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communities to support the protection of Country, the There are changes to the way that greyhound keeping and training facilities are managed in Victoria's planning system, The initiatives and reforms to the planning system to be introduced as part of the Victorian Government's housing strategy, Infrastructure Contributions fund the provision of essential infrastructure to support new or growing communities, The Latrobe Valley Regional Rehabilitation Strategy: Regional Land Use Study aims to guide the future land uses of rehabilitated mines and surrounding areas, Planning considerations for areas around major hazard facilities, Planning for industrial and commercial land to meet future needs, The importance of open space in the community and how it is planned, Learn about the new guidelines on preparing a proposal to redevelop a golf course, Find out about Plan Melbourne and the previous planning strategies for metropolitan Melbourne, The Victorian Government is committed to increasing the supply of affordable housing. Landscape assessment studies help to ensure that Victoria's landscapes are there for future generations to enjoy. Results will become available after Friday 30 October and the names of all elected councillors will be known by Friday 13 November. as the original custodians of Victoria’s land and waters, These websites, which are funded by the local council and compiled by population experts, .id, use simple, clear maps tables and charts with concise factual commentary to inform community groups, investors, business, students and the general public. East - Cr Sally Davis. Stonnington City Council Annual Report 2018/19. View a list of ministerial interventions for the current and previous years by the Minister for Planning in Victoria. Last updated: 21st October 2020 See updates and amendments. their unique ability to care for Country and deep spiritual Find general information about recent planning panels and advisory committees. Stonnington City Council is divided into three wards, with three councillors each. Current Councillors Vote counting is underway for the 2020 local council elections. Following the Local Government Election on Saturday 24 October 2020, the successful candidates will be announced on Friday 13 November. Learn about the process involved, The department administers the integrated assessment and approvals processes under the Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009 on behalf of the Minister for Planning, Learn about the bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth and Victoria for environmental assessment, Download guidelines, advisory notes and forms relating to Environment Effects Statements, Explore planning research topics and resources, Interactive map providing demographic, housing and employment information for Melbourne, Download information on housing development data and spatial data commissioned to provide information on small lot residential development across Melbourne, Research and analysis reports about residential, industrial land supply in Victoria, Learn more about Victorian population bulletin, View research reports prepared by the government on regional issues, Census 2016 analysis by Land Use and Population Research, View a list of recently released and past issues of Research Matters, Learn about the legislative framework for Victoria's planning system, Learn about the Planning and Environment Act 1987, a key piece of planning legislation that provides the legal framework for Victoria’s planning system, Learn about regulations, which are statutory rules created under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and the Subdivision Act 1988, Learn about the fees charged by state and local authorities for planning and subdivision services, Learn about the penalties for failing to comply with the Planning and Environment Act 1987, a planning scheme or conditions on a planning permit, View a short guide to restrictive covenants and what they mean for land owners, Ensuring the effective and efficient operation of the state's building system, Learn about the regulations relating to caravan parks and movable dwellings, Information about the regulatory framework in Victoria, Learn about the various statutory boards and advisory committees, Information about the various national building bodies, Learn about the building regulations that are currently under Regulation reviews, Learn about the safety requirements for private swimming pools and spas, Learn about voluntary agreements to fund cladding rectification works, Browse our library of resources and publications, Learn about the Planning Permit Activity Reporting System (PPARS) and the reports it produces, Information about accessibility guidelines for presentation of maps and visual data, View a list of Planning Advisory notes containing point-in-time information on a range of planning processes and topics, View a list of Planning Practice notes on a range of planning processes and topics, Sign up for Planning Matters, a weekly email containing information on new planning scheme amendments, planning project updates and publications. You are viewing this page without javascript. connection to it. Search for and view details of exhibited and approved amendments to Victorian planning schemes. East - Cr Glen Atwell. Results. The maps are generally based on officially gazetted suburb or locality … Learn