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stories of saints for kids

The deeper meaning of the story may elude small children… but the magical tale makes him one of the most recognized Saints among kids and adults. Any Saint who’s name is associated with tons of chocolate candy is bound to be a favorite choice for kids. How hard it is not to see Jesus and still trust in Him. Most Popular Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, FIX YOUR VEHICLE’S DAMAGE OR RUST SPOTS BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE, Increase Your Car’s Value with a Top Quality Paint Job. These holy men and women can help your kids through all their fears and woes. There are Saints for every occupation, Saints for specific ocassions, and Saints for specific needs. To say thank you, people brought food and sweets to his jail cell window — and thus the candy we all love to share on his holiday. When it comes to popular Catholic saints for kids, some of them have stories that appeal to and inspire the younger set. Perhaps your child, grandchild, or God-children, will read these stories, become inspired, and one day also be remembered as an epic hero for Christ. Listen now to hear her story.St Claire of Assisi, Pray for Us! Here are ten of the most popular saints for Catholic children… and those who are still young at heart. Joseph represents hard work (he was a carpenter), a willingness to do whatever God asked, and a commitment to family… all wonderful values for children. Learn about the Catholic saints A-Z and a liturgical calendar for the saint of the day. 800-621-1008 Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. They’re the perfect length to really hold their attention. These podcasts are so well done! High quality videos are one of the most difficult resources to find for Catholic educators. The stories exhibit courageous virtue while also being age appropriate. He changed his name for a good reason…now he’s telling us why! Today, St. Maria Goretti is the Patron Saint of teen-aged girls and chastity. Their stories are fascinating, and all of these characters were inspired by their faith in God and supported by the graces and sacraments of the Catholic Church. Blessed Marie-Rose Durcoher's feast day is October 6. Read her story here. Spend time learning about the Saints’ lives with your children and you will all grow in belief and commitment. Your email address will not be published. Thank you so much for making this joy-filled podcast!!! Agnes was a very beautiful woman born in Rome in AD 291. Only this time, the young lovers were star-crossed not by their families, but by a commitment to their faith. 88 St Jude. Read his story here. Thanks to his defiant choice, many children were born. In life, Anthony was known as someone who only wanted to share the good news of the gospels to anyone who would listen. St. Cecelia, the Patron Saint of Musicians, is best known for her role in a romance to rival that of Romeo and Juliet. But preteens and teens appreciate her bravery and the fact that a girl just about their age was canonized for standing up for what’s right. By age 11, she had a regular prayer practice, but was far from perfect. St Jude was an Apostle of Jesus. St. Valentine was a rebel. When she was most in need, who would she call on, what would she reach for? A weekly podcast of stories for kids about the Saints, from the creator of Shining Light Dolls, Chantal Baros. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Since St. Cecilia is the patron saint of music, I … This Saint who is known for her profound faith and wisdom even as a child has long been a favorite of young Catholics. Join us each week for a new short story! His real-life reputation as a secret gift-giver led to his association with leaving presents on Christmas. I love listening to them! Watch the amazing story of Saint Anthony of Padua Today, Saint Anthony of Padua is considered as the patron saint for lost articles. 88 St Jude Ep. It is thought that she sang in her heart during her wedding, asking Jesus to be able to keep her special gift for him. Maria’s story of martyrdom at the age of 11 or 12 is a hard story for younger children to understand. Loyola Press is a Catholic publisher offering 3-Minute Retreat, books, ministry resources, articles, and educational program support. He knew all … Full biographical information, anecdotes, prayers and inspiration. Listen on Apple Podcasts. When St. Bernadette was 15, she had her first vision of the Blessed Virgin — one of 18 she would have in her short life. Listen now to hear his story!St Gregory, Pray for Us!, St Augustine tried and tried...and understand some of the most complex ideas in our faith. She, like so many children, would cry easily when criticized… and then cry even more because she was embarrassed to have cried in public. Most of the world might know him as Santa Claus, but Saint Nicholas’ role as the Patron Saint of Children makes him the number one choice for Catholic Saints children know and love. Geared toward middle-readers (ages 8-12), the stories emphasize the more fantastic elements of the saints’ stories; perhaps surprisingly for a book put out by a secular publisher, Stories … Kids love reading about the angle with flaming wings who guarded Cecelia’s purity, and her beloved Valerian who gave up marriage for a life of service to God. St. Peter was the only one of the twelve apostles to have his name changed by Christ. Saint Faustina Kowalska feast day is October 5. But in truth, there’s a lot more reasons for this Saint to be in the top 10 with children and teens. She joined a Holy Order at age 14, and stayed there until her passing at age 24. What Do All Saints Day and Halloween Have in Common? Others had a special influence on children during their lifetime. Does the Bible Have Anything to do with My Life? The Saints: A Brother Francis DVD. 0 $0.00 JAN • FEB • MAR • APR • MAY • JUN • JUL • AUG • SEP • OCT • NOV • DEC. © 2020 Loyola Press. He was a dedicated man who spent his life making other people’s burdens lighter.

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