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Making a successful catch really comes down to choosing the right location at the right time and while using the right equipment, including bait, line, and of course the catfish rigs. The parts of a catfish rig will vary depending on the type you have made or bought. This makes the drift rig a good choice to use in shallow ponds or creeks. Secure a 2- to 4-ounce bell sinker to one ring of a barrel swivel or the bottom ring of a three-way swivel with 6-pound-test line. In some situations, you want the bait anchored in place, but off the bottom. Catfish rigs can be used independently, or you can set them up as a trot line which holds multiple catfish rigs. The leader should be slightly longer than the dropper line” usually 2 to 3 feet, depending on current velocity.

The length of your lead and main line depends on the depth at which you have located catfish. They can be added to any catfish rig you choose in any configuration which creates a catfish rig that produces noise and vibration. This rig also is a good choice for drifting across shallow flats in lakes, ponds, or reservoir creek arms. Anchor cutbait and smaller livebait rigs with a few lead shot about a foot above a hook, ranging from a #2 for small baits to a 3/0 for bigger baits.

Float-paternoster rigging employs a slipfloat, so to make the rig, begin as you would a standard slipfloat rig slipknot, bead, then slipfloat. It is designed to imitate catches the catfish may be after already, as the baited hook will move at similar speed.

Next, slip on a 5-mm bead followed by the slipfloat. Prod the float from time to time to keep the suspended baitfish swimming. The goal is always to land as many fish as possible, and this is possible when you use the best catfish rigs. Unearth This Wonderful Breaded Catfish Recipe! A floating rig prevents that by getting the bait up off the bottom a … Traditional rigs often sink into soft bottom, diminishing their scent trails. Small, thin designs like the classic Thill Center Slider are perfect for drifting small to medium-size portions of cutbait for blue and channel cats, while the larger and more bulbous Thill Big Fish Slider suspends big livebaits for flatheads. Source: LearnToCatchCatfish.com.

The three-way or Wolf River rig is one of those rigging options that's so versatile it should at least be considered in most situations for all catfish species. Before tying the swivel to your main line, though, add a lead dropper consisting of a slightly lighter piece of monofilament with a bell sinker on one end and a swivel on the other. Cigar-shaped slipfloats are more sensitive than round bobbers, allowing cats to swim a short distance with a bait without feeling much resistance. It's an effective rig for presenting static baits in the heavy current of a tailrace, or the still waters of a lake or pond. Most of the time, you could set immediately without giving any line. Next, add the lead dropper, bead, and leader.

The three-way rig consists of a dropline some 6 to 24 inches long, anchored by a bell sinker of sufficient weight to keep the chosen bait near the bottom. Tie a bell on the limb to signal strikes after dark. The best catfish rigs are durable and simple, using the fewest number of necessary components. The rig is ideal for tailraces and other distance-casting situations.

Use just enough leader to let your bait attract fish without hanging up.

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