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Also, we analyze our data from a synchronic point, of view – that is, we observe it as one single point in time. to (b) items that correspond to the attributes (in this case, more satisfactory when they needed to match implicit associated, propose applying the IAT method to analyze, implicit biases based on vector spaces in which words that share. Codias launched as an alternative for conservatives fed up with Facebook. Both social media usage and group membership enhance the spread of extremist ideology, suggesting that online and physical organizing remain primary recruitment tools of the far-right movement. Dashed lines indicate the reference value calculated, when compared with baseline channels, incorporate higher percent-, ages of words conveying semantic elds like, most frequent LDA topics do not show high evidences of hate, they, did report that right-wing channels debates are more related to sub-, jects like war and terrorism, which might corroborate the lexical, analysis.

Correlations between normalized frequencies of words in each Empath category and the average cosine similarity between the vocabulary of all captions of a channel and the vocabulary of all comments published in this channel's videos. Andrew Torba, who appeared on Infowars on Tuesday along with Adams to talk with Jones about “the globalist tech gatekeepers,” founded Gab.ai shortly after Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos, the conservative provocateur.

Regarding the captions, we observe no signicant correlation for, the right-wing channels, and a signicant positive correlation for, These results imply that baseline channels with higher fraction of, words related to hate and negative emotions also have a higher. The incorporation of time, analysis may also improve our LDA results, since it would be pos-, sible to create the notion of conversation sessions and to split the, large documents that aggregate all videos’ comments into smaller, This work was partially supported by CNPq, CAPES, FAPEMIG and, Ashar and Robert Faris, from the Berkman Klein Center for Internet, & Society at Harvard University, for their insightful discussions.
Our, three analyses, through which we evaluate (a) lexicon, (b) topics. Hatreon provides a crowdfunding service to replace Patreon. Further, the works Crystalizing Public Opinion and Propaganda are critiqued through ideas found in Dialectic of Enlightenment to give business and PR professionals ethical concepts that may be applied to modern trends in communications. 2015. For each YouTube channel, cerning the captions and the other one concerning the comments, in the videos. common contexts are located in close proximity to one another, wide spectrum of biases previously assessed by implicit association, tests, they show that cosine similarity between words in a vector, space generated by word embeddings is also able to capture im-, plicit biases. 2018. We then use NLP and computer vision tools to identify trends, themes, and topics of discussion. For instance, while, “The Alex Jones Channel” holds a median similarity of 0.9, the, median similarity in videos at “Jon Bowne Reports” is as low as, 0.5. We also perform preliminary measurements on how the Twitter suspension mechanism deals with such abusive behaviors. The removal of Jones was just the biggest and latest in a long series of bans that have pushed extremists into lesser-traveled corners of the internet. statistical dierence between baseline’s captions and comments, the same is not true for right-wing channels, for which there are. Please login, or create one to continue. Ethan Fast, Binbin Chen, and Michael S Bernstein. It is also valuable to investigate whether, behaviors connected to hate, violence and discriminatory bias come, into sight in right-wing videos. For this analysis, lemmatization was nec-. vaccine, vaccines, vox, cenk, ukraine, millie.

We do so by gathering and analyzing 28.8M posts from 6 forums and 51 subreddits. To start growing your network, and add Chief Moody as a connection, you must have a Channel Pages account.

2017. bated than video hosts in an eort to express hate and discrimination? Facebook, YouTube and Apple remove Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms, shortly after Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones banned by Facebook, YouTube and Apple.

: Statistics regarding all collected channels. The use of our multi-layered approach mitigates, this problem, but, in future work, we plan to improve our analyses, in this regard. The proposed strategy relies on combining linguistic features to improve the classifier’s performance. Correlation between channel’s similarity and semantic elds. Our initial research questions are the following: is the presence of hateful vocabulary, violent content and, discriminatory biases more, less or equally accentuated in, are, in general, commentators more, less or equally exac-, erbated than video hosts in an eort to express hate and, One of the side contributions of this paper is the proposal of a, three-layered method that can be used to evaluate the presence of, hate speech and discriminatory bias not only on YouTube videos, and comments, but in any kind of text instead. In this paper, we, observe issues related to hate, violence and discriminatory bias in, a dataset containing more than 7,000 videos and 17 million com-, comments and video content in a selection of right-wing channels.

These representations were used for vector recording of entries posted on twitter and then they were, This article describes the strategy submitted by the CiTIUS-COLE team to SemEval 2019 Task 5, a task which consists of binary classification where the system predicting whether a tweet in English or in Spanish is hateful against women or immigrants or not.

also aggregating the channels by type (right-wing and baseline). and compare it to a baseline set using a three-layered approach, in which we analyze (a) lexicon, (b) topics and (c) implicit biases, present in the texts.

2013. right-wing channels to baseline channels; : we contrasted the topics addressed in the. The need for these kinds of platforms is a recent development. In, ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing, tion using natural language processing. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. To start growing your network, and add The Freedomists Show as a connection, you must have a Channel Pages account. In this study, I applied an epidemiological method called two-component spatio-temporal intensity modeling to data from 416 far-right extremists exposed in the United States between 2005 and 2017. Through, this method, it is possible to measure implicit associations and then. The system performance reaches about 81% F1 when it is applied to the training dataset, but its F1 drops to 36% on the official test dataset for the English and 64% for the Spanish language concerning the hate speech Values close to 0 indicate no correlation and values close to 1 report maximum correlation. Please login, or create one to continue. 2009. For a given channel, contains the average fraction of each Empath category present, in the caption or in the comments of the videos in channel, Finally, we dened a metric that measures the similarity between, content and comments of a video. Furthermore, we show that these vectors provide state-of-the-art performance on our test set for measuring syntactic and semantic word similarities.

2017. This ltering resulted in the, 3,278 videos and 4,348,986 comments from right-wing channels, and in the 3,581 videos and 9,522,597 comments from baseline, channels used in our investigations. For years, often with scant evidence, users on the right have complained that tech companies punish and silence the expression of conservative thought. 2015.

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