you this week. They need to be challenged mentally by their soul mate rather than physically. తెలుగు. From March 30 to June Jupiter and Shall transit 8th House. We are VedicTime, a team combining the interest and deep knowledge in Jyotish Veda (vedic astrology) and the experience in Web-application development. Even in friendship they look for profit to both. You may have a sudden illness. Due to transit of Saturn over 8th house, they may develop laziness regarding exams and studies. As it may give a negative result to you. Mithuna. It is very difficult to keep them tied down in a stable relationship unless they are deeply in love. Settings of current section change the display of Janma Kundali (birth chart).

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