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Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2005. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on February 11, 2020. Reba is outraged after Brock takes their youngest son to the gynecologist's office, and Cheyenne and Van wrestle over finding a place for all his belongings. Brock is happy about this, but Reba, who wants them to go to the University of Houston so that she can stay close to her granddaughter, is not. Season 1 is full of laughs along with Season 2. Reba told him she felt nothing, grabbed her purse and left. Reba McEntire is a stranger to the acting world, but she does a fantastic job in this series. Buy Reba: Season 1 Episode 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. Van and Cheyenne are told about how they married young and the memories they made over the years, making them want to create memories for themselves. Brock and Barbra Jean's wedding day is near: BJ got Cheyenne and Kyra shiny purple dresses, Kyra doesn't want to attend, BJ wants Reba's blessings. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful. Both Cheyenne and Barbra Jean's due dates for the babies is near. The show was broadcast during 2004–05 television season on Fridays at 9 pm. At the ceremony, Cheyenne goes into labor so Van carries her across the stage. Maybe to give more time to Barbara Jean and Reba's relationship, but it certainly seemed like a very loose end. Kyra does not want to spend time with her father since it includes Barbra Jean. I did not mean to order this episode. Cheyenne has morning sickness. Van is allowed to take a make-up test. Reba throws a baby shower for Cheyenne & Van. Was this review helpful to you? Reba is a series that will have you laughing every single minute of every episode. Get a detailed look at every new and returning show coming to broadcast... 2012 Fall TV Preview: Our Night-by-Night Guide. I hope this is an expression of how high an opinion I have of this show. Reba gets a job as a substitute teacher at Cheyenne's school, which worries Cheyenne. The white-picket-fence world of the Hart family collapses when Texas soccer mom Reba discovers that her dentist husband Brock is leaving her for his impossibly perky and unfortunately pregnant dental hygienist Barbra Jean. With Reba's parents visiting to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Reba is miffed when Brock dares to shows up at the house with Barbra Jean in tow. In an unrelated story, Kyra is back. They give money, truck, and place to live - with strings attached. They recall their crazy single days and Lori Ann announces that now they're both divorced (probably the third time for her), it's time they hit the town. Yes! Brock asks Reba to help him with the funeral arrangements after John D., his father, passes away. I'm especially excited to check out the DVD's special features, which include commentary with the cast, bloopers and outtakes! Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Reba McEntire starred as the titular character Reba Hart, the wisecracking single mother who keeps her family together amidst chaos. Van asks the dorks at school to vote for Cheyenne and they can attend one of his parties. please cancel. Reba and Parker go out, and Reba remembers why she dumped him before. Reba's kitchen sink is broken. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Funny, uplifting - heck, it's simply priceless, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 22, 2007. While the situation would have most fall to their knees, Reba seems to be able to manage and make things work better than most. Never really recommended to my husband as I am not sure if he would enjoy the jokes and humour since he is French. These are the most promising TV shows and streaming/VOD movies to watch... Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. My mom and i watch it together every Friday Night on the WB. As if that bombshell isn't enough, Reba also learns that her 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne is pregnant by her boyfriend Van. [1], In addition to the series regulars, several recurring characters appeared throughout the season. Packed with meaningful messages and hilarious high jinks, you will not regret this purchase. The family, along with their adorable dog Happy, lives in Glenoak, California. The plumber flirts with Reba; they go to the store to pick out new fixtures; he kisses her when they return. Concerned with the effect all this chaos will have on 12-year-old Kyra, and 9-year-old Jake, and determined that her family will muddle through this domestic mess together, Reba summons her courage and plans a shotgun wedding ... With Cheyenne & Van back from their honeymoon, they return to school. However, as the series progresses, it becomes less entertaining and more annoying due to the choices made and the children who seem to get left in the background as Cheyenne is always front and center and the one who seems to get all the attention from Reba. Also, I always wondered why Reba's best friend, played by Park Overall, virtually disappeared without explanation. As the family's "emergency adult," he's responsible for taking care of Drew, his taller, more assured brother, and Tonya, the baby of the family, when his parents are working. Grew up on this show! Meanwhile, Kyra struggles with the decision to go to her father's wedding. Brock says they can build a treehouse, and Reba worries he will not keep the promise. Looking for some great streaming picks? But, they have to pay for half before they can drive it. Moved from the projects to the tough "Bed-Stuy" neighborhood of Brooklyn, Chris is still stuck in his older-brother role. Uprooted to a new neighborhood and bused into a predominantly white middle school, Chris struggles to keep his siblings in line at home and meet the challenges of junior high. When Cheyenne argues with Reba about household chores, she and Van decide to move out into an apartment. Maybe to give more time to Barbara Jean and Reba's relationship, but it certainly seemed like a very loose end. