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We run a strong junior surf programme as well as a rookie programme to nurture the development of our future lifeguards. Junior surf programme is now full for 2020/21. Warm air temperatures (max 23°C on Thu morning, min 9°C on Tue morning). ALL OF THE RIGHTS GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS. You will need a quality spring wetsuit, and maybe neoprene hood because it will be cloudy with an effective air temperature of just (7.0 °C). Surf Webcams near the Taylors Mistake Surfcam Mangamaunu (100.7 miles) Inner Cut (162.2 miles) Pohara Beach (190.2 miles) Please enable JavaScript for full website functionality. The above surf forecast table for Taylors Mistake provides essential information for determining whether the surfing conditions will be good over the next 7 days. We are a vibrant and family focused club with many of our members also fully engaged in the competitive aspect of surf life saving, competing in local and national competitions. Winds decreasing (fresh winds from the NE on Tue morning, calm by Tue night). Discover surf breaks near Taylors Mistake. 15 Today, many surfers would wear a spring wetsuit, a neoprene hood and gloves. Further information to help with frequently asked questions about our surf forecast for Taylors Mistake may be found under the help tab on the top menu and also by moving your mouse over the question marks on the surf forecast table itself. enjoy, check out this channels other vids below. Good surf at all stages of the tide. Certified organic materials, made using renewable energy. *ocean temperature recorded from satellite. The most powerful waves expected at Taylors Mistake in the next 7 days are 1.4m 9s and forecast to arrive on Tuesday (Nov 10) at 4PM. New Members Welcome sumnerlongboarders@gmail.com. Sumner surf forecast. Junior surf programme is now full for 2020/21. Some wave-magnet breaks may still work though if conditions are right (on occasion). (try www.abirdseyeview.com or google search for some possible suggestions and submit below) 1) Enter the webcam page URL (if available) 2) Enter the direct image URL (if available) 3) Please explain your relation to the webcam resource The primary swell is predicted to be 1.1m and 7s period with a secondary swell of 0.3m and 9s. (try www.abirdseyeview.com or google search for some possible suggestions and submit below) 1) Enter the webcam page URL (if available) 2) Enter the direct image URL (if available) 3) Please explain your relation to the webcam resource TMSLSC is set to receive $550,000 funding to help complete the Club rooms.

Our star ratings will help here and of course you will also find the usual wave height and period predictions on our surf forecasts as well as a full break down of the swell components under our advanced users option (to reveal that, click the little Einstein character under the tide times). By browsing Magicseaweed, you agree to our use of cookies. Read the full article here, © 2020 Taylors Mistake Surf Life Saving Club, Junior surf programme is now full for 2020/21, TMSLSC members recognised at NZSAR awards. Wind stats for Taylors Mistake, see the variation in direction and stength by month or season on the history page here. Cool air temperatures (max 17°C on Sat morning, min 7°C on Sun morning). View detailed surf forecast for Taylors Mistake at:surf-forecast.com.

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