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Technology The M3 integrates three new technologies that haven’t been used in a driver so far and which create a personalized approach to the game and way straighter distance. Set Ascending Direction. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. By continuing to use our site you consent to use of cookies.

Voir plus. It has often been referred to as a distance driver because it offers more loft degrees and lower backspin compared to other drivers of its class.

4.2 out of 5 stars 175. It features maximized performance particularly designed to meet women’s needs. Golfonline, GolfInstore, Golf Online are all registered trade marks and trading names of Fairway Of Course Ltd. Company registered in England and Wales. It is a company that is ultra-innovative, and which has patented multiple technologies for all their clubs used on the course. A 44” driver helps golfers to achieve a distance of about 275 yards. Pour en savoir plus, affichez le panier. Buy.

TaylorMade Fujikura Pro 56 XLR8 Driver Shaft. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. The longer, deeper, and sleeker clubhead design it integrates the Speed Pocket which until then was twice the size of their previous models. As configured: Save; Cancel customization; £29.95.

If you are a golfer who is looking for decent, name-brand performance the simplicity of this model is all you need to excel in your game. How do the new TaylorMade M5 and M6 drivers perform? Cost and Value Even though there are four additionally upgraded models within the M series, the M2 is still considered one of the best performing driver for mid handicappers.

Find out more and set your cookie preferences here. The fact that it comes in higher lofts, makes this driver an excellent choice for high and mid handicappers. Does not include any other accessories such as the wrench to attach these to the clubhead. Replacement shaft for TaylorMade R1/R1 TP Driver Reg Flex. Il faut savoir ce que vous souhaitez obtenir comme trajectoires et vol de balle.

The CG is positioned low and forward for faster ball speed and low spin, Movable weight allows golfers to reach 30+ yards, Fixed loft settings and bendable hosel design add more stability, It comes with Fujikura Speeder 57 stock graphite shafts. This upgraded version has 43% more carbon fiber on the crown which considerably saves weight which is loaded on the sole with the movable weight concept. Un problème est survenu. However, the fact that the world champion Dustin Johnson won his tournament with an M4 driver in his bag, gave this club a tour validation. Design Features With the charcoal-grey crown, and the blue weight slide, equipped with Fujikura Speeder 57, it is a driver that is much more pleasing to the eye and ear compared to many similar drivers that belong within the same category. $4.99 flat rate shipping and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $199 w/ on-site coupon code. Plus, the price of this model is twice as low as the latest company’s models which makes it a good value for the money. Kalea is probably the lightest and the best performing driver for women, that has been made to enhance golfer’s performance to an unmatched level. Reinforced outer portions of the slot allow for a lighter, more flexible face, resulting in a massive sweet spot that enhances ballspeed and forgiveness across the entire face. It was also the beginning of the Hammerhead sole slot which was for the first time used in their drivers. Technology When it comes to the technology integrated within the design of AeroBurner, we can’t say it is extraordinary, however, the design itself represents a technological advancement on its own. Another specific feature is the face curvature with the corrective face angle that makes the mishits very successful and at the same time, it reduces the sidespin. This is the reason why the release is of importance and why we rated these drivers based on when they were released. 99. The M5 driver is the driver that was released just a few months ago and until now it has been praised as the fastest driver that TaylorMade has ever made. Shop TaylorMade golf. The driver is a resurrected upgrade of the original RBZ that had an immense success about ten years ago. Technology When it comes to the technology that is integrated into Kalea, the Speed Pocket design is an obvious feature that is characteristic for many TaylorMade models. Compatible with any TaylorMade Driver heads. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; Show. Hombre Golf Club is participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Used: $49.99. #1 Driver in Golf. Technology What TaylorMade engineers did with this driver was to remove weight from the crown, and position it on a movable slide track. There are three loft settings of 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees that golfers can choose from.

It is a very advanced process, carried out by the proprietary algorithms that determine the needed amount of resin. Vous n'avez aucun article dans votre liste d'envies.