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on August 15, 2014. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. My husband and I watched the last episode of the DVD tonight (# 22) and once again he characterized it as hysterical. [1] Scarlett Pomers played Kyra Hart, Reba and Brock's rebellious and sarcastic daughter. The fourth season of Reba, an American television sitcom series, aired on The WB from September 17, 2004 to May 20, 2005. Maybe to give more time to Barbara Jean and Reba's relationship, but it certainly seemed like a very loose end. The first season of Reba, an American television sitcom series, aired on The WB from October 5, 2001 to May 10, 2002. Kyra ditches the clarinet for a tuba and practices it with a boy with same instrument, sparking a dialogue amongst the family about her first crush. Van flunks his history test and cannot play in the football game. Reba saves the day by talking to Kyra, changing the dresses, giving her blessing, and more. The entire season was released on DVD in North America on December 14, 2004. How do you deal with it when your single parent goes on vacation and comes back married? As Brock and Barbra Jean's wedding approaches, Brock asks Reba for her blessing as per Barbra Jean's request. Barbra Jean wants the funeral a grand event and play the bereaved woman. Join the Lamberts and the Fosters as they struggle through the ups and downs of eight very different personalities living under one roof as a new family. However, complications arise when Cheyenne does more harm than good and Van gets promoted to delivery driver, but still can't use the car. Reba steps in, causing Van and Cheyenne to have their first fight and Cheyenne to call Reba out on her failed marriage. Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2004. Van asks his parents. © 2020 METACRITIC, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. "Reba" is original, fun, and the perfect family comedy series. Van is under so much pressure to pass a history exam so he can play in the big Friday night game that he keeps freezing up when it's time to take the test. Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. Reba gets a teaching job at Cheyenne & Van's school. I appreciate this show very much. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. but she does a fantastic job in this series, Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2014. Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2020, Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2019. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 16, 2014. Our fall TV preview concludes with a comprehensive guide to the new and... 2013 Fall TV Preview: Our Comprehensive Guide to the Season's New and Returning Shows. Cheyenne thinks she is in labor and all go to the hospital. Reba tricks Brock into going camping so he'll miss the USC recruiter who's coming to talk to Van, but instead he misses the birth of his new baby. I am so excited that the show "Reba" is finally coming to DVD. This page was last edited on 1 November 2020, at 19:55. Download to watch offline and even view it on a big screen using Chromecast. Kyra gets straight A's at school. Just to make sure, she meets up with him in a local coffee shop, and kisses him again. It's not until he kisses her that she realizes the reason: He's a bad kisser! Reba hosts a baby shower for Cheyenne, during which Brock gives Cheyenne and Van a new-used car. [1] Steve Howey portrayed high school football star and Cheyenne's husband and father of her child, Van Montgomery. Absoutely entertaining. My big sister recently had a little baby girl, and when she grows old enough I plan to give her these shows, so she can watch something that is a little bit more (a lot more, actually) than the **** they normally show on TV. Reba's parents are visiting, celebrating their 46 years of marriage. Van & Cheyenne are voted for Prom King & Queen. With graduation looming, and their baby due any day now, Van and Cheyenne decide they want to go it alone in the delivery room when the baby arrives; Reba is hurt, but takes the news in stride. Her mother tells Reba what makes a good marriage and Reba feels like she failed. Reba gets the final divorce papers, and Lori Ann tells her it is time to start dating again. Cheyenne convinces Van to ask his parents for money and comes back with a new truck and an invitation from his parents for him and Cheyenne to move-in. Reba hosts the football team's pre-game dinner, but when Cheyenne gets the wrong potato salad, she keeps it under wraps. With Reba McEntire, Christopher Rich, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Steve Howey. During the recruiter's visit, Cheyenne's experiences Braxton Hicks contractions. He is reluctant, but he enjoys the first session; Cheyenne does not. [2], "Reba (TV series 2001–2007) - Full Cast & Crew",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Reba Hart's world is blown apart when she learns that her 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne is pregnant, as is her estranged husband Brock's mistress. Nell Carter, who starred in the 1980s NBC sitcom Gimme a Break!, appeared in the first three episodes as Dr. Susan Peters, the court ordered therapist appointed to the Hart family. Well, you deal with it step by step!

God Will Test You Before Your Breakthrough, Knight Golf Clubs, Millie Appleyard Australia, Is Edmentum Down, Olivia Junkeer Age, Maris The Chojo English Dub, Nicknames For Declan, Led Hookah Wholesale, Online Resonance Structure Generator, Reggie Jackson Baseball Net Worth,

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