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West Coast Customs offers industry-leading car customization services ranging from simple vinyl wraps to completely original, one-off vehicle builds. This particular model of Charger is famous for bringing back the popularity of 70s-styled muscle cars with big V8 motors that put down a lot of rubber on the road with the only goal of achieving a quick quarter-mile time. His wife's name is Meagan Friedlinghaus. He views this as a lack of commitment to the brand and the ones that leave earliest are usually the first to be let go. To do this, they had to shorten the car 9 inches and widen it by 8 inches to fit the 356 body on top of it. You may think the i8 looks space-age or quirky depending on which side of the fence you’re on, but regardless, it is an agile car and exciting when driven flat out. Like many CEOs, Ryan has a laser-sharp focus on what his team is working on and believes that his employees should be the same. The first thing he did was strip the brown paint and respray it. Not only is he the son of the founder and CEO of luxury automotive restyling center West Coast Customs, but he is creative director and CEO of his own company, Pas De Faux Clothing (aka PDF Clothing).

He went on to explain that some of the modifications they were pushed to do were unsafe and too outlandish for the direction he wanted WCC to go in.

They originally started with a 2007 Porsche Cayman body which they combined it with a 1965 Porsche 356. Well surprisingly, the head of West Coast Customs has chosen a BMW i8 for his daily driver, and even more surprising, it’s bone stock. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Ryan Senior has kept a heavy automotive focus in his father-and-son activities to make sure his sons were bitten by the same automotive bug. He’s since been called the most-tattooed CEO in the USA and is fine with the title.

While Ryan worked hard to grow his business he was approached by several other opportunities, one being the ability to grow a franchise business. In a throwback to his days on hit TV show Pimp My Ride, Ryan has admitted he loves station wagons and is a self-confessed wagon guy. Source: MUSE TV, Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times, and Road and Track.

It’s an enthusiasm that is apparent in everything he does and he is always happy to take photos or sign autographs for people that are car enthusiasts. Ryan also said he never knows what is going to come out of Will.I.Am.s mouth when he calls into the shop but often he issues WCC with a challenge, stating “I bet you can’t build this.”.

West Coast Customs worked with Carroll Shelby to build custom Ford Mustang Cobras. It will also have a pit stop which will be narrated by Friedlinghaus himself, as well as West Coast Customs-designed coaster cars. The Charger was modified by West Coast Customs and was converted to a coupe and the door handles were shaved. Ryan has never had any mentors that have taught him these skills, instead preferring to learn through his own hands-on experience. Ryan Michael Friedlinghaus was born on April 22, 1975 in Los Angeles, California. They have two children, Ryan Jr., and Dylan. However, driving the big Rolls-Royce is a different story, with a 563-horsepower, twin-turbo V12 and a 4.9 second 0-60 time.

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