These new releases wouldn’t be of such importance if they didn’t bring refreshment in their design, a new concept and idea which is often never-seen-before kind of feature. Titanium body, 6-layered carbon crown, and aluminum hosel, Advanced geocustic technology delivers better sound and feel, Three times more flexible Sped Pocket for extra speed, High launch, low spin, and ultra forgiveness, Lightweight, aluminum loft sleeve with 12 settings. The Twisted Face Technology that we described in detail with the M5 model, provides extra loft high in the toe, and less loft low in the heel to ensure spin consistency, even with mis-hits. Speed Pocket technology for more face flex and ball speed, Individually optimized length, weight, and loft, Deep and low center of gravity for higher ball launches, Ultralight shaft and overall lightweight construction.

That depends on your style and the way play the game. TaylorMade's new Hammerhead technology in M3 and M4 creates a massive sweet spot that enhances ballspeed and forgiveness across the entire face. Golfonline have a very good portfolio of products. Watch Video. Cost and Value Despite being outdated compared to its descendants, M1 is still a solid TaylorMade driver that boasts not only extremely sophisticated design and subtle feel and sound, but it is also the tour-performing driver that offers maximum forgiveness too.

Oversized titanium forged head that is very forgiving, Strategically added titanium core for low and deep CG for higher launch, The proprietary Speed Pocket contributes to more face flex for spring-like effect, It comes with Matrix White Tie 55 graphite shaft for optimal playability. All shaft comes fitted with standard TM Grips and TM Loft sleeves. Fast delivery and very good service! We exist to create performance in golf. Next is the Hammerhead Slot which represents a redesigned sole slot that creates faster face flex that expands the sweet spot and delivers more distance. Choose your desired stiffness as well as launch and spin characteristics to find the perfect driver/shaft combination for your swing. Twist Face technology introduces face curvature that reduces spin by altering the loft, Hammerhead sole slot makes the face flexible and creates a large sweet spot, Geocustic technology creates a sole shape for better sound and feel, Adjustable hosel fine-tunes the lofts for better adjustability. The Satin Black finish looks impressive and the crown details help golfers with the alignment. Of course, the price is considerably high, but with the performance it delivers, you’ll be pleased for many years to come, and the results often prove to be more than satisfactory. When we first unveiled Twist Face to the game's best golfers, it was not what they were expecting to see. Sorry, this product has sold out or may have been discontinued. Great value for the money spent. There are two weight tracks, the Front Track features 15-gram weight which delivers multiple fades, draw and neutral settings, while the BackTrack features 10 grams weight, and serves to adjust numerous low, high and medium spin and launch settings. Shop By.

Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Using our Select Fit technology, our highly skilled fitting technicians and retailers will find you the right combination of equipment to optimise your performance within the ultimate club fitting experience. Over the years TM has extended the limits of the drivers they produce and almost with every new release we can see descriptions such as:” the longest”, “the fastest”, “the most forgiving”, and so forth. Also, the huge level of adjustability that could be seen in M3 is reduced to the basics as the company thinks that high and mid handicappers would more appreciate stability and balance over the complexity of the adjustable weights and loft degrees. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The greatest innovation in this respect is Geocoustic Technology which is innovative acoustic engineering which increases the MOI, creates a better sound at impact and delivers more feel. 44.5 Inch Driver Shaft Length. The updated 2017 M1 driver is one of the most customizable drivers (actually, it was the most customizable when it was launched on the market) with its movable weight, shaft selections, and loft adjustability. Twist Face Technology reduces side spin and delivers straighter shots, Hammerhead Sole Slot allows flexible face and larges sweet spot, Adjustable hosel for lof tuning and personalized launch. 790, the all-new P•770 delivers distance and forgiveness in a smaller package. Since this is one of the most adjustable drivers, the hosel allows golfers to change the lofts by +/- 2 degrees, and this also enables them to change the shaft too.

The popular Speed Pocket is also redesigned and in this updated version it is three times more flexible compared to the original model. The M series has been the most technologically advanced, integrating multiple proprietary technologies and designs. 44” is the standard length for drivers with steel shaft, for male players. These features, accompanied by the multi-material construction, offer recreational golfers the same tour precision which gives the company the right to advertise it as the driver for anyone.

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