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When it launched, the NHL Network became the third sports-oriented cable network devoted to programming from and controlled by a major sports league, following the National Basketball Association-owned NBA TV (which launched in March 1999) and the National Football League-owned NFL Network (which launched in November 2003); Major League Baseball would launch its own sports channel, MLB Network, on January 1, 2009. Some Saturday games broadcast by the network are sourced by Canadian television group Rogers Media's, Minor League Hockey – NHL Network maintains broadcast rights to live and tape-delayed coverage of, NHL Network also has the right to air various, Jackie Redmond - studio host and reporter, This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 19:12. Major league sports across the board are also still struggling with LGBTQ representation and race relations, although the NHL has been making attempts at outreach to non-white and LGBTQ people. The channel's headquarters and studios are located in the Secaucus, New Jersey facilities also utilized by MLB Network. Hersch didn't just grow up playing volleyball, fast-pitch softball, and basketball, and watching every single Minnesota Vikings football game with her dad (and, yes, she's still a proud fan) and decide to work in the industry. Lauren Gardner, @LGRed, has is a Host, Reporter & Television Personality who has appeared on Altitude Sports Network, CBS Sports, AT&T SportsNet, Fox Sports Ohio, MTV2, NHL Network, ESPN, the Smithsonian Channel and multiple Super Bowls. I've found there's very little room for a woman to be a casual sports fan — unless you know a given forward's second cousin's dog's name, how can you be trusted as a real fan, and not just a girl with a crush or an interloper coming to steal something away from men? Nash went from a job with the Rays TV network to the MLB Network job. Kelly Nash is a studio host for the NHL Network and MLB Network. NHL Network is an American sports-oriented cable and satellite television network that is a joint venture between the National Hockey League (which owns a controlling 84.4% interest) and NBCUniversal (which owns the remaining 15.6%). For the record — and hopefully for the last time — she does. [3][5] There has been minor talent sharing between the networks, and MLB Network cross-promoted an NHL Stadium Series game at Coors Field by building a scale hockey rink in its Studio 42 (which itself is designed to resemble a scaled baseball field). That pressure to know everything or else be seen as an impostor is too familiar. The company was contractually obligated to carry NHL Network on its systems by the summer of 2007 at the latest, so it would be available in time for the 2007–08 NHL season. [15] On November 18, 2016, the NHL Network returned to AT&T U-verse following a five-year hiatus.

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