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raft update chapter 2

Langersehnte Fortsetzung: Das zweite Kapitel von Raft bringt viele Features ins Spiel. There is something intriguing and incredible in digging out scoops and finding out the truth behind mysterious stories. The raft is a multiplayer game that is an action-adventure game that makes the players engrossed and addicted to the game. After hours of game play trying to collect the basics for survival, players can implement a more advanced crafting system, research new items, turn their raft into a moving vehicle, navigate new areas, dive and explore. © Copyright - 2018 - 2020 CCDiscovery Daily News Updates. The passion to get to know more about what’s happening in the world led me to become a journalist. Double click inside the Raft folder and run the exe application. You will get rope hooks that you can use to collect resources from the sea such as wood, rope and food. The developers haven’t revealed the official release date of the Raft Chapter 2 as yet. If you are a fan of Raft then the good news is that the developers of the game are coming up with a brand new chapter of Raft. Let’s take a look at the features: Read more: Top 5 Movies Similar To Jumanji. The first chapter of the Raft was released in 2018 and it was quite successful with the gamers. Es ist Teil von Update 12, das am 8. Das zweite Kapitel knüpft dementsprechend dort an. According to a report published in the National... What are the new features of Raft Chapter 2? It can shorten underwater reef exploration and force players to either escape or survive and fight. Apabila link download sudah tidak bisa di gunakan, berarti link tersebut sudah dimatikan oleh pihak pembuat karena pelanggaran hak cipta.

Lange mussten Fans des Early-Access-Hits auf neuen Stoff warten, doch am 8. In the beginning of the game you have to play to survive a small assembled in the middle of the sea which is only equipped with basic weapons. The fans are eagerly waiting for Raft Chapter 2 to release as they are already in love with the game. By upgrading your rig, you can catch more debris, cook food, filter water, and much more.

Official name The Second Chapter Release date October 8, 2020 Update 11 Update 12.01 Update 12 (The Second Chapter) is a major update for Raft, released on 8th October 2020. Wir fassen die Features zusammen. We want to bring Caravan Town and all the new features to you as soon as possible, but, we also want to make sure the update is polished and ready. the creators did not disclose when they are going to release Raft Chapter 2 yet.

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