supporters of using the atomic bomb against japan believed it would

supporters of using the atomic bomb against japan believed it would

A sobering indicator of the government’s expectations is that 500,000 Purple Heart medals (awarded for combat-related wounds) were manufactured in preparation for Operation Downfall. There is no doubt that a land invasion would have incurred extremely high casualties, for a variety of reasons. Earn a little too. This article is part of our larger educational resource on World War Two. We knew we were going home soon. Using the bomb would destroy the armaments still available to Japanese forces in Japan. Log in for more information. Scott Michael Rank, Ph.D., is the editor of History on the Net and host of the History Unplugged podcast. I had survived. For one, Field Marshall Hisaichi Terauchi had ordered that all 100,000 Allied prisoners of war be executed if the Americans invaded. Updated 69 days ago|8/25/2020 12:37:58 PM. The main argument in support of the decision to use the atomic bomb is that it saved American lives which would otherwise have been lost in two D-Day-style land invasions of the main islands of the Japanese homeland. For a comprehensive list of World War 2 facts, including the primary actors in the war, causes, a comprehensive timeline, and bibliography, click here. Weaponizing the atom was different, because the bomb does not discriminate between soldier and schoolteacher, warrior and infant. Prime Minister Suzuki then took the unprecedented step of asking Emperor Hirohito, who never spoke at cabinet meetings, to break the deadlock. The document concluded with an ultimatum: “We call upon the Government of Japan to proclaim now the unconditional surrender of all the Japanese armed forces…the alternative for Japan is prompt and utter destruction.”  To bomb supporters, the Potsdam Declaration was m5ore than fair in its surrender terms and in its warning of what would happen should those terms be rejected. Military planners included Japanese casualties in their estimates. The US B-29 superfortress Bockscar dropped the atomic bomb nicknamed 'Fat Man,' which detonated above the ground, on northern part of … Marines were forced to mow them down. All rights reserved. By late July, MacArthur’s Chief. D. We should have dropped eighteen bombs as far as I’m concerned. Two other Pacific memoirs, both published decades ago, resurged in popularity in 2010, owing to their authors’ portrayal in another HBO mini-series, The Pacific (2010). At the outbreak of WWII in September 1939, President Roosevelt was troubled by the prospect of what seemed likely to be Axis strategy, and on the day of the German invasion of Poland, he wrote to the governments of France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Great Britain. The Battle of Okinawa was fought from April 1 – June 22, 1945. Supporters of using the atomic bomb against Japan believed it would save American lives. About 95,000 Japanese soldiers were killed, and possibly as many as 150,000 civilians died, or 25% of the civilian population. Only 15% supported direct military use of the bomb. (If he told, it would be treason.). The devastation was so thorough and merciless, the world has never used an atomic weapon on people again. It kills everyone in reach. The U.S. Navy’s dead, at 4,907, exceeded its wounded, primarily because of the kamikaze. The first, against the Southern island of Kyushu, had been scheduled for November 1 (Operation Torch). Japanese casualties were about 18,000 killed or missing, and only 216 captured. It was clear Japan was unwilling to surrender on terms even remotely acceptable to the US and its allies, and the country was preparing a defence far more formidable than the US had anticipated. Emperor Hirohito agreed that Japan should accept the Potsdam Declaration (the terms of surrender proposed by the Americans, discussed below), and then recorded a message on phonograph to the Japanese people.

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