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reflection about upuan song

The lead single “Magda” is a heart-wrenching narrative of a pretty provincial lass, indeed, her father’s “princess”–who had every other lad’s heart besotted by her beauty. . Lumakas man ang ulan ay walang butas ang bubong Ang aking ina na may kayamanan isang kaldero would haveb. The song describes the divide between the Filipino higher class and the lower class Kayo po na naka upo, Thus, his sensitivities and sensibilities have become more sharpened and refined and all of these have made him the artist he is now… and a powerful messenger too. Walang doktor na makapagpapalinaw ng mata niyo Kahit sa dami ng pera niyo Political geography tells us that territoriality is innate in humans. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Places, where people have already settled in (even if some of them do so informally) are being revived through the occupation of the middle and upper classes but it happens at the expense of the lower class. Edit all of these widgets in the, Wala namang kasal pero marami ang naka barong, Mga plato’t kutsara na hindi kilala ang tutong, Kung makikita ko lamang siya ay aking sisigawan, Ang aking ina na may kayamanan isang kaldero. At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo al., 2003), Sabi pa nila ay dito mo rin matatagpuan . Wag masyadong halata (ooh) Nice read! This way, I can treat the song as if it is a map just like what we try to do for movies. Learning Task 5: The dialogue uses conditional sentences. His songs were mainly about social differences/ social inequalities like Upuan, Walang Natira, Sirena, and Magdalena. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Album Launch: January 23, 2011 Sa taong naka upo, The repeated chorus of the song speaks to the taong grasa ’s lone existence, the one that keeps people from caring, the one that tells him be unafraid, you are not alone. Subukan nyo namang tumayo Gentrification is also an ongoing phenomenon here in our country and it aggravates the relationship between the rich and the poor, creating a bitter wall between the two. Most of his songs are in the Philippine context. Ang tao na nagmamay-ari ng isang upuan Na pag may pagkakatao'y pinag-aagawan Kaya naman hindi niya pinakakawalan Kung makikita ko lamang siya ay aking sisigawan [Jeazell Grutas of Zelle:] Kayo po na naka upo Subukan nyo namang tumayo At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo Ang tunay na kalagayan ko [Gloc-9:] Mawalang galang na po Sa taong naka upo It is about the inequality between the rich and the poor. First is the representation of upuan. Mga plato’t kutsara na hindi kilala ang tutong Reading these lines, I remembered this comic that was shown in class. But anyway good job on your blog, it was a nice read! Ang tao na nagmamay-ari ng isang upuan Buddies talaga tayo :)), Hi PJ! At ang kanin ay simputi ng gatas na nasa kahon Ang matamaan ay Mapa mataas man o mababang antas ng ating lipunan. Nice blog entry! The relevance of this song can also be seen during the time of Karl Marx. As he progressively climbs the ladder of success in the music industry, he continues to keep his ears to the ground. You can use text widgets to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. P.S. It was written during the 1980’s and was revived by Bamboo in 2007, this shows that there is not much difference with regards the norm and realities in the society. Music and Geography, two things that I am very invested in. However, as the song illustrates, we can see that gated communities also exist in our country. Ulam na tuyo’t asin Pero kulang na kulang parin, This can be exemplified by the way we perceive some places to hold more importance or merit than others, such as how the head of the family occupies the kabisera in the dining table. Di ko alam kung talagang maraming harang At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo At naka pilang mga mamahaling sasakyan From the title itself, I can already tell that you are writing about Gloc-9’s song. Ang singkwenta pesos sa maghapo’y pagkakasyahin

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