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[10] The expectation of what war would be like was shaped by the requirement to don nuclear, biological and chemical protection (flying even a simulator sortie wearing the AR5 aircrew respirator assembly still sends a shiver up the spine of Tornado aircrew of a certain age) and display our competence in our primary role: nuclear strike using the WE177 tactical nuclear weapon.
The Senior British Naval Officer Middle East was Captain Anthony McEwen, Royal Navy until September 1990 (on HMS York), then Commodore Paul Haddocks from September to December 1990. In many ways, the Gulf War was the progenitor of the next two decades of operations and the current ‘Western way of air warfare’, based around the principle of minimum force and the delivery of low-collateral and highly precise effects in discretionary wars of choice.

Events such as the Falklands War were dismissed as aberrations and, despite the efforts of individuals such as the then Director of Defence Studies, Group Captain Andy Vallance, to promote broader thinking about the wider employment of air power, the overwhelming consensus was that there was little point in expending intellectual effort on the strategic or even operational use of air power. Desert Storm Pictures As a force, it is much smaller, but far more capable and, dare I say, professional than the force I went to war with back on that humid Gulf night in January 1991. Get directions, maps, and traffic for Granby, QC. 42nd Field Artillery Brigade in Desert Storm In combination these generated a fourth: the particular and peculiar mind-set and institutional culture they engendered. Desert Storm - The Electronic Battle On a personal level, my initial anxiety was largely confined to whether I could do the job properly without letting myself, my navigator (like ‘effectors’, ‘weapon systems operator’ was a term for the future) and my squadron down by making simple or stupid mistakes under pressure; ironically, it became more difficult later on at an arguably less dangerous stage of the campaign, when I knew I could do the job, so had more time to think about the threat, the risks involved and what we were doing. Iraq - Where is the Opposition British Challenger tanks destroyed approximately 300 Iraqi vehicles, including achieving the longest-range tank-kill in the war from 3 miles away. The Gulf War changed all this. Operation Granby was the name of Britain’s Gulf War operations, and over 53,000 troops were involved. British Units - All three services 10 The NATO Tactical Evaluation (TACEVAL) process culminated in major, no-notice exercises designed to test all aspects of readiness, force generation and tactical execution. Personal Account - 73 Easting I clearly remember one formation leader trying to plan a route when his hand was shaking so much that he couldn’t hold a ruler. Certainly, I have found my own outlook and response to danger on operations to be very different at later stages in my career (and with the changing circumstances of family and personal life) than it was when I was a twenty-something junior pilot with very little to lose; so perhaps war really is a young person’s business. Indeed, I often had to question whether my responses to later leadership or decision challenges were logical and based on the particular circumstances pertaining at the time, or represented a lazy and instinctive reversion to an early experience of combat which was not necessarily appropriate within a very different context. Operation Desert Storm 1991 A conflict involving peer or near-peer adversaries employing sophisticated capabilities would look very different to our recent experiences. The force I flew with believed that in the unlikely event of being committed to combat, our fundamental purpose was to maximise weapon effects rather than put a premium on our own survival, and heavy casualties were inevitable. The Gulf War 1990/1991

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