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riva 180 carb swap

So one vacuum line and the fuel line. Do a compression test and that will tell you. * Engine: Air cooled, 2 valve, 171cc, single cylinder, 4 stroke, single overhead cam.
... (Riva 180 spark plug wires are 7mm, stranded core)

Place the scoot on its centerstand. The aftermarket carburetor creates instant throttle response and much greater torque/horsepower, uphill speeds are the best i have found so far with this combination.

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I have only one online resource, which shows the float level may be 23 +/- 1 mm, with no way to show if that is correct or where the measurement is based. This is the Riva 180 petcock, showing the diaphragm inside of it that allows or blocks the flow of fuel. ). You literally only need about $25 to delete the Bi-Metal Control Valve (BCV) and the other two cold/starter solenoids. I am finding my garbage GY6 chinese scooter is more reliable than this Yamaha, and that bike sets a very low bar. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Put a vacuum line on the #1 nipple (right beside #2, it’s also marked) and run it to a filter, or cap it off, or leave it open (runs the risk of moisture or dirt getting sucked in the carb). Go for it. Yamaha showed up in North American with the Riva 180 (model code XC180) for 1983, beating Honda to the large scooter market by a full year.

YAMAHA RIVA 180 XC180 SCOOTER COMPLETE WORKSHOP REPAIR MANUAL 1983 1985 ... if it's a carb problem shut off gas, remove aircleaner let fuel in carbs evaporate for a week. 180, 180cc, 1983, 80's, awesome, BCV, belt, bi metal control valve, Buzz in the valley, carb, carb swap, carburetor, cheap, choke, cub, eighties, fun, genuine scooter, genuine scooter company, hard to start, kymco, manual, mikuni, passport, rally, rh50, riva, riva scooter, riva yamaha, roughhouse, scoot, scooter, scootering, scooterist, scooters, sidecar, stella, sym, symba, variator, vespa, won't start, wowow, xc180, yamaha, Yamaha riva, Yamaha riva 180. The Riva 180/200 is a very comfortable ride and great for covering long distances. The Riva 180 was a powerful 4-stroke scooter with a respectable top speed of 70-75 mph. Can't Kill Me 250 views. I've serviced the carburetor and the engine runs, but it is blowing white smoke out the exhaust and contaminating its engine oil with gasoline. Change ). You can use this to get a rough idea of how many might be in existence for all years, but keep in mind that scooter sales dropped off quite a bit by '89 and stayed low for over a decade. Slow and sluggish at low speeds.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. My girlfriend wanted a scooter for some time and I was looking for a fun project in my new garage so when I saw this scooter on Kijiji for next to nothing I decided it would be my next restauration project. The nipple to the left went to the carb, and the one to the right brings vacuum from the engine. Manifold needs a vacuum line to the petcock. The cap on the end is more to keep the tiny bit of fuel that accumulated from vapor from dripping out somewhere inconvenient. A compression test would confirm that, but wouldn't there still need to be something affecting the carburetor to cause the excess fuel in the first place? Yamaha withdrew the Riva 180 from our shore after 1985 but they returned for the 1987 model year with an improved Riva 200 (XC200) capable of 75mph. You need to sign up for Yahoo to access their group but they have complied an impressive collection of information that makes sign up worthwhile. Finally have better pics and new vacuum lines. When working on the carb, I find it way easier to remove the engine than to try and work on it in place.

Could the exhaust itself be contaminated with fuel or oil? The more people that get riva’s running and back on the road the better!

I have been trying to keep a log of different Yamaha Riva XC180 site for reference for fixing mine. The sheave is getting rare, so keeping it pristine as long as possible is a bonus. Of interest, Yamaha has stated this recall applies to 3506 vehicles, so we know that's how many Riva 200's were sold in the USA during those 2 years. Carburetor shops are unwilling to work on a carb without billing it as a full rebuild at +$200 which is more than the cost for a brand new carburetor and unnecessary as I've already done the work myself. Aftermarket carb, gates belt.

