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In a few overseas species whose life histories have been studied, slugs become sexually mature 21–50 days after settling and live for 3–12 months in total. Two stalk-like ‘rhinophores’ project from either side of the slug’s head, which also has a fringed veil. “We need to explore whether the sea slugs produce TTX, whether it comes from a symbiotic relationship between bacteria and the sea slug, or whether it’s something the sea slug ingested,” says Dr Chang. A very solid, 12-cm long black slug is sometimes found on rocks at low tide.

Many more such compounds no doubt await discovery. For species originating in our waters, there is no landfall to be made to the east until South America, and most veligers cannot last a Pacific crossing. Join the discussion about this article by posting your response on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #amdiscuss. 3. They are most commonly observed during winter and spring when they lay egg masses. But to divers, who regularly encounter sea slugs, they are among the ocean’s real gems. Interestingly, the highly poisonous puffer fish is eaten in Japan, even though its poison can be fatal. The body is translucent grey. Just to complicate matters, there are a few marine slugs that are not closely related to any of these main groups. Handsome they may be, but sea slugs have a lot more going for them than just good looks. Sessile animals like sponges, bryozoa, hydrozoa and anemones are not numerous, and where they are found, there is often too much wave action for nudibranchs. By depriving developing veligers of strontium, experimenters have produced sea slugs that are neurologically defective and unable to orientate with respect to gravity. It was recently discovered to be deadly to humans and other animals such as dogs. Updated: 12 November 2019. In 2009, a major scare in the Auckland Region of New Zealand was sparked after several dogs died of tetrodotoxin poisoning after eating Pleurobranchaea maculata on beaches.

Bill Rudman, a New Zealander at the Australian Museum in Sydney and an authority on opisthobranchs, has speculated that the cnidosac may not be as clever an adaptation as it seems. The time between mating and spawning varies from three hours (usual) to two weeks. Where do their defences come from? Sea slugs are very popular in Chinese cuisine and I have eaten them often. A sea slug’s toxins do not all come directly from its food, however.

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