about the planning system in Victoria and the information and services available to assist you, Learn about the planning system in Victoria and find helpful documentation to assist you in understanding it, Find guidance for practitioners on applying and drafting planning provisions, Explore the Minister for Planning's powers, roles and responsibilities including the issuing of Ministerial directions, Find out who's responsible for planning decisions in your area, Explore the wide range of planning services offered by the department, Find links to other websites with useful planning information from Australia and the world, Learn what planning schemes are and how they work, Access all planning schemes in Victoria including the Victoria Planning Provisions and scheme histories, Get a planning report for a property, land parcel or crown land showing planning zones, overlays and related information. 01DDO Design and Development (PDF 688.4 KB), 01LSIO Land Subject to Inundation (PDF 325.4 KB), 01NCO Neighbourhood Character (PDF 333.8 KB), 01SCO Specific Controls Overlay (PDF 1.3 MB), 01SLO Significant Landscape (PDF 408.6 KB), 02DDO Design and Development (PDF 491.3 KB), 02LSIO Land Subject to Inundation (PDF 278.6 KB), 02NCO Neighbourhood Character (PDF 292.1 KB), 02SCO Specific Controls Overlay (PDF 617.5 KB), 02SLO Significant Landscape (PDF 369.9 KB), 03LSIO Land Subject to Inundation (PDF 148.1 KB), 04DDO Design and Development (PDF 464.3 KB), 04NCO Neighbourhood Character (PDF 295.9 KB), 05DDO Design and Development (PDF 542.6 KB), 05NCO Neighbourhood Character (PDF 324.4 KB), 06DDO Design and Development (PDF 966.3 KB), 06LSIO Land Subject to Inundation (PDF 352.9 KB), 06NCO Neighbourhood Character (PDF 351.2 KB), 07DDO Design and Development (PDF 213.2 KB), 07LSIO Land Subject to Inundation (PDF 240.9 KB), 07NCO Neighbourhood Character (PDF 214.9 KB), 07SCO Specific Controls Overlay (PDF 394.8 KB), 08DDO Design and Development (PDF 153.9 KB), 08NCO Neighbourhood Character (PDF 130.4 KB), 09DDO Design and Development (PDF 244.9 KB), 09LSIO Land Subject to Inundation (PDF 268.0 KB), 09NCO Neighbourhood Character (PDF 247.1 KB), 10LSIO Land Subject to Inundation (PDF 289.2 KB). A state-wide mapping service for location-based zone and overlay information. Amendments to the Planning and Environment Act were introduced in 2018 to safeguard the state's distinctive areas and landscapes, Amendment VC157 requires planning approval for power lines to connect new large-scale electricity generation facilities to the electricity network. 20 July 2015 countback results - East Ward. maintenance of spiritual and cultural practices and their or Learn more about how your project may be eligible for accelerated assessment and determination. Learn about planning permit applications and processes, Review general information about planning permits including processes and common types of permit applications, A faster way of dealing with low-impact, straightforward planning permit applications known as VicSmart planning assessment, View a list of applications and decisions on planning permits where the Minister for Planning is responsible for making the decision, Find out if there additional permit requirements for your application, Browse a list of planning policies and current initiatives, The planning of a network of vibrant community hubs known as activity centres, Learn about amendment C371 that proposes to facilitate the use and development of land for a new campus for the University of Melbourne at 241 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne, The planning system's role in protecting our airports, their operations and the communities around them, The Better Apartments Design Standards have been introduced to improve the liveability and sustainability of apartments in Victoria, Planning for land use buffers and separation distances between industries and sensitive land uses, Learn how the planning and building systems respond to bushfire, Learn more about priority projects submitted for fast track to Building Victoria’s Recovery Taskforce, Planning controls to guide the future development of Melbourne's central city, Planning for the protection and enhancement of Victoria's coastal areas, What development contributions are and how they’re used. The Smart Planning program aims to make Victoria's planning system the most efficient and responsive in the country, The planning process to consider proposals for public housing estate renewal, New guidelines to outline the assessment and development process for large-scale solar energy facilities in Victoria, Current planning protections against overshadowing for your rooftop solar system. Victoria's planning zones have been reviewed and reformed, Regional Growth Plans provide a broad direction for land use and development across regional Victoria, The government is considering planning scheme changes to create three new regional parks and a sports precinct, The Victorian Government has streamlined the planning assessment process for residential aged care facilities, The Revitalising Central Geelong Action Plan aims to turn central Geelong into a magnet for new jobs and sustainable growth. 9 Councillors elected in October 2016.

culture and traditional practices. Amendment VC148 has implemented changes to the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP) and planning schemes.

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