Very cool. Very nice. Just cap off what you aren’t using anymore. But I’m still leaning towards major engine overhaul, bad rings or something if gas is getting past them into the oil.

Get rid of BCV and the other solenoids. With practice the engine can be removed in less than 15 minutes. Does anyone have experience dealing with this? Other than that, thanks! Every test requires excessive time for disassembly and reassembly of half the bike. 75 is achievable in good conditions. Yahoo! That means that sales were roughly 1750 units/year. You saved me from having to try and manually choke this thing every time I start it! In 1988 through 1991, both regular and Z versions were sold, except for 1990 when just the Z was available. Manifold needs a vacuum line to the petcock. That strange retro-80's look was just the type of unusual bike I had to have. - Visit the forum on this site to chat about this scoot. Yeah, I have posted a bunch of information on Adventure rider”.

The Riva 180 was quite fast for its size with a top speed in excess of 70mph. They have to be 100% perfect or they won't work correctly, Pay attention to the vacuum diagram and how all the hoses route and connect, it's possible you have a bad vacuum switch so you may want to test each of them by sucking/blowing through them. Not a good combination unless you want all power between 45-60 mph, great in that range but too slow up to 45 mph compared to the 5/6 sliders combo. It's becoming infuriating. Riva 180/200 engine removal procedure. *scrubbed insides of carburetor with spray carb cleaner and a brass brush, then removed brass brush debris. get some Berrymans B12 spray carb cleaner and get a bunch of it in there, it will break down the gum/varnish from the gas. Carburetor hell is what I would call life in my garage right now.

I've serviced the carburetor and the engine runs, but it is blowing white smoke out the exhaust and contaminating its engine oil with gasoline. ( Log Out /  With practice the engine can be removed in less than 15 minutes. Yamaha continues to use this name today with a 125cc model.

The petcock still needs a connection to the carb to draw vacuum to open it. Shut it after a few seconds. - Essential for working on your Riva scooter. They worked beautifully (smooth and silent and they can’t damage the sheave no matter how bad they wear). EDIT: Just googled it and it’s fan cooled, so I deleted the original post. diagram to make sure you have the hoses hooked up properly. *cleared main jet and cleaned with carb cleaner, *cleared nameless jet inset in float bowl assembly of blockage, *replaced float needle and seat assembly, which came with new O-ring, *removed old gasket (which is discontinued) and replaced with homemade gasket from gasoline-rated gasket paper (no external leaks with repeated testing), *cleaned accelerator pump and other diaphragm, no leaks from either, *replaced 90 degree bend for an exterior vacuum line, original 90 degree bend was missing, *checked fuel petcock diaphragm for tears, found none, *tested fuel petcock vacuum tube during operation with transparent tube, no fuel in vacuum tube (confirming excess fuel is not coming from the petcock diaphragm. Sorry Adam, they never sent me a notice of your reply.
Owners and buyers should be aware that a recall exists for '87 - '88 Riva 200 scooters (Recall code: 89V099000) that corrects a weakness in the front brake compression bar.

This opens the petcock when the engine is turning over. 1984 Yamaha riva 180 rebuild pt3 - Duration: 24:14. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. 7. This opens the petcock when the engine is turning over. I was given a 1984 Yamaha Riva 180 as a fixer-upper gift. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Online tutorials do not help. Maintenance Information for the Yamaha Riva 180. - Yahoo group of Riva 125, Riva 180 and Riva 200 owners. You literally only need about $25 to delete the Bi-Metal Control Valve (BCV) and the other two cold/starter solenoids. Yamaha sold quite a few neat accessories for their Riva 180/200 scooters including rear cases, a ‘streamliner’ windscreen and an unusual tennis racquet holder rack. I was given a 1984 Yamaha Riva 180 as a fixer-upper gift.

- From Jacks Scooter Shop, this describes common problems for the Riva 180 / 200. Petcock. 1. 6.

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