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supra sequential gearbox

The customer service I have experienced regarding RTS INC owner Rick Lamber / SS mfg owners Clay Stephens & Skyler Schipper has been unmatched by any other driveline supplier ever!”. |  Design by Webdesign. 1. Check out this 1100 hp NOS fired Street weapon and see what we mean. Exact prices to be announced on this amazing conversion very soon. New Product – Whifbitz Supra A90 Exhaust Range! On top of this you will need the custom flywheel, adaptor plate, prop shaft flange, gearbox mount available from us. HGT Sequential Transmissions are super easy to shift with proper technique - you can shift with two fingers as seen in this video. Also required is the BMW M3 DCT gear lever, again we have managed to buy these used for around £300, new they are around £1000. The car feels so fast with these new gearbox ratios, the difference is astonishing, rapid fire gear changes and faster response due to the gear ratios being stacked closer together. This also has a separate button called Drivelogic which allows 6 adjustments on the shift speed from slow to fast, from soft to hard shifting depending on your mood. New Product – Garage Whifbitz titanium exhaust for the Toyota Chaser JZX100. Officially rated at 750 bhp, but regularly used in higher powered applications, the QBE69G was the ideal choice for what Jose had in mind. Here is how it works. We're ready to dispatch your order. Oil cooler for the gearbox plus custom made pipework to reuse the BMW DCT thermostat and water/oil heat exchanger, £500 approx. * 6XD AWD sequential gearbox is being looked at for late 2021! The DCT version of the M3 is 0.2 seconds faster from 0-60 over the manual version, thats just one gearchange. Clutches are immersed in fluid so don’t wear as fast as normal clutches. We see this conversion as a major step forward bringing the Supra right up to date with latest technology transmission. Plus all of this needs wiring from the gearbox to the ecu, throttle and throttle pedal which is quite time consuming. 6XD Sequential Gearbox has what NO OTHER dogbox offers! It can also be adapted to any other Rotary or 2JZ powered car. Since fitting the new engine and gearbox combination, the car is now 7 seconds faster than before, admitting that it could be faster still! And don’t forget after the conversion you will have your 6 speed gearbox and conversion parts to sell and as you are probably aware they are worth a lot of money with prices on the up. to help give you the best experience we can. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at. Garage Whifbitz modified Supra A90 walk around! 1st Year = * Not One Failure Ever / 31 wins / 5 Championships *. Unheard of right?, not really when you combine the proven experience of Gforce Transmissions, RTS INC and SS mfg engineer Clay Stephens working together to deliver winning results! !””, © 2020 6XD Gearbox - All Rights Reserved |, 6XD built by Senior Lead Builder w/30+ years Winning Experience, Award Winning Customer Service & Installation Assistance, 1st Year = * Not One Failure Ever / 31 wins / 5 Championships *, Email us with your ideas for new racing projects, we make dreams a reality, 703B Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081. Imagine if you’re on a race track,how much faster it would be on a lap